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SPN: Yellow fever last scene

SPN fic: And I’ll play the fool again (1/1)

Title: And I’ll play the fool again (Dean/Sam)
Summary: Post-EP406 (Yellow Fever), something finally breaks through the shell of numbness that’s been surrounding Sam. Dean sees his chance and grabs it.
Rating: R+
Warnings: wincest, graphic m/m sex, mild spoilers for S4 esp. EP406.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. Please to not be suing.
Author Notes: Thanks Shaleen for the quick beta. For Katarina and Vincent – I know your fics are still due darlings, consider this one an appetizer? ;) Some references - Janet Leigh played Marion, the girl in the famous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. I guess Norman Bates needs no introduction :)
Word Count: 2130

Sam is toweling his hair dry in the bathroom mirror when it happens.Collapse )

(Deleted comment)
Thank you sweetheart!!! :) *smishes* I'm really glad you enjoyed it :) And heh Dean did make Sam scream like a girl when he came hehe :D
Love you MORE baby boy :)

They're such boys in this. And sooo loveable (with the dash of angst). This made me smile so much!

Thanks sweetie :) I'm so glad you read and enjoyed this!! *hugs*

Wonderful story! I can just see this happening. I love it all but especially
"All he wants is for Sam to never stop looking and sounding the way he does right now. Playful. Laughing. Free. " It just sums up your story so well. Thanks for the pick me up...i really needed it this week.

Thank you so much hon!! :) I've been wanting to see a happy or at least an innocent Sam like we knew back in S1 and S2 you know? I'm glad you enjoyed this :) *hugs*

This is PERFECT!!you are truly made of awesome!It's a great departure from all the angst lately.It was just the right amount of sweet and just so THEM.It also had my most favorite thing,bottom!Sam.Thank you so much for this gem.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) And hey you do know I only write bottom!Sam right? ;P cheers hon.

Definitely needed some happy Sam and a good moment like this between the boys :)

Loved it hun!

Happy Sam for the win!!! :D Thank you so so much for reading and reviewing hon :)

I kinda don't like the way those kids are lookin' at me.

D'aww at ending
Guh! At smexing
*Squee* *applaud* at beginning.

Dude! I remember that episode!

Hell Hounds! *poodle*


Re: I kinda don't like the way those kids are lookin' at me.

Thank you so very much dahlin' :D *huggles* I'm glad you enjoyed!! The episode was adorable wasn't it? :)

Very beautifully written and a wonderful way to bridge this gap we see between our boys in this season and bring them back to where they belong...in one another's arms. [squee!]

Okay, that was just damn cheesy, I know... so sue me. [snickers]
It was good tho and it did do all that... just the ending of what I said read like a friggin Hallmark card. [smirks and sighs] Oh well...

Great job anyway! [winks]

--Fetish, Cheapen the Moment team.

**Bound and gagged Sammy, that's MY Fetish!
**Silly Trix, Sammy's dick is for Dean!
~*~Cheapen the Moment team~*~

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) Really glad you enjoyed this! Hallmark or not it's true right?!? :) They do belong in each other's arms :D:D

omg the part where Dean screamed like a girl totally had me in stitches too, as did the look on his face when he said "that was scary!" xD I love how Sam was giggling over it, and the sound brought Dean back to happier times that they had shared. the tickle match that led to them being intimate was a great touch, because it allowed them to have so much more than rough sex. it was them coming together in every sense of the word and I adore that ;D the sex itself? omg HOT! I like how Dean started out slow until Sam told him to go faster. the love they share for each other is obvious ;) totally adored this, sweetie! it had emotion and sex all together in a perfect combination and I'm totally going to mem it ;D

Hey sweetie :) Thank you so so much for reading and reviewing hon! Dean was absolutely adorable in this episode and as much as we giggled and laughed, I really wished Sam could have given us a light moment of laughter too you know? :)
I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this hon. Thanks again!!! :) *huggles*

I don't have words anymore to describe how much what you write touches me, how deep your fics can get, and how many emotions and feelings they set free.

So, I'll simply thank you once again for writing and for making me this happy and giggly every time I drop by and see you wrote something more.


I was a little sad today, because I posted the second part of the second chapter of my trilogy and no one read it ç_ç I thought it was good? *weeps* but then I came here, and I've read this, so. The world's a better place now. ^^

Hey sweetie! Thank you so much for coming over and reading and reviewing :) I'm really glad that you enjoy my fics hon, that it makes you happy even for a while *hugs*

And I'm sorry I haven't been able to read your new fic yet :( There's just a lot going on right now what with the move back to London and all and I just haven't been able to log on so much these days. But I promise to read it as soon as I can! I'm looking forward to it already :)

cheers sweetie, chin up alright? :)

Great story! I really like this!

Thanks so much sweetie :) I'm really glad you liked it *hugs*

so sad.... and promising more pain....


Thank you again for reading hon. This season's getting more and more darker.. I needed to break in with a little lighthearted moment in there heh.

(Deleted comment)
:D Well better late than never I say sweetie. So glad you found this and liked this. I really miss the brothers' closeness too - its just frustrating to see them biting each other's heads off episode after episode. And I don't even know if it will pay off next season or not - fact it might go in exactly the opposite direction :(

Oh well.. thanks for reading and reviewing sweetie :) *hugs*

Now if only this would happen in the show. *giggles* I doubt it will though. ;P

:D Yeah well that's why we got fanfiction right? ;) Thanks so much hon. *hugs*

Yes. It's the same author name: cyndrarae