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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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TK: Pogue Parry (naked)

Taylor in B&W (and a bit of sepia)

SO yeah. I got it soooo bad..

and finally, this one gives me shivers..


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OK, I'm going to show my age - I SO don't know who he is, but - Yummy!

:D:D He is Taylor Kitsch - plays Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights and was also Pogue, one of the boy witches in the movie, The Covenant. And yeah.. he is HOT!! :)

Thanks! I looked him up on IMDB and, OMG, he was born after I graduated from high school! Doesn't stop him from being totally gorgeous, though!

Aww hon you can't look at their ages like that or we'll never enjoy all the new hotties on the block hehe ;P He IS gorgeous isn't he? :D I posted a second big picspam too.. I think you might enjoy it ;) cheers sweetie!

(Deleted comment)
:D Glad you like sweetie!!!! He is absolutely delicious if you ask me heh :D I think I have really fallen hard for him!!! :D *bounces* :D
I'm sorry I'm not around so much baby... life is just so complicated right now. How are you doing love? How is the back now?
*hugs and kisses*

I know! Can't believe I missed 2 whole seasons of Friday Night Lights before discovering this boy :)

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