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SPN: Baby brother Sam (from Hell House)

SPN fic: An Unfortunate Sighting (see warnings)

Title: An Unfortunate Sighting
Summary: December 1996. The Winchesters make home in Boulder, Colorado where Sam sees something his family cannot. Gen Teen!chesters story.
Warnings: Non-explicit domestic discipline (spanking)
Rating: PG
Author Notes: Secret Santa gift for nocturnal08. Prompt: jackalope. Written in omnipresent 3rd person POV. You can read more about jackalopes here. Don’t ask me why I wrote haikus for this, *headdesk* I just can’t explain it :) Maybe I was inspired by the website I just linked to. The last haiku is not mine.
Word Count: 3135

Read on ao3

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Thank you so so much for reading and reviewing Jen! I am happy that you enjoyed reading this and it made you laugh :)

I thought it was very true to character that Sam's reaction to Dean being angry was much more panicked then his reaction to John being angry at him, partially becuase Dean isn't usually angry at him

That is true! And also partially because Sam is closer to Dean than to his Dad, and looks up to Dean for approval more than he does from his Dad. Yeah, the poor kid does wish for more displays of affection from Dean, which have probably dwindled over the past few years as Dean got older. So I felt for the boy too while writing it heh.

And thank you! I'm so glad the Christmas reveal worked! :) I wanted it to end well and happy (and dare I say funny) so the jackalope's stealing whiskey legend fit right in with it hehe :D

Thanks once again sweetheart. You've made my day!! :)

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