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SPN: Baby brother Sam (from Hell House)

SPN fic: An Unfortunate Sighting (see warnings)

Title: An Unfortunate Sighting
Summary: December 1996. The Winchesters make home in Boulder, Colorado where Sam sees something his family cannot. Gen Teen!chesters story.
Warnings: Non-explicit domestic discipline (spanking)
Rating: PG
Author Notes: Secret Santa gift for nocturnal08. Prompt: jackalope. Written in omnipresent 3rd person POV. You can read more about jackalopes here. Don’t ask me why I wrote haikus for this, *headdesk* I just can’t explain it :) Maybe I was inspired by the website I just linked to. The last haiku is not mine.
Word Count: 3135

Read on ao3

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(Deleted comment)
:D Vincent!!!! I was going to pm you so you'd come and read this right away! :D But then i didn't want to disturb you in case you were spending the weekend with your family :) But hey you're here now and thank you so so much for your lovely words!! Johnny sure can spank so you better behave.. or not :D:D Whatever :D:D

I love you too sweetie :) So damn much!! *clings*

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