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TK: Tim Riggins smiling

X-Men fans!! Need a little help..

So the reason I'm unable to finish the next chapter of "In the beginning" is this.. I need to introduce a character in this chapter because see I promised a reader that I would :) And I did have a slot open that I could fit any mutant into and decided to just as well use this guy instead of an OMC. And so I started researching the character because I've never really paid attention to him before, but now that I am, paying attention that is, I think I might really grow to like this guy :D (especially since he is being played by a total hottie in the big W movie!! *squees*) And so now, I really really wanna write him in :) - just a small cameo part really, but the problem is.. for the life of me I can't figure out how to write his accent! I've tried googling for examples and expressions but it's just not working. How the hell does one speak Cajun man?!?! ;)

SO that's the reason why I'm writing this post.. Could you guys please point me in the direction of some really good, well-written fics that you might have read, that feature this particular character talking? Just so I can get a sense of how to write his dialogue you know? And maybe if you know of any particular episodes of X-Men (the show) that I could find online, or video snippets of Cajun dialect, those would really help. Pretty pretty please? :)

PS: I'm still a Scott!girl mind you *narrows eyes* ;) This one just seems to be.. eh, coming in a close second :D:D:D

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Relax sweetie :) It's just a tiny cameo role.. I'm not looking to write a Remy epic or whatever really :D

"His heavy accent twanging and tweaking his words so that no matter if he said heel or hill, it still sounded like hul" =D Yay for cheating!

*giggles* That's precisely what I am going to do now hehe ;) cheers sweetie!

*wibble* Does that mean Remy's going to have a smaller part then Jean Grey? (I know your a Grey-girl and I'm sorry)

*snort* They cheated like that in Brokeback Mountain. (the book)

Uh, yeah hon. Very small part, sorry! :) Don't want to set the wrong expectations.. he has a part to play but not central to the series.

Besides, this Remy guy is really complicated!! With an even more complicated accent and a wildly sarcastic tone to boot! I don't know if I could ever do justice to this character.. :)

D'aww. =P But that's fine, I just hoped to feed the small Gambit/Rouge lizard that lives with the Wolvie/Scottzilla in my brain. *big glomp*

you've managed Dean haven't you? And Dean is a hard baby to manage <3

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