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SPN: Yellow fever last scene

SPN fic: And I’ll play the fool again (1/1)

Title: And I’ll play the fool again (Dean/Sam)
Summary: Post-EP406 (Yellow Fever), something finally breaks through the shell of numbness that’s been surrounding Sam. Dean sees his chance and grabs it.
Rating: R+
Warnings: wincest, graphic m/m sex, mild spoilers for S4 esp. EP406.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. Please to not be suing.
Author Notes: Thanks Shaleen for the quick beta. For Katarina and Vincent – I know your fics are still due darlings, consider this one an appetizer? ;) Some references - Janet Leigh played Marion, the girl in the famous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. I guess Norman Bates needs no introduction :)
Word Count: 2130

Sam is toweling his hair dry in the bathroom mirror when it happens.Collapse )

wow I loved this. thanks

Thank you for reading! :)

Ha! Leave it to me to jump the gun. I read Josh Groper and I was like "Typo! That's so not his name!" Only to have me giggling at the end when Sammy corrects Dean on the name. Heehee!

Lovely story, hon, as always. :D

:D:D You know I thought I should put a reference to that in the beginning but then I didn't want to ruin that moment that comes later heh :D

Thank you so much for reading and for your lovely feedback sweetie! :) *hugs*

Wow, really loved this!

If only it would be that easy. Loved the Josh Groban thing lol.

Just awesome writing! :D

Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words hon :) Only Dean can call him Groper and get away with it haha ;p

It's good. Lord knows I'm waiting too to see that built up emotional outburst that must be inside Sam come out somehow. He really has just been acting numb to it all- his brother being gone, his brother coming back, his brother's life in danger again, the good, the bad, the fact that he couldn't save him and someone else could, someone who's now starting to put them on different sides, and still he's just all wrapped up in his own head. Not even the surreptitious glances to make sure he's still there, the fear of leaving him afraid he wouldn't be there when he came back, waking up in the middle of the night calling for him afraid it was all a dream, come on give us something! But since we didn't get it, I'm thinking outburst.

Thank you!! :) I'm waiting for that outburst too!! I'm just so sick of Sam being so controlled and passive this season. He's practically a stranger and I'm also shocked Dean isn't picking up on it either :(

Oh well, maybe they'll give us something when they come to the Sam-centric episodes (hopefully) heh. Thanks again for reading and reviewing hon :)

good stuff yeah. i saw the little movie in my head :)

i saw the little movie in my head :)

Cool! In that case, Mission accomplished :D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :)

"...Sam who’s still cackling away..." Every time I think about that scream, I cackle away as well. Got to give it to Jensen Ackles; he's not precious about image! It was brilliant , and I love the show even more because of this ep. Thanks for a great story, and reminder!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) Jensen/Dean was so utterly adorable wasn't he? *loves*

Awww ... that's just so sweet!! Love the ticklings!!

Thanks darling. I'm always pleasantly surprised to hear from you :) *hugs*

Awesome coda to an awesome episode! I loved that Sam finally comes out of his shell in this one. I hate how numb and cold he's been all this season. Go Dean for getting his baby brother to open up at last!! *coos and cuddles Sammy*

Thank you sweetheart!!! For reading AGAIN and reviewing and betaing :) you're awesome you know that! :) *smishes*

This really is wonderful.

Thank you for reading :)

Thanks darling!! :) *hugs*

Brilliant! You made me smile & aww loads.

The thought of a giggling Sam makes me grin like a loon!

Thanks for sharing x

Thank you so much sweetie!! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it :) *huggles*

As usual, a wonder piece!!

Thank you so much hon *hugs* :)

I'm completely on the run but had to comment--*LOVED* this. Every little bit. And the fact that Dean's willing to take a big of extra ribbing if it means he gets to see the gentle twinkle in Sam's eyes.

*absolutely saving to delicious for extra reads* \o/

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie! I'm really glad you enjoyed this. High time Dean starts acting like the big brother and Sammy the little brother again right? :D:D

Yay, fic!

::glomps you::

Mm, you have a knack for starting out with the cute, mixing in the emotional, and then working in the hot in such a way that I feel like I'm on every kind of sensory overload! I just want to hug both boys in this one, you capture both of their states of mind so well, this strange place they're in after hell...

He’s missed this so much – this pure screwy-eyed amusement in his little brother’s face – so uncomplicated and innocent like he used to be a hundred years ago.

I miss that Sam too, and Dean always brings it out in him, like no one can, and I love how you do it here, so hilarious (the giggles and tickling and Josh Groper, heh, crushings and Psycho girlie sqeualing) and yet so telling of their emotions and relationship..

I love that both of them have been afraid to start this again, seemingly thinking the other doesn't want it or they're not worthy (silly boys), and Sam's thoughts here:

He’s wanted this so bad, ever since Dean came back but he hadn’t the guts to ask. Hell had driven a giant wedge in the brothers’ relationship, warped as it may be. All his secrets, his guilt, his monster freak status (especially his monster freak status), his disdain for all his failures – it has all been simply too much.

Until now.

The last forty-eight hours have proved to Sam and to his brother that he could take care of Dean after all. That he could be trusted, just a little bit, that he isn’t a complete disappointment, not yet.

I think that's exactly how Sam would feel - I'm drawn back to the first ep this season, and Sam insisting how much he wished it WAS him that had brought Dean back - he still feels guilty, that he couldn't do enough, it should've been him, and what claim does he have to Dean after all of that?

And then this, so true too:

Part of him longs to tell Sam everything, everything he saw during those last moments of his ghostly infliction. But telling him would mean losing this Sam again, this at-ease and for once peacefully resting Sam, and who knows, maybe for good.

The burdens these boys carry, that hurt each other and yet they think they're protecting each other, and maybe they are - forever martyrs for their love. It kills me that Dean can't share his fears with the only person in the world that could understand and care, and yet it's beautiful and sweet too, that he wants to still keep Sam innocent, even after everything.

You really bring out their love in this piece, with all of its complexities. And holy hot sex, let's not be forgetting. There is never enough bottom!Sam and Dean taking care of his baby brother, and I'm so glad you can give it <3

Lovely job, hun!

Thank you so much for your beautiful feedback hon! :) And I'm so glad you agree with my take on Sam this season. I don't know what Kripke has in mind but the way I see it, Sam is bound to suffer from rather low self-esteem and guilt right now. I just keep waiting for Dean to sort himself out (he does need time I know, coming back from hell and all) and start realizing how much his little bro has been through and how much he still needs Dean heh.

Thanks again sweetheart!! I'm really really glad you like it ":) *hugs*