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MutantX: Senseless (Brennan/Jesse) (6/11)

Jesse swallowed desperately and closed his eyes, tight, hoping this was all just a bad... porn dream that would disappear if he willed it to. But that wasn’t meant to be. Brennan would not be denied.

It wasn’t like Jesse had never been naked with Brennan before, but tonight, under the glare of the lamps, his hands tied out of the way, he felt more naked than ever, and constantly sported a bright blush.
“You blush.”
Jesse wanted to roll his eyes but didn't. How many times had Brennan expressed amazement at this stupid coloration disorder of his, and how the hell could it still make Jesse feel so.. so...
“For the thousand and oneth time.. yeah I do. Do you mind?”
That was supposed to come out as a sharp and sarcastic rhetoric, course it didn't.
Brennan chuckled.
“Not at all sir, not at all! Looks good on ya.”
Brennan laughed. “Oh yeah.. one is right!”
He stretched out beside Jesse and held his face in both his hands. And he kissed him, gently. Jesse didn’t want to respond, but he didn’t have a choice in the matter. His lips parted on their own and granted entry to his tormentor. They kissed for the longest time.
“Sweet Jesse.. how I missed you..”
If Jesse could speak, he would have said “Two”

And Brennan got on top again, straddling Jesse but making sure he wasn’t crushing him too much this time. He started from the fingers above and kissed and caressed his way down Jesse’s arms. Jesse trembled under the assault. When Brennan reached his nose, he spoke up.
“You know what this is Jess?”
He was gently licking the tip of his nose, dipping a little, making Jesse giggle lightly.
“Its called the septum, separation between the nostrils.. and yes dear.. I am showing off” Jesse smiled at that. Brennan truly was taking the whole dictionary jibe literally.
“And this one here..”
Brennan was laving the depressed lines on Jesse’s cheeks..
“is called the sexiest smile in the …whole… wide.. world.”

Jesse sighed deeply. He couldn’t help it, only to catch himself suddenly. Damn he’d lost count already! How much was it.. five? Six? Yeh must be six. Or was it seven?
His eyes flew open and met with Brennan’s dark ones staring back at him.
“Jeez you’re so beautiful. No one can truly appreciate you the way I do Jess.. you don’t need that stupid sophomore to make you happy…”
Brennan’s fingers drew curls into his hair and tugged at them gently. He bent to suck at his lower lip, prodding gently and then quietly slipping in, where he proceeded to suck at his tongue, the walls of his mouth.

Kissing Brennan was like endless free falling. Exciting and dangerous. And completely overwhelming. Jesse was falling.. and he didn’t wanna be caught.. he was losing himself.. to the sweet ecstasy.. to the wild eroticism.. why was he fighting this? Why the Hell? He couldn’t remember anymore… he just wanted to let go and fall and fall and ..
Brennan broke it off, leaving a very flustered Jesse staring at him.
“So how much is it?”
“Sorry kid.. 'Huh' aint it. Start again?”

Jesse crashed back to reality. And he remembered his reasons. He couldn’t believe he was losing so sorely.
He groaned and pulled at the shackles again.
“Brennan get these handcuffs off me!”
“Not handcuffs baby.. shackles. And we're in the game now mind you.."
“Damn you!”
“You see handcuffs are two metal rings attached together.. but shackles here.. are two rings with a chain in between.. like this one here.. Shalimar had it in her vanity dresser. What'd you think about that?”
Brennan grinned wildly. Jesse wasn’t interested in Shalimar’s extra-curricular activities right now. He was angry and hot and aroused and.. angry.
Brennan saw it clearly enough to be hugely stimulated. He was feeling as hot and aroused as Jesse did at the moment.

It was time to move in for the kill.

“Jesse you feeling hot? This sheen of sweat on your body makes you look so.. sinfully sumptuous.”
Jesse grunted, ”Nine”
Brennan chuckled.
“Aww.. don’t be such a sour puss Jess.. the fun’s only begun…”
// eleven //
“Cant wait.”
“I know you cant. I know you want me to seduce you again.. to take you.. make you mine.. and sweetheart.. I don't intend to disappoint ..”

Before Jesse could come up with another witty retort, Brennan slid down to reach his torso. Muscled but lean, tanned and smooth.. his chest was like art.. perfectly sculpted out of pure marble. Brennan’s lips closed around Jesse’s left nipple and he gasped anew.
Weakly he thought back to the count..
// thirteen //
The tongue laved and tugged at the nipple until it was swollen and sorely aching. Jesse moaned in pleasure and pain while Brennan switched to the other nipple, worrying it for longer this time. Jesse squirmed as much to get away as to get more contact with Brennan’s hot mouth. When Brennan removed his mouth, Jesse ruefully thought it was over.. but he was wrong. Brennan only returned to the first nipple. Jess almost let out a scream but he bit his lower lip to arrest it. This earned him a good nip from his lover and he yelped.

“No don’t hold back. Scream for me Jess..”
But Jesse wasn’t about to give in so soon.
// aahh fourteen! //
“Okay..” Brennan noticed his willfulness.
“We shall try something else then..”
// Christ.. sixteen.. sixteen.. //
And he moved further down. Jesse hyperventilated. Every time.. every Single time was like the very first time. Jesse so hated his body for reacting to Brennan like that. He’d trash his body and throw it a dumpster in the farthest end of the city if he could.
Brennan on the other hand, was very content in suckling his way around the belly button, the perfect six packs .. down to his groin area. His hands continued to scope out the rest of him.

“Mmm Jesse..”
He said as he nuzzled into the blond patch of hair in the middle of his legs.
“You always smell this great? Even when you sweat? Or is it after you sweat?”
Jess was in no position to reply. He was breathless and too busy writhing.
“I love it when you squirm like that. You are one spirited kid aren’t ya?”
// twenty one.. twenty one.. twenty one.. //
“stubborn to the point of madness. Not good for you sport.. “
// twenty three.. twenty three.. twenty three.. //

Brennan shifted so he could spread Jesse’s legs further apart and settled himself between them. He bent the bare legs at the knees and clutched at the muscled thighs with each hand. Jesse tried to get away but half-heartedly as it was useless anyway. Shackled to the bed didn’t leave many chances to escape. He closed his eyes and felt every single nerve in his penis throbbing and aching to be touched. Brennan sure could be cruel.

“Straddling doesn’t allow much room for struggle now does it? But I’m sure you wont waste your energy anyway.. after all.. you’re going to need it.”
Brennan let go of the thighs knowing Jesse had no surprise moves on him, and focused on the prize in between. Gingerly, he touched the tip of the already weeping head. The touch was so gentle yet so sudden, Jesse jumped. Brennan smiled. His position of control causing his own cock to rise to the occasion.
“Sensitive huh.. “
And he closed a hand round the organ, making Jesse tremble anew.
“Do you feel it Jesse.. the shivers up and down your spine? They’re signs that you need this as much as I do. That you should stop fighting me and let me in.. you know I wouldn’t rape you.. you know that don’t you?”
Jesse said nothing. He kept his eyes closed and focused on the breathing which was fast becoming difficult. So was the counting.
// twenty nine? Has to be twenty nine //

Brennan started stroking his cock with one hand, holding it up while he rolled the smooth balls in the other. Up and down.. up and down..
“You went to college didn’t ya? Stanford?”
Jesse couldn’t believe he was expected to answer. Brennan enjoyed talking during sex and Jesse had learnt to listen during sex. Jesse definitely did not enjoy talking himself.
“Dropped o-out. For… to … Adam…”
Brennan planted a kiss on the swollen head, making Jesse moan really loud. With his lower lip still caught in his teeth. Brennan licked away the little drop of precum off him.
“That’s good.. that’s good. I barely managed school.”
And Bren gently chuckled at a lost .. not so happy memory. But he shook himself out of it to continue.. he had a stupid charade to carry on.. one that required him to be a complete illiterate idiot. One who never made it to college.
His pseudo-cheery mischief voice turned on once again.
“So I was sayin.. maybe they told you this in school sex talks... do you know what this is called?”
He massaged Jesse’s sac rubbing small circles into it. Jesse was.. well.. way gone.
“Its called the scrotum.. pouch of skin containing your testicles.. science huh?”
Bren brought his teeth down to nip at the sac to illustrate his point. Jesse gasped, stars exploded behind his closed eyelids.
“And I know from personal experience.. this is your biggest hot spot.. after your shaft of course..”
“P-please.. please..”

Jesse was pleading now.
// Get moving for Gods sake! //
Brennan smiled. This game had gone on long enough as far as Jesse was concerned. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for him, Brennan didn't think so.
“And hey!.. do you know what this is.. “
Brennan dipped a hand further to reach the little red opening. He let a finger circle and bother it as he continued his verbal stimulation. Jesse was panting.
“Do you know what its called?”
Brennan had to laugh at that.
“Smart kid. Well yeah.. but in scientific terms.. this ring of muscle here.. its called the sphincter. Get it?”
No coherent response was received as Brennan let one finger slip in and out of the opening. Not totally in.. not totally out.
“Jesus Christ!!”
Jesse was absolutely breathless. He needed something.. anything! He couldn’t take the teasing anymore. He moaned and arched up into the invasive touches.
Brennan was breaking sweat himself now. He had to take Jesse NOW. But he had a stupid charade to complete..
Leaving one finger smugly wedged into Jesse, he bent to take the penis into his mouth halfway and lick it like a popsicle. While his teeth nibbled on the sensitive head gently, the finger bent and wiggled inside the boy who was helpless to do anything to stop the assault. And then the finger shot out a miniscule voltage straight at the aching prostrate gland. Jesse screamed. No teeth bleeding his lip anymore.

Brennan licked the organ a few more times, enough to wildly stimulate but never enough to let him spasm. The last time he brought his mouth down to completely sheath his penis, and he sucked. Jesse felt himself being milked and just when he thought he was about to explode, the pressure was withdrawn. So was the intrusion inside him and instead two fingers squeezed the sore red tip of his organ painfully.
Jesse was yelling through his sudden sobs.
“You Bastard. You sonofa..”
“Shush kid… no bad language now… and tell me.. how much?”
“Mmm that’s a great thought but.. not the answer I was looking for..”
And Jesse screamed so loud it scared Brennan.
“Let me go! Damn you let me go!!”

Brennan slid up and covered Jesse’s mouth with his. Jesse struggled but couldn’t get away. Brennan prodded and prodded until Jesse let his lips part and Brennan dove right in. This time the kiss was only to hold and assure. Jesse continued to moan and sob into the kiss for a long while Brennan gathered up and held his quivering frame within his arms tightly.
Gradually Jesse calmed, and his painful erection subsided. He tried to shirk off the strong embrace but there was no way Brennan was letting him go. And no matter how angry Jesse may be at his tormentor... and he truly was... but in his heart Jesse knew he didn't wish to be left alone right now. Brennan too was struggling to pull himself back from the brink. He thought maybe Jesse’d had enough. But none of his objectives had been achieved yet. He still didn’t know where he stood and what were the reasons for Jesse’s decision to break up. The boy had proved too stubborn for his games.

// Okay now what do I do? //


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