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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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TK: Tim Riggins sweaty closeup

Breaking my layout again..

...'cause I just stayed up all night and all day and caught up with all of FNL and now I'm really really REALLY screwed obsessed..

TAYLOR KITSCH as... Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights

TAYLOR KITSCH as... Pogue Parry in The Covenant

Pogue and Caleb!!

Taylor Kitsch the model...

Taylor Kitsch just as himself... looks like he doesn't try too hard, or at all :)

And finally, this....

*sighs* And now I'm going to crash happy *thud* :)

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... you're very welcome to picspam like this anytime you want...

hm smoking hot half naked handsome guy (though the pict of him as Pogue in just his speedo leaves little to the imagination...)

:D:D He's smokin hot right? :) And yeah, dont think that speedo coulda gotten any slimpier :P I love this guy!!! :)

OMG hon! I didn't know you liked FLN too!!

Jeeeeesus, ain't he pretty. *drools*

Thanks for doing this!

Hehe, it is a very very recent development actually. I adore FNL now and I ADORE this boy!! :D You're very welcome to enjoy the hotness that is Taylo Kitsch sweetie :)) *hugs*

little . . . swim trunks . . . . . hipboneshipboneshipboneshipboneshipbones.


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