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Covenant fic: The witch riding your back (1/?)

Title: The witch riding your back
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Something is haunting Pogue. He thinks it is an incubus but his friends won’t believe him. And maybe by the time they do, it’d be too late.
Pairings: Pogue/m (supernatural entity), later on Caleb/Pogue
Warnings: non-con/dub-con, graphic supernatural sex, m/m slash (Almost-rape scenarios - please tread wisely)
Author Notes: Pre-film. So the mystery of Chase Collins and the fifth family hasn’t been revealed yet. Caleb has a girlfriend called Angela (OFC). Sarah hasn’t made an appearance yet obviously. Kate and Pogue are broken up. I started this 2 years ago after watching The Covenant, but then I got bored and abandoned it. But thanks to mini_wrimo and my rekindled obsession for Taylor Kitsch, I am trying to finish this now. And their abilities aren't all true to canon. Some powers are made up for this story.
Word Count: 3582 (for this part)


*** Monday, 0200 hours ***

“Hey there, tough guy.”

Pogue Parry stopped mid-step in the corridor and smirked. He tucked his helmet under one arm and turned to face his best friend in the whole world. Caleb Danvers.

“Back so soon?” There was a quietly seething sarcasm in Caleb’s tone and Pogue raised his free hand in surrender.

“I know, it’s late. Sue me.”

“It’s more than late, Parry. It’s been two days.”

Caleb stood leaning against his dorm room’s door and even in the dark, he looked pissed. Pogue knew the leader of his witch pack felt a lot more protective of the rest of them than was normal or even necessary. The fact that his concerns were totally wasted on Pogue never seemed to deter him. Besides, what could possibly go wrong at an illegal motorbike racing weekend just outside of Salem? Correction – what could possibly go wrong with a Son of Ipswich at an illegal whatever wherever whenever?

Caleb sighed and walked over to Pogue. At six-two, he stood about two inches taller to the younger boy and in the mood that he was in right now, he looked a lot more intimidating than ever. He casually put a hand around Pogue’s neck and pulled him closer to himself. Pogue went willingly, exasperated but tired as he was.

“You know I always cover for you, Parry. I’m always taking the heat for you while you’re off gallivanting, taking Merlin knows what sorts of death-defying risks with your life.”

Pogue rolled his eyes. He knew there was a ‘but’ coming.

“But I can only do it for so long, man. I can’t be answerable for your actions and I can’t keep worrying about you wondering where the hell you are, man. And if you’re okay or not.”

“You don’t need to worry about me, Danvers. I can take care of myself.”

A hint of hurt flashed in Caleb’s eyes but it was gone just as quickly as it came. “I know you can.”

Pogue sighed. “I had my cell phone on me.”

“Is that the one you never keep charged? Or the one that doesn’t even have a voicemail box set up?”

Pogue tried to laugh it off and lower his head so he didn’t have to look into Caleb’s eyes. But the firm grip around his neck wouldn’t let him. Finally he stopped trying and pursed his lips, letting the older boy chew his ass out for as long as he wanted. As luck would have it, that was the moment Caleb chose to stop.

“Dude, I can see you shutting down. Nothing I say is getting across anymore, is it?”

Pogue merely huffed in response again. He really didn’t need this. Caleb withdrew his stronghold and took a step back.

“Kate’s been asking for you.”

He looked at his watch, it was close to two am, so decided to wait until the sun came up before calling his ex-girlfriend. She still cared about him as a friend, and he did too.

“I’m beat. Can I go to my room now? Dad?”

Caleb snorted and shook his head. Everyone knew how mule-headed Pogue could be, and he had no choice but to say good night and let him be on his way. Pogue held up a peace sign as he started walking away, heard the grumpily but affectionately muttered “punk” behind him and it made him smile. Caleb kept a room in the school dorm but rarely used it, preferring to stay home to look after his mom most of the time. Guess he must really have been worried to stay the night and wait up for Pogue.

He was really tired. He couldn’t wait to get out of his leathers and crash for the next twenty hours at least. To hell with Monday morning classes, he’ll try and make up for it later. Maybe erase the memory of everyone in the school administration so they won’t remember his latest infraction, again.


Pogue wasn’t a big dreamer. And that was probably because by the time he fell into bed, he was usually so tired, his brain couldn’t process a single coherent (or even incoherent for that matter) thought, even if his life depended on it. Every night he would swim countless laps in the hostel’s indoor pool just before going to bed and if not that, he would be riding his beloved motorcycle at breakneck speeds and that’d be enough to drain him out too.

Tonight was no different. He’d had a grueling two days and expected to be dead for the next twelve hours at least. Except, something was not right tonight. For one, there was a low, raspy, hissing sound coming from somewhere over his head. Like a snake, or maybe something else slithery and creepy, and large enough to make a sound so loud it echoed throughout the room, and hell, maybe even inside his head.


The images trapped behind his closed eyelids were gory, well not gory, just dark. Dark and eerie and frightening, even though he couldn’t really decipher what it was in the dark that was scaring him so much. There was a chill in the air despite the heating in his room, and it was steadily climbing its way right under his skin. But every time he pulled up the covers, he could feel them sliding off of his body, like someone was slowly but surely peeling them away.

Pogue wasn’t sure if he was asleep or awake anymore. Dream, it had to be a dream. No, more like a really really vivid nightmare. And he didn’t want to have any of it anymore. He wanted to wake up at once and get out of this bed that seemed both searing hot and ice cold under his back at once. His mouth fell open, as if trying to protest or maybe just wheeze, he couldn’t be sure, but no sound came out. And there was one thing that was rapidly becoming clear as crystal to his fatigue-addled brain.

Someone was in his room. On his bed. With him.

And it wasn’t human.

The hissing was louder now, bolder, more guttural. Pogue tried to open his eyes, but he just couldn’t. Something was holding him down, something strong and heavy, and cold, was crushing his body into the mattress he lay on without actually knocking his breath out just yet. But his rising panic was doing that job well enough as it started to slowly slither up his spine and wake his whacked brain up nerve by nerve. And at last when the damn organ started to work and process current events, a singular, horrifying word jumped out at him that would have made Pogue scream if he could.


Someone, a witch no doubt, had sicced an incubus onto him.

But how? Why? Who would want to hurt him like this?

So many questions and no answers, and the panic set in stronger than ever, knowing this was not just a terrible nightmare. It was real, it was happening, and he was completely powerless to stop it.

Pogue Parry wasn’t eighteen yet, which meant he lacked the powers that they stood to acquire after their ascension. Despite his limitations, the boy summoned every drop of magic that ran in his blood to break free of the demonic hold over his body, if only for a second. A second is all he would need.

Lightning crashed in through his window, shattering the glass pane into a thousand shards and raining them down onto his bed. Pogue managed to break free and opened his eyes, as black and fiery as they could possibly get. That’s when he saw the ugly black silhouette of the incubus hovering over his body. It used a three-pronged hand to cover its ghoulish orange eyes and shield them from the sudden bright light in the room. Pogue could just as easily have frozen at the macabre sight of his demonic attacker but desperation won out instead and he opened his mouth to scream.


The lightning subsided and the demon growled furiously as it regained its sight. The room went dark again and Pogue tried to scream again but it was too late. He was paralyzed once more, from head to toe, and at the mercy of the incubus to do what it pleased with his helpless body.

The demon threw the covers onto the floor and ripped his t-shirt and boxers off in one swipe. Pogue shuddered and kept trying to telepathically connect to Caleb (who was just down the corridor damn it!) but the incubus was slowly sucking away his last reserves of magic and energy. At least he could close his eyes this time, cowardly as that would be, to try and escape the horror of what was about to happen to him.

He was naked now, and shivering in the cold, spread-eagled on his own bed with the demon holding his wrists down on both sides of his head, and his ankles pulled apart as wide as they would go. The entity was part wraithlike and part corporeal, as he realized when the demon’s stench-ridden breath ghosted over his face. And a giant, cold, steel-like rod was being incessantly rubbed up against his groin and stomach. There was simply no mistaking what it was.

The first tears sprang to Pogue’s eyes and a soundless sob accompanied them. But in his mind he never stopped screaming. He screamed and he prayed, humiliating as it would be, for his friends to come rescue him – Reid, Tyler, Caleb. He even screamed for Kate and for his Dad, a man who probably couldn’t care less if his only son lived or died so long as he left behind an heir to carry on their cursed bloodline. He desperately prayed for someone, anyone to come and save him… but mostly, he just prayed for Caleb.

The lightning struck again amid the dark rain-heavy clouds looming over Spenser Academy, and loud furious thunder rolled ominously again. He felt cold, wet licks being trailed down his cheek, his jaw, his neck and down to his chest and Pogue winced his eyes shut.

Caleb…. Caleb…. Caleb!!…

Cold calloused hands palmed his narrow hips, fingers creeping underneath until the hands were gripped around his butt and lifting it up and away from the bed.

No, no… Caleb!!

“Hey, I’m here…”

Stop… Help! Cale…

“Pogue? Wake up, man…”

Suddenly Pogue realized he could scream, that his voice box wasn’t paralyzed anymore.


“Damn it, Parry I’m right here!! Open your eyes, bro. Pogue!”

Pogue slammed open his eyes and gasped painfully, like a man drawing his last breath. Shot straight up in his bed and struggled to get away from the hands holding him tight and not letting him get off the damn bed.

“Hey, hey… it’s me! Pogue, look at me!”

He finally looked.

At his best friend, Caleb. He was here. And there was no one else around. It was bright as day, well after noon no doubt. No rain clouds on the horizon whatsoever. The glass wasn’t shattered on his window either. Nor was he naked, like he’d been just… moments ago?

“Where did it go?”

“Where’d what go?”

“The… that…. Uh…”

Pogue looked around, confused and completely disoriented. He tried getting off the bed again but Caleb was sitting in front of him, holding him by his biceps and not letting him go.

“Pogue, what happened dude? You were calling for me over and over again.”

He frowned at that. “Like actual calling, or mind-calling?”

“Both! I was in the cafeteria, having lunch with Angela. Came rushing as soon as I heard you, only to find you writhing in your sheets mumbling complete nonsense that just happened to be featuring my name a whole lot.”

Pogue continued to wheeze, his breaths shallow and his heart thumping like that of a racehorse. Writhing in his… sheets? But he distinctly remembered the incubus flinging them down to the floor in the night when… and yet here he was, legs twisted and enmeshed in the said sheets as if purposely obstructing his escape even more.

What the hell???

“Some nightmare, huh?”

Caleb was smirking. Pogue swallowed hard, shook his unruly bangs back out of his face and realized how completely drenched in his own sweat he was.

“Cale, I-I think…”

He realized his voice was nothing more than a hiss and Caleb had to lean in closer to hear him.


“I think I’ve been cursed.”

"By who?"

Pogue shrugged. "Beats me. I wanna say Garwin but..."

No. Reid had his moments of recklessness and outright cruelty but he wouldn't be this cruel. Could he?

"Nah," Caleb seemed to concur. "Besides if it was one of us using this heavily I would have felt it."

Pogue envied Caleb's ability to sense it when any of the others was using. He couldn't do it yet, neither could Reid or Tyler and they figured it was 'cause Danvers was closer to Ascension than the others.

“So what was the dream about?”

“It wasn't just a dream. I-I th-think it was an incubus.”

Caleb kept a straight face for the few moments of silence that followed. “How can you be sure?”

Pogue leant in closer and spoke in low raspy whispers, as if the demon was still there in the room with them and he didn’t want it to hear.

“I know what happened, Cale. Believe me. That thing, it… it pushed me down and…”


And what? Pogue didn’t know himself. Was it really just an impossibly lucid nightmare? The window was in tact, so were his clothes and it all felt like it’d been happening to him only seconds ago in the pitch dark of a stormy night and yet here they were, in the middle of the day with absolutely no sign of a storm whatsoever?

“Did it rain last night?”

“Not a drop.”

Pogue felt desperate, frantic, like he was losing his mind. He almost felt like crying and like hell was he going to allow himself to give in to that ridiculous urge. Definitely not in front of Danvers.

“Cale I know what I saw. It felt so real…”

Caleb sighed, and sat back on the bed. He bit his lip and looked around the room, and Pogue could literally see the wheels in his mind spinning at supersonic speed.

“If it really was an incubus, there should be signs on your body.”

Pogue looked down at himself. His wrists had been restrained hard but he didn’t see any marks or bruises and even though his entire body ached like it had been rolled over by an eighteen wheeler, he had nothing to show as proof to Danvers.

“I’m… soaked to the skin in my own cold sweat. When have you ever seen me like this, man?”

Caleb shrugged, absently tidying the damp hair back from Pogue’s face. On any other day, Pogue would have pulled back or batted the hand away, maybe even twisted Caleb’s arm behind his back for so much as daring to touch him in such a… a girly way. On any other day, Danvers himself wouldn’t have dreamed of touching Pogue in such a… such a way. But clearly, this was a new day. A strange one, and getting stranger by the minute.

“Maybe it was a hallucination or a vision of some kind?”

Pogue exploded at that. “No, I recognized it from the book. Damn it you’re my best friend, Danvers! Why won’t you believe me?”

Caleb glared right back at him, before a thought occurred to him that made him scrunch up his eyes. “Alright Pogue. There just might be one way to be sure. I remember reading the lore too and there is one tell-tale sign an incubus cannot possibly erase.”

Good. Now they were talking. “What is it?”



“Roll over.”


And then he got it. Pogue’s eyes went wide as saucers and his mouth fell open and all the blood in his body started to rush up into his face.

“Y-You don’t mean…”

“Let me take a look.”

“N-No, hell no!”

Caleb shrugged. “That’s the only way to be sure one way or another, Parry. Come on now, don’t act like a nine-year old.”

He started to pull the covers off Pogue’s legs. A couple seconds passed before Pogue caught up with what was happening. And then suddenly he unfroze and started resisting.

“No way, dude. Caleb, stop.”

“Why not?”

“B-Because… I-I don’t think th-that happened.”

“Why’s that?”

“Uh… I don’t remember that p-part.”

Caleb raised his eyebrows way up into his hair. “You’re telling me you were attacked by an incubus but who didn’t do what it’s supposed to do? What was it here for then? First date? Cup of coffee maybe?”

Pogue scowled so hard his face hurt but Caleb didn’t stop grinning. “Look, if it was an incubus, then he must have forced himself inside you, Pogue… since that’s the only, uh… solid, corporeal appendage an incubus possesses so… really it’s the only way to be sure.”

Pogue’s face burned brighter with every word that left Caleb’s mouth. “M-Maybe you interrupted him.”

“They don’t attack in daylight, genius.”

“Would it kill you to show a little compassion maybe?”

Another fucking first – since when did Pogue Parry crave compassion of all things? Caleb bit back a small grin at that (probably thinking the same thing). And although Pogue still detected a mild rolling of his eyes, he noticed Caleb’s voice go softer and kinder the next time he spoke.

“Okay, I’m sorry bro. But if you want my help, you have to cooperate. Okay?”

No. Not okay. Pogue wanted to get away, run and get on his motorbike and never look back ever. But he couldn’t run away from his problems. An incubus especially, once cursed upon you, never leaves until it has either impregnated or completely sucked the life out of its intended victim. And since the first option was not likely to apply to Pogue… unless there was something his family never warned him about…

Eww. And damn it.

“I can’t do it.”

“Why not?”

“Because… man, no, this is so fucking gay!” He pouted and Caleb glared.

“It’s a big deal only if you make it one, you big macho bigot. Now do you want us to be sure or not?”

He grimaced and whined deep in his throat.

“Would you prefer a doctor instead?”

“We haven’t seen a doctor in twelve years, Danvers. I don’t intend on starting now.”

“I know. What about Kate? No? Reid then? Someone from the family maybe?”

Oh fuck no. “Shut up, man. You can’t tell them ever!”

“It’s me or them, Parry. Take your pick.”

Pogue knew he had no choice. He had to do what Caleb was asking of him. Grudgingly, he swallowed and lowered his head. At the first touch of Caleb’s hand on his arm, he flinched, almost like a residual reflex from his experience the night before. But this was Caleb, he reminded himself. Caleb, he could trust.

“Shhh. Just relax, okay? Turn over.”

Pogue closed his eyes and let himself be maneuvered until he lay back on his wretched bed, this time on his stomach. He felt one of Caleb’s hands resting in the small of his back, moving ever so softly as if to rub some comfort into him. He didn’t allow the tension held taut in his spine to abate though, and stuffed his left hand’s knuckles into his mouth.

“This won’t take long.” Caleb whispered and quickly tugged the sheets away from Pogue’s lower body. Then without further ceremony, he slid down the faded maroon boxers Pogue slept in, off the curve of his buttocks. Pogue gasped, wincing his eyes shut in part misery and part humiliation. They’d seen each other naked before, but this was the first time he’d felt so… vulnerable. So exposed.

It was the first time anyone was ever looking at him and touching him… there.

“Spread your legs.”

Caleb ordered almost clinically, and Pogue reluctantly obeyed. Apparently he didn’t spread enough because Caleb then took hold of his knees and firmly pulled them further apart. Pogue felt his face burn hotter than ever. And just when he thought it couldn’t burn any more, he felt fingers curling around his butt cheeks and prying them apart to reveal the cleft of his ass.

He gasped and winced again. Especially when a single digit feather-touched him there. Felt like an eternity and a half passed before the fingers finally left the surface of his skin and instead gently slid the fabric of his boxers back in place.

“You’re fine.”

Caleb’s voice sounded hoarse and uncomfortable to Pogue’s ears and he was slightly surprised. It wasn’t often one heard Caleb to be so out of sorts before.

He quickly pushed his t-shirt down and back in place and contemplated turning over to face his best friend, but decided against it. He was blushing abnormally hard and that wasn’t a good situation to show his face in just yet.

“I don’t think it was an incubus, Pogue.”

Oh. Pogue had nearly forgotten about the damn thing. And now he wasn’t so sure either.

“Th-Then… maybe something else? Like a nightmare curse maybe? I don’t get visions like this, man. It’s just not normal.”

Pogue changed his mind and rolled over, wasn’t helping that his butt was still so right there and right under Caleb’s nose as they carried on a conversation.

Caleb sighed and got up from the bed, digging his hands in his black sports jacket’s pockets. “I’ll see what I can dig up on nightmare curses.”

Used the quote-y fingers and everything, and that just made Pogue glare at him again. Caleb chuckled and started towards the door. “Get out of bed, tough guy. You’ve got classes to attend.”

Some tough guy he was. Pogue swallowed all urges to beg Caleb not to leave him alone. No. He was supposed to be the toughest of all the Sons of Ipswich damn it. Why was a silly little nightmare affecting him so much?


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