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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Mininano and a Rec.. and some random rambling

1. I signed up for mini_wrimo !!!! I don't know what I was thinking but now it's done and I have committed to at least 200 words a day :D Sorry Cam.. there was no way IN HELL I could do the actual nanowrimo, you know that sweetie :) This one's more up my alley, I think. *crosses fingers* I don't think I'll post any incomplete work to LJ, but that just might change - let's see. Wish me luck! :)

2. A Rock feels no pain and an Island never cries by riveryklown 
I know I don't post recs so often (and now I'm wondering why) but I think this one is really good and very unique and I just have to pimp it out to you guys. It's pre-series pre-wincest - Dean is 16 and Sam is 12. Writing an outsider's POV is tough 'cause it can just as easily come across as rather Mary Sue or Gary Stu you know. But NOT this one. This is beautiful and touching and very well-written from the POV of a gay teenager crushing on Dean who's in his class, and through his eyes the relationship between the brothers. The end made me tear up a bit. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST READ IT! :)

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hey hon, i know we haven't chatted in a long while but i was watching this video on youtube, saw james marsden in it (he is so adorable at the end)and thought of you. so i decided to drop by and say hi *waves* how you doing? hope things are going good for you.

oh hey, i'm doing the mini nano as well. i had so much fun with it last year :D do you have ideas on what you want to write or are you just going to wing it?

and thanks for the rec. that story is really sweet.

hey you :) It has been awhile yeah. How are you doing? How is med school? I hope you're doing well hon :)

Things are okay at my end too. Just got back from a 6 week long trip for work and now relaxing for awhile before getting back into the groove of things here at home heh.

All the best for mininano! :) What are you planning to write, if you don't mind me asking? :) Me.. my plan is to finish two of my WIP series that have been incomplete for a long time now. One is in XMen and the other in J2RPS. Let's see how much I can get done heh.

Good to hear from you!! Do keep in touch this time hon, try not to disappear okay? :)

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