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XMen: Jean Grey (Queen)

X-men fic: In the Beginning (AU): Chapter 18

Previous chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen |

A/N: So I had to split this in two chapters 'cause it kept getting longer and longer, and more verbose. I know my characters talk a lot - sorry, there doesn't seem to be any better (or faster) way to write this story tho.

What gave that fucking stranger, that obnoxious mannerless brute the fucking right to even be here?Collapse )

you are going to continue this story, right? right?!

I will hon, soon as I can get some time off. Thanks for reading!

Oh my I love this whole series!!! I wish you'd write the last two chapters like today or something, but alas, I don't think that'll be possible, eh!? ;-P At least I'll be able to read another J2 story soon, which is also good.
And yet I've fallen in love with this Scott. Somehow Cyclops' character doesn't seem like this in the movies or not so much. Plus I never knew about his past.
Your Logan voice is amazing btw, that's exactly how I'd imagine his inner voice.
So uhm PLEASE? *puppydog eyes* Whenever you can, just PLEASE write the last two chapters, I'd love to read a happy reunion with Logan and Scot, I REALLY would!
In the meantime:
What are your favourite Logan/Scott fanfics by other authors? If possible series, cause I just love long fics I can read for hours...
I ain't asking too much today, am I!? *cheeky grin* ;-P

Heh.. thanks for reading and reviewing again! The way I write Cyclops or Scott is definitely very very unlike the movies or even the books haha. Which is why you'll notice how ppl tell me how my Logan is always so in-character, but they don't say so for Scott :)

There will be more than 2 chapters to this series hon, and um, yeah I will try my best to get it done! *winces*


Are you going to continue this? Because... please? *offers cookies*

Umm.. *grins sheepishly* I wanna say yeah? And I hope too soon (?)
Sorry I don't have a better answer hon. Life's kicking my arse right now :(

do you have any plans of continuing this, cause this fic is amazing, and i'm terribly sad that it's halted at such a point.

Yes I do plan to continue this, soon as I can eke out some time to write again. Sorry for the delay and thanks for reading! :)

hey just wanted to say I read through all the chapters for this whole fic so far and it rocks. please continue and don't just leave it like that!
it's killing me lol

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon. I really do intend to finish this series.. soon as I can make some time for it!! *sheepish* I'm trying I swear :)

(Deleted comment)
Hi! I don't mind at all, fact i'm sorta, um, flattered :D Thanks for reading and reviewing hon. Will try to update soon...

I found your stories only in the last few days and I read this one today.
It's really great, full of plot, good characterization and a sexy attraction between Logan and Scott.

I hope you write more of it, sometime. If not, thanks for sharing anyway. :)

Thank you for reading and reviewing hon. I'm really really glad that you liked the characterization and all the UST here :) I will absolutely be writing more, sorry for the delay though. It will be a while I guess..



I LOVE this fic!

It is beautious and makes me SQUEE with fangirly joy!
It's so not like any other x-men fic I've ever read - and it's probably one of the best!

I will be waiting on the edge of my seat for the next installment!
(Please don't make me wait TOO long, as this whole edge-of-my-seat business might get a bit unconfortable after a while...)

XD *wallace and gromit hand waggles in excitement*

:D Thank you so much for reading and for your lovely words hon. You've made me smile on a Monday morning and trust me that's quite an achievement for me hehe :) I will try to update soon as I can find some time, sorry might be a while though..

cheers hon :)

Oh wow! This is *the* best Scott/Logan fic I have ever read... and it's not even finished yet!

Can't wait for your next update, even if it's a year from now I'll still be here waiting for it!

~A loyal reader ^^ lol

Really? *sheepish* Nah.. but thank you so so much for your kind words hon :) I'm really glad you're enjoying it. I will try to update soon as possible, definitely won't take a year heh. *bites nails*

cheers hon :)

"I was caught up somewhere else"

It sounds like she doesn't know where she was at the time. "I was caught up elsewhere" would work better.

Also, love where Warren manipulates Logan into the suit. I'm still not sure what Warren's beef is, but it's certainly influencing his actions.

Now that Scott is the main equation behind Logan's motivations, what purpose did the relationship of Scott and Jean provide to both Scott and Logan, individually and together? Purely competition or something more? What did Jean provide to Scott that furthers his involvement with Logan? It seems like Scott still has a long way to come, regarding his own emotions and instabilities, but Logan may be very good for him, providing him with a stable source of support, one he doesn't have to doubt or overly protect as well as a place to allow him to lose some of his control and his cool.

Thanks for all your comments and reviews. All good points, and good questions. Hopefully by the end of this series I would be able to answer them satisfactorily.

AAHHH! You did not just leave us there. Oh my god. I read this whole thing straight through without stopping. This is INCREDIBLE. Love it!

Hey.. thank you so much for reading and reviewing :) Glad you enjoyed it! I will try to update it soon.. soon as RL permits it heh.

I just wanted you to know that every now and then I pop in to your journal to see if you have added anything to this story. It's so good and I would truly love to see you finish it. Scott and Logan were one of my first OTP's and as of late I've gone back and reread some of my favorites which just happen to be a lot of your stories. I want to let you know there are still some of us out there just waiting to see this story finished. Please take this as the encouragement as its meant to be. You are a great writer and darn it I really want to see this story finished! :D