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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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Misc: Therapist

Venting, just because..

I want to get something off my chest.. would highly recommend the faint of heart (when it comes to writing!wank) to ignore this post.

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I know I don't get over to LJ as much as I should, and I'm not around to comment on everyone's stories, but I just wanted to say I've read quite a few of your stories, and your writting is very good. I've read some crappy fanfics... Okay I've probably read a BUNCH of crappy fanfics over the past ten years or so, and your fanfics are ALWAYS above average both in plot/content and in basic writing/grammer. Just wanted to let you know that. :) Lots of love and hugs.

Thank you so much for coming over Jen. This outburst of mine was temporary insanity I assure you heh. I really shouldn't have taken one person's insensitivity to heart like that. It's comments like yours that have helped me put my insecurities aside and keep writing, so really, thanks a ton sweetie!! You're so kind :) *hugs back*

*blinking* Hon, I love your writing. For all of the supposed 'wrong' bits you mentioned above. I would consider you a thoughtful writer, if anything, and again, this is good! I'm sorry someone gave you grief--dun listen, & dun let them get you down, okay? (easier said than done, I know)

Oh thank you so much hon. I was just having a very bad day heh, shouldn't have taken one person's criticism to heart like that. Sometimes you just can't it you know, everyone's insecure at some point or another heh. But I'm so grateful to y'all for being so kind and generous with your comments to me! cheers sweetie :) *hugs*

I don't think you're a bad writer. As a matter of fact, I love your stories, for the reason of feeling so real to me.
And I agree with every word you said.

You go hon, keep writing!! *hugs*

Thank you so much sweetie. You have no idea how much your words mean to me!! :) I let one person's unfair criticism get to me that day, but I'm so grateful for y'all who've given me enough encouragement here to forget her and keep writing! Thanks again :) *huggles*