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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JP: Young in grey shirt closeup

Pimping J2 slash awards

SO... umm... I got nominated for Shipwrecked by the Laughter of Gods at the j2_slash_awards community *sheepish*.. you could vote if you like, or not. I mean.. you know, whatever. Yeah. *points to mood animation*



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Congrats on getting nominated! I'll go over there and vote.

:D Only if you liked it more than the other nominees hon okay? :D

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much sweetie :D *hugs and kisses* I'm so happy to have you as a friend :)

I'm so excited for you!! I know I'm a crappy friend who hasn't read/commented on your recent fic postings (RL has been kicking me while I've been down and I think my reading/commenting would have been coloured by my mood) but I so will vote for you. Will read the fic first tho ;) Congratulations on the nomination, you clever thing you!!!!

Hope you read hon and hope you like! :) And do not vote if you don't like it okay? *hugs*

I will vote for youuuuuu! If only to save poor, awkward Sammy ;)

Aaaaaaawwww so cute! Will vote in the afternoon, don't worry! ;-) Congrats on being nominated! =)

Heh I hope you vote only because you really really liked hon :D:D Thank you! *huggles*


(Poor grammar, my ass. :P)

Isn't this just... *sighs*.. I don't want to use any heavy words I don't really mean heh. But its a nice feeling yeah :) cheers sweetie!!! :) *huggles*

Sweety, I already did vote for you a few days ago.

And sure enough, if I knew a way to vote multiple times (wich is not allowed, mod says so....) "Shipwrecked" would get all of them.

What I like in particular is...have you seen who the other nomenees are? Some of the most prolific authors of this fandom. And you are right among them, yepp!!


Thank you!!! :) I'm so glad sweetie that you have read and enjoyed this verse. Oh yeah.. that's one hell of a list of fics and authors alright! I'm rather.. uh... shocked hee :P cheers hon.

OMG!! :D :D AWESOME hon!!! And having read your other fics, I'm sure you deserve it!! *iz proud* I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :D

Hee, I've only just noticed the new header! (Pretty!! :D) You got it bad, eh? ;D

OH MY GOD I really really do!!! *fans self* I don't know what to do with myself these days.. Taylor Kitsch is driving me bloody bonkers with his insane hotness!!! And God help me I'm trying real hard not to give in to the temptation of Logan/Remy since he's going to be Gambit.. but damn it I can't deny it anymore. I wanna watch that movie!!! I wanna see Taylor be Gambit!! :) I wanna read/see a Logan/Scott/Remy threesome hehe :P That is one GORGEOUS GORGEOUS man! *shudders*

Hehe.. thank you so much sweetie :) I'm kicked enough to be nominated 'cause I wasn't expecting it, I'm happy enough :D

Congrats on the nomination, shipwrecked got my vote :)

Thank you sweetie! :) At least I won't be at like 0% when they tally up hehe ;P

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