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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JP: Christmas cottage (animated)

Happy Holidays!!

Hey everyone,

I know I'm a horrible friend most of the time.. what with the world going crazy and the economy spinning out of control and the holy Apocalypse upon us.. what, not yet? Okay scratch that, let's start again.

I know I'm a horrible horrible friend most of the time.. not being able to log on and post or comment as often as I should.. but I sincerely hope you all the very best this holiday season. Don't know how affected or unaffected you guys are - seems to me everyone I know (in RL) and every country I've visited in the past two years is struggling one way or another. (Go ahead, say it - that's what you get for associating with corporate capitalism *shakes head*) So anyway, here's my wishlist for Santa - or - whoever is in charge of .. uh.. wishful thinking for grownups.. up there *rolls eyes*.

* I wish the employed stay employed or find even better jobs that their hearts desire.
* I wish the students graduate with flying colors, that school kids plan for and get into college, and the scholarly inclined continue to learn and grow in their fields of choice.
* I wish the fanatics realize that no God - real or imagined - would ever ever grant them heaven - real or imagined - if they kill innocents.
* I wish we all get to spend more time with our family and loved ones, and remember that the best things in life really are for free - it's not a cliche at all.
* I wish for us to stop panicking and not lose faith (in whatever it is we believe in) and even though I consider myself agnostic, I pray that things will be okay soon.

Happy Holidays everyone!! :)

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Happy Holidays to you, too. I checked your list and it seems we wish for the same things in life. *sigh*

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