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TK: Tim Riggins smiling

X-Men fans!! Need a little help..

So the reason I'm unable to finish the next chapter of "In the beginning" is this.. I need to introduce a character in this chapter because see I promised a reader that I would :) And I did have a slot open that I could fit any mutant into and decided to just as well use this guy instead of an OMC. And so I started researching the character because I've never really paid attention to him before, but now that I am, paying attention that is, I think I might really grow to like this guy :D (especially since he is being played by a total hottie in the big W movie!! *squees*) And so now, I really really wanna write him in :) - just a small cameo part really, but the problem is.. for the life of me I can't figure out how to write his accent! I've tried googling for examples and expressions but it's just not working. How the hell does one speak Cajun man?!?! ;)

SO that's the reason why I'm writing this post.. Could you guys please point me in the direction of some really good, well-written fics that you might have read, that feature this particular character talking? Just so I can get a sense of how to write his dialogue you know? And maybe if you know of any particular episodes of X-Men (the show) that I could find online, or video snippets of Cajun dialect, those would really help. Pretty pretty please? :)

PS: I'm still a Scott!girl mind you *narrows eyes* ;) This one just seems to be.. eh, coming in a close second :D:D:D

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Heh, Gambit's like that, beloved sneaky bastard that he is - xenokattz at http://xenokattz.livejournal.com/ and http://www.madweasel.com/kattsaerie/index.htm have very good fics featuring Remy, but I don't remember if she wrote her accent.

I wouldn't bother me if he 'spoke' english, everyone knows he speaks it with an accent - er, am I making any sense?

OMG this author is a hoot!!! :D Thank you so much sweetie! :) She doesn't write his accent but clearly she writes him brilliantly!! God I don't think I can ever write Remy at all if he's supposed to be this witty and sarcastic!! :)

Yeah, for Gambit's accent I would go recommend xenokattz - she is the one writer besides Minisinoo I go for none-slash Summers stories, really, she writes very good, if not the best, Summers brothers story (she made Gambit as one of Scott's brothers in her story, the title is ''Elemental''), the previous user has already gave you her website and LJ links, though I have another one in mind for you as well, the writer's called M and her story is a very kinky one - ''Summers in slavery'', I swear, the Gambit in the story is the one time I was disappointed that he wasn't dead in the end, because he totally creeps me out, but the writer did write his accent very professionally, so if you need some examples in writing the accent, you can take this writer into consideration as well, just google the title and you'll find the story, and I have to warn you beforehand that the story is *very* kinky.
Hope it helps, and I look forward to your next chapter!

Well maybe I haven't read any of her stories yet with the accent but she's really good! I'm surprised I have never come across her stories before.. *smacks forehead*.
Ooh yeah Summers in slavery was one hell of a series! I remember reading it a long time ago, was it ever finished? I'll hunt it down now, thank you so much for your help darling :)

Yes, it's finished, though I can't say I was not disappointed with the ending...

Sometimes it actually pulls me out of the story if Remy is written with a heavy accent because I have to figure out what he's saying.

azurine writes a great Remy with no accent Parry & Thrust its sequel Riposte and the flipside version Strange Hungers are good examples.

I don't aim to be entirely accurate with his accent :) But just want to get a sense of his voice you know, he's still a complete stranger to me right now and so I don't know how to even begin writing him.

Thank you so much for the links sweetheart!! :) I'll go check them out now.

There is a SPN/X-Men crossover fic called Things that Go Bump in the Night which involves the character of Gambit. It's a WIP but I think the author nailed Remy's accent pretty well without going too over-the-top. I'll link you to the second chapter, but there is a link to chapter one there too. :) Good luck with writing the character of Remy, and can't wait to read the next installment of In the Beginning!


Thank you sweetie :) I'll check it out.

PS: And you're back! :) Sorry I missed your posts sweetie.. been a little self-absorbed lately heh *sheepish*. Will go check out your vacation posts now.. you did make some didn't you? ;)

Can't help you at all, but did you see this scan from Empire magazine? Good luck and happy writing!

I'm still a Scott!girl mind you

Promise?? *bites nails*

I did see that scan sweetie :) And I like! :) Guess the movie won't be completely intolerable.

Promise?? *bites nails*

Absolutely sweetheart!! Nothing and no one could possibly convert me away from Scott. For one, no one's ever flashed as gorgeous a smile at me in person like Jimmy Marsden did *sighs happily* and chances are no one ever will :D And c'mon love, SPN, FNL.. these fandoms will come and go. But my love for Scott Summers is totally eternal :)

*huggles* :)

Edited at 2008-11-30 05:30 am (UTC)

Absolutely sweetheart!!

:D *is relieved*!

Nothing and no one could possibly convert me away from Scott.

Good!! I can't the fandom can't afford to lose you!!

*clings* The feeling's totally mutual darling :)

Frankly, if you write him in dialect, you'll irritate the heck out of me, cyn. Makes me think of those Uncle Remus tales about Br'er Rabbit, you know. :)

I'm sure throwing in a few "dats" and "chers" and similar will be good enough. You want it to be readable!

*giggles* You're the second person to say that so okay, I guess I won't try to be too accurate ;) Readability is definitely more important yeah. cheers sweetie :)

................... C-Cajun?! ohmygodiloveyou.

As much as you may be a Scott!girl I am a Remy!girl. And because of that I bring the following YouTube click of Remy talking in the original cartoon.


You have no idea how excited I am, it's nearly on par with the agitation waiting for Logan and Scott to just hump each other. <3

Why do I always forget to login? I'm just going to blame the fangirly excitement, yes.

You always forget to log in! *shakes head* Such an adorkable hunny :D:D And thanks for the link dahlin'... (is that Remy speak? :P)

xD Not nearly enough coffee in my to know what I'm doing. I require at least ten cups. -nods- Yup, it's true.

That's pretty damn close. A little more French and a little more Bourbon and it's be perfect, mon ami.

*gasm's for gambit*

Are you going to pair him with Rouge? I hate/love to say it, but I'm such a Rouge/Gambit fan that it hurts. Unfortunately I can't give any hints on how to write the accent, but if you're really and truely stumped, you can always cheat.

"His heavy accent twanging and tweaking his words so that no matter if he said heel or hill, it still sounded like hul" =D Yay for cheating!

Relax sweetie :) It's just a tiny cameo role.. I'm not looking to write a Remy epic or whatever really :D

"His heavy accent twanging and tweaking his words so that no matter if he said heel or hill, it still sounded like hul" =D Yay for cheating!

*giggles* That's precisely what I am going to do now hehe ;) cheers sweetie!

*wibble* Does that mean Remy's going to have a smaller part then Jean Grey? (I know your a Grey-girl and I'm sorry)

*snort* They cheated like that in Brokeback Mountain. (the book)

Uh, yeah hon. Very small part, sorry! :) Don't want to set the wrong expectations.. he has a part to play but not central to the series.

Besides, this Remy guy is really complicated!! With an even more complicated accent and a wildly sarcastic tone to boot! I don't know if I could ever do justice to this character.. :)

D'aww. =P But that's fine, I just hoped to feed the small Gambit/Rouge lizard that lives with the Wolvie/Scottzilla in my brain. *big glomp*

you've managed Dean haven't you? And Dean is a hard baby to manage <3

ah. now here's a wee problem. I rather like how Gambit is drawn and am totally for major hotness. HOWEVER. i have read a lot of logan/gambit and dammit. his characterisation by most writers consistently sucks. they manage to overfeminise him in lieu of Wolverine or some such (where how he is drawn in the comics i have seen is rather uber masculine, not like movie Hugh Jackman, but like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, but with a staff weapon and a long coat) and use all the rather pithy and pathertic quotes that the writers use and to ill affect. (rant over). Otherwise i would like to read if you were to write him. I don't knwo anything of Cajun either. The character is really interesting with this bizarre past/present/future thing going on and most people i've read revolve endlessly around his backstory, redemption and abuse by Sinister. Not to mention is canon romance with Rogue (use what you will/think what you will, but i don't go there).
Maybe (discard as will) the road to go is to write more street speak or southern American New Orleans (don't know what that means either).
Well. i havn't been any help.
Hope you work it out.

Wow.. I thought everyone was in love with Logan/Remy fic in the xmen fandom. I haven't read any so can't comment, and frankly I don't intend to swing that way .. least not yet :D Maybe after the Wolverine movie.. you never know, I do adore Taylor Kitsch a lot so it MIGHT happen ;) But let's see.

Thank you for the tips of the accent! Really need some of those, esp for the next chapter. I'll try to work it in best as I can, and hope nobody gets disappointed or bitchy hehe ;)

cheers hon

Well you might already know about this story because it's older, but if not, you should check it out. It's a big spankfest, and no slash, but it's a long, well written story that centers around Remy. And the author does write his accent in the story - though he doesn't say much until chapter two. Here's the link if you're interested. :)

Thank you so much for the link sweetie. A spankfest centered on Remy just might be fun! :)

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