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SPN: Baby brother Sam (from Hell House)

SPN fic: An Unfortunate Sighting (see warnings)

Title: An Unfortunate Sighting
Summary: December 1996. The Winchesters make home in Boulder, Colorado where Sam sees something his family cannot. Gen Teen!chesters story.
Warnings: Non-explicit domestic discipline (spanking)
Rating: PG
Author Notes: Secret Santa gift for nocturnal08. Prompt: jackalope. Written in omnipresent 3rd person POV. You can read more about jackalopes here. Don’t ask me why I wrote haikus for this, *headdesk* I just can’t explain it :) Maybe I was inspired by the website I just linked to. The last haiku is not mine.
Word Count: 3135

Read on ao3

thank you thank you thank you! I just love the whole feel of this. So sweet! my favorite line:

"Unfortunately for Sam, that is how John spanks as well – like he has all day. "

YOUCHY! But we all know that a spanking from John is no joke! :D

You're very very very welcome sweetie :) And heh.. that line really makes you twitch doesn't it? ;P
Thanks again sweetie! *hugs*

LOL! I loved the story. Nasty jackalope, getting poor Sammy in trouble like that. :) I loved the way John patiently listened to what both boys had to say about the incident. And I can see Dean being panicked and pissed after three hours of Sam being gone. Loved this bit from Dean:
“I know you invented that dumb excuse just to get out of your chores, Sammy. I ask you to go wash the car and what do you do? After huffing and puffing about it for forty minutes you finally decide it’s Wabbit season!?! How stupid do you think I am?”

That had me laughing. I liked the way John 'punished' Dean by making him wash the car, and that he almost wished Dean would protest, but knew he wouldn't. That's perfectly Dean. I loved that John carried Sam up to his room after the spanking.

I thought it was very true to character that Sam's reaction to Dean being angry was much more panicked then his reaction to John being angry at him, partially becuase Dean isn't usually angry at him. I liked that John let Dean do the spanking the second time since Dean was clearly the insulted party - who would take the wheel of his 'baby' and not expect some retaliation? I felt kind of bad for Sam when Dean didn't hug him after spanking him (mostly because Sam really seemed to want it), but I find it believable.

It worked really well in the story to not realize it was Christmas until close to the end of the story. Not only a surprise to Sammy, but also to the readers. :) I liked that Dean thought Sam was making it all up just so they could do a 'real' Christmas again. It made me sad that they hadn't done any kind of Christmas for so long, and the pain in John's voice was especially sad. But it's awesome that the three of them get to do Christmas together this year. :)

The ending had me laughing again - who knew jackalopes drank whiskey? Not me. I'll have to keep it under lock and key from now on. ;) Thanks very much for the story, it was lovely.

Thank you so so much for reading and reviewing Jen! I am happy that you enjoyed reading this and it made you laugh :)

I thought it was very true to character that Sam's reaction to Dean being angry was much more panicked then his reaction to John being angry at him, partially becuase Dean isn't usually angry at him

That is true! And also partially because Sam is closer to Dean than to his Dad, and looks up to Dean for approval more than he does from his Dad. Yeah, the poor kid does wish for more displays of affection from Dean, which have probably dwindled over the past few years as Dean got older. So I felt for the boy too while writing it heh.

And thank you! I'm so glad the Christmas reveal worked! :) I wanted it to end well and happy (and dare I say funny) so the jackalope's stealing whiskey legend fit right in with it hehe :D

Thanks once again sweetheart. You've made my day!! :)

Aww, loved it. Poor Sammy ;)

Thanks hon!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it..

That was so sweet! *ggg* Jackalope rabbit indeed!

A belated Merry Christmas to you, if you celebrate! ;-)

Thank you so much sweetheart! :) And I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too :) *hugs*

Love love love! Such a great and funny story!

:D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. Glad you enjoyed it!

Brilliant, loved this from start to finish for so many reasons...hurt Sam, caring Dean, disciplinarian John, and spanked Sam...which inspired this ...

Sam spanked, ass red.
When done all is forgiven.
A task in itself!

See this is why you're the writer and I'm the reader!! That was my very first try at a Haiku, so please don't laugh too long or hard!

And now for one I found

It's amazing how
a friend I have not yet met
can brighten my day!

Many thanks for writing and sharing :) x

Thank you so much for reading and for your kind review sweetie!! :) and LOL for your haiku - its hilarious and brilliant!!! :D:D Not bad at all for a first time I say! *giggles* we're so mean to poor Sammy aren't we? ;P

Thank you so so much hon, you've totally made my day!! *hugs and kisses* :)

Just perfect.

I was smiling from the start 'til the end - you write the Winchester's beautifully!

Thank you for sharing :)

:D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. I'm glad you enjoyed this!! :)

(Deleted comment)
:D Vincent!!!! I was going to pm you so you'd come and read this right away! :D But then i didn't want to disturb you in case you were spending the weekend with your family :) But hey you're here now and thank you so so much for your lovely words!! Johnny sure can spank so you better behave.. or not :D:D Whatever :D:D

I love you too sweetie :) So damn much!! *clings*

This was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

:D Thank you so much hon. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this!


Effin' adorable *g*

Thank you!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed this :)

lol lovely... sweet and wonderful.

Thank you so much hon :) I'm glad you liked it.

What an original idea - and a sweet little Christmas story. 10 out of 10!!

:D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie. Glad you enjoyed it!


*points* That is me, epicly squeeing.

I loved this so much, hun! There's so much going on here...The complex family dynamics, love and discipline, this bittersweet nostalgia, plus me thinking wrong thoughts about Sammy and spanking that I'm sure you in no way intended in a gen fic ;)

I especially loved your Dean here, at once tough and removed and cocky but also scared to death for Sam, and Sam in a panic at ever really disappointing Dean, and craving his touch like his father's...

Beautifully done, and nice and uplifting at the end there for the holiday :) *hugs*

Thank you so much hon!!! :) *clings* I'm glad you enjoyed reading this.

Sammy and spanking yeah :D:D The temptation for me was kinda squashed because of Sammy's age in this one but I so know what you mean ;P I'm glad you enjoyed the family dynamics hon.. this family continues to surprise me with how many different layers of emotions they've got hidden under that blank and tough exterior heh.

Beautifully done, and nice and uplifting at the end there for the holiday :) *hugs*

:D:D Thank you so much!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas sweetheart and hope you have a fantastic New year!! *hugs and kisses* :)

So cute!! I loved the reveal at the end about Christmas.. absolutely brilliant work. This is why you're my favorite author across fandoms - you never cease to amaze me no matter what you write :)

Belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you darling.

Thank you so much sweetie! *clings* I don't know what I'd do without you :) A very very Happy New Year to you too!! Hope 2009 rocks for you :)

oh, babe, this was so effing amazing!!
I loved it.
Course, I would have loved it more if Dean's spanking ended in a different way, but. *sighs*

you're amazing nonetheless <3

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon! Well.. this was a gen story so obviously I couldn't go there ;P But I know what you mean hehe.

cheers sweetie :) *huggles*