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X-Men fans!! Need a little help..

So the reason I'm unable to finish the next chapter of "In the beginning" is this.. I need to introduce a character in this chapter because see I promised a reader that I would :) And I did have a slot open that I could fit any mutant into and decided to just as well use this guy instead of an OMC. And so I started researching the character because I've never really paid attention to him before, but now that I am, paying attention that is, I think I might really grow to like this guy :D (especially since he is being played by a total hottie in the big W movie!! *squees*) And so now, I really really wanna write him in :) - just a small cameo part really, but the problem is.. for the life of me I can't figure out how to write his accent! I've tried googling for examples and expressions but it's just not working. How the hell does one speak Cajun man?!?! ;)

SO that's the reason why I'm writing this post.. Could you guys please point me in the direction of some really good, well-written fics that you might have read, that feature this particular character talking? Just so I can get a sense of how to write his dialogue you know? And maybe if you know of any particular episodes of X-Men (the show) that I could find online, or video snippets of Cajun dialect, those would really help. Pretty pretty please? :)

PS: I'm still a Scott!girl mind you *narrows eyes* ;) This one just seems to be.. eh, coming in a close second :D:D:D

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Yeah, for Gambit's accent I would go recommend xenokattz - she is the one writer besides Minisinoo I go for none-slash Summers stories, really, she writes very good, if not the best, Summers brothers story (she made Gambit as one of Scott's brothers in her story, the title is ''Elemental''), the previous user has already gave you her website and LJ links, though I have another one in mind for you as well, the writer's called M and her story is a very kinky one - ''Summers in slavery'', I swear, the Gambit in the story is the one time I was disappointed that he wasn't dead in the end, because he totally creeps me out, but the writer did write his accent very professionally, so if you need some examples in writing the accent, you can take this writer into consideration as well, just google the title and you'll find the story, and I have to warn you beforehand that the story is *very* kinky.
Hope it helps, and I look forward to your next chapter!

Well maybe I haven't read any of her stories yet with the accent but she's really good! I'm surprised I have never come across her stories before.. *smacks forehead*.
Ooh yeah Summers in slavery was one hell of a series! I remember reading it a long time ago, was it ever finished? I'll hunt it down now, thank you so much for your help darling :)

Yes, it's finished, though I can't say I was not disappointed with the ending...

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