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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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Misc: Therapist

Venting, just because..

I want to get something off my chest.. would highly recommend the faint of heart (when it comes to writing!wank) to ignore this post.

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Well I for one do like your work and definitely your writing style! As for the rules...follow your own and you should be good with that! ;-)

I'm sorry we didn't get to meet, but once I'll move to London (in a few years, if I go by all the prices...), we'll catch up, yeah!? ;-)

Thank you so much!! I'm glad to hear you say that hon.. sometimes I lose faith in my own self, I guess that's natural right?

You're moving to London? That's awesome! :) So sorry we couldn't catch up this time, how was your trip btw? Did you have fun? :)

Sweetie, you are a fabulous writer, and don't pay attention to anyone who tells you differently. No writer is perfect, and anyone who feels the need to put you down is just full of crap and probably really insecure. You have every right in the world to vent about it. I really admire your writing, and I hope you continue to keep giving us more of your fabulous fics, no matter what anyone says!

Thank you so much Kara.. you have no idea how much your words mean to me *huggles*
I do intend to keep writing, I guess there will always be someone who'll criticize it and I just have to develop a thick skin and take it, even if I don't agree with it. But yesterday was just tough and I couldn't stand it, hence the venting heh. Thanks again hon.. you're a sweetheart!! :) *clings*

I adore your writing and love your stories. I hope you continue to enjoy writing because I certainly want to read the fruits of your labour.


Thank you so much sweetie! I'm sorry for my outburst, had a tough day heh. *hugs*

:( I think whatever started this just didn't understand why you do the things you do? I know I didn't, but so much makes sense now after we talked. Then again, you're right, it's not up to you to explain your writing. They're your rules, your style of writing. You shouldn't have to follow anyone else's style but your own. And average? pft.

Thank you so much sweetie *clings* It's just.. I don't understand why someone would disregard me in such a condescending manner and for what - grammar? *sighs*
Anyway, I'm past it now. Everyone's allowed to have opinions right? Heh.

What they all said :P

And I really didn't read through all the comments, so in case there was a bunch of crazy bashers in there somewhere: you're good, you come up with cool plotlines, you're versatile... whenever you put your stuff out there, some people will give you really useful constructive criticism, and some will just bash you around a bit to make themselves feel better. I say fuck those who aim at belittling you—answer back with a “thank you, you are of course right”—and have fun with the lot of us. We’re a much cooler crowd than them, anyway ;)

:) Thanks hon. And no.. no crazy bashers here on my LJ, thank God! I was having a bad day and you guys just made it all so much better. Thank you so much hon. *hugs* And yeah this is definitely a much MUCH cooler crowd :)

Your writing is beautiful and don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Even though I don't watch SPN, I will read your fics simply because you wrote them. I hate that someone you admire made you feel low, but please don't let them get to you. You're a beautiful person and a beautiful writer...please don't change. *hug*

*hugs* Thank you darling! You read spn too? I didn't know that! :)

I hate that someone you admire made you feel low, but please don't let them get to you
Thanks hon. I know I shouldn't have let them get to me, was having a bad day I guess. But you guys stepped in and made it all okay!! :) cheers hon.

Even if you were a crap writer, it still wouldn't excuse how rude some people are...as you pointed out, nobody makes them read it, damn!

I think you have a nice attitude about it. I dabbled in writing HP and stuff for a while, for my groups' challenges, and it was fun. I wasn't the best writer, but then I didn't even do *my* best. Didn't care *that* much and I was busy, and it was just to encourage the members to get involved, etc. *shrugs*

But it did give me an appreciation for how *hard* writing is. Getting the words down, with believable characterization, and a plot that makes sense, and sex that doesn't make me laugh my head off...*snorts*...and making it interesting, finding something *new* to write about...that *is* difficult.

I might make fun of fandom cliches, like the stuttering hips/golden skin combo (that will NEVER grow old *facepalms*); I might quote a gem of a line now and then and wonder what the hell?!...but you'll notice I don't mention names, fic titles, or give links, because I don't want to hurt their feelings, even if I am kinda teasing about it. I mock my own work just as hard, or worse, actually. :)

I've been thinking about making a post along this line for a while, to match my rant about writers and artists who ignore people...readers who are feeling goddamned entitled are the flip side and need a kick in the pants, too.

Don't you feel bad 'bout NOTHIN', ok, cyn? *hugs*

but you'll notice I don't mention names, fic titles, or give links, because I don't want to hurt their feelings, even if I am kinda teasing about it.

I have noticed that hon. And you know I absolutely do not mind people expressing an opinion - not at all. But there is constructive criticism and then there is just.. this. Often people forget to consider others' feelings and if these others include someone like me and catch me on a especially bad day then.. *sighs* this outburst is what happens. I vent for pages and pages and bore you guys to death :) But you're so sweet that you still respond with such kind words and make me feel not so pathetic after all heh. Thank you so much sweetie *clings* :)

Sadly, I've seen this in every fandom I've associated with in the last 20 some-odd years. I've written in many of them (not SN, though). I've also had a novel published. Does that make me a great writer? Absolutely not. Does that mean I find it necessary to point out every flaw I see when reading fanfic? Not on your life. I read fanfic for ENJOYMENT. I have no interest in reading a grammar text book. If I did, I wouldn't be looking for it in on a fanfic related LJ.

Bottom line is this. Write for YOURSELF and if even one other person likes it, that's gravy. I happen to enjoy reading your work, as I'm sure my recent spate of stalker-like comments could attest to lol. Please don't take badfic comments to heart. I'd hate to be deprived of reading your stories because of some opinionated people who need to criticize others in order to feel better about themselves.

read fanfic for ENJOYMENT. I have no interest in reading a grammar text book. If I did, I wouldn't be looking for it in on a fanfic related LJ.

Thank you!! I'm so glad to hear you agree hon. I don't understand this expectation for cookie cutter formats in fic writing some people have.

I HEART your stalker-like comments sweetie :) You guys keep me going, because its like you said.. I do write for myself but its so much more fun when I can share it with others. And no, I won't let anyone stop me from writing that's for sure! cheers hon *hugs* :)

PS: You had a novel published? That's awesome! :) Anything I might know?

Um, I thought you understood the rules. You owe us to write the way we want you to to. Duh!


Tell them for every correction they'd like you to make they owe you a dollar. Then you'll happily make every change they'd like.

LOL! Oh that rule! :) Yeah, sorry I blacked out for a couple hours there hehe. Thanks sweetie. And I do like your idea a lot! :) I shall definitely try it next time someone tries to tell me how much I suck heh.. cheers hon.

Wow....how can I say, but I really love and enjoy reading your fan fiction both of X-men and SPN even though English is my second language.
Actually why I started studying English was that I want to read and enjoy English X-men fan fiction.(there are very few X-men stories in Japanese...) When I first read your scott/logan story, I was so glad to study English. You are one of the best and my favorite writer. Your fan fiction always make me happy and grin!

Aww, that is so sweet of you hon! Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words here. I was just having a very bad day so it really helps :) You're the one who's made me happy and grin today :) So cheers hon!

Average, yeah?

…well, honey, I have to disappoint you. You’re not an average writer, in fact, you’re actually one of my number ones in the whole fandom and in fanfiction in general; your style still leaves me speechless, and seeing that English’s not your native language makes me proud as hell just for what kind of FEELING you got for the language and symbolism and just making it FLOW, making it GOOD, making it excellent. You think you do not play after rules? But that’s what’s YOU, that’s what makes your style your style, one I see as excellent storytelling-wise as well as in matters of characterization. There is no NEED for you to play after rules, because for me, for ME, honey, you are excellent. I would never like to see you changing your style for anybody, for any rule, because you have the voices of characters you write in your fingers, and you show them to us so much better than many other authors can or even try to. Everything you write just seems to be so much LITERATURE, I have fun when I read YOU; but I also feel like I am not confronted with fanfiction but a nice book.

You’re not average. You’re so much above average and people following “rules”, my gosh, you should never worry like you do – I can understand your worries, though. I do not understand why you’re not a more-known author in fandom; I cannot tell, because I’m not able to see flaws in your storytelling and your style.

I cannot think of anyone saying your writing is not good, so I do hope you will not let yourself be pulled down by words like that; because, as much as every opinion counts – do not listen to those with a too low standard to see the beauty and the meaning in your writing, and how much you please people like me, or those that write comments here.

Rave.. I feel like a fool blowing up like I did yesterday heh *facepalm*. I'm so sorry you keep running into this pathetic insecure side of me and are left with the burden to try and build me back up again. But you still do it... and thank you, just... thank you so much that you do!! *clings*

I do have faith in my writing usually, okay.. not all the time but MOST of the time. But yesterday was just a bad day and I should have been able to take criticism and either accepted it or just ignored it and moved on but somehow I couldn't. And I think it was because I'm just soooo sick of being forced to conform to the norm - be it at work or in society or here with my writing. And God knows I don't want to do it.

*sighs* Anyway, thank you so so much for being there for me sweetheart. I don't know what I would do without you :") *huggles* This part.. is making me tear up, not sure why...

Everything you write just seems to be so much LITERATURE, I have fun when I read YOU; but I also feel like I am not confronted with fanfiction but a nice book.

Heh.. this coming especially from you means so much hon. Thank you. Just... gah I have no words left. THANK YOU! :)

Hey silly! ::hugs::

I'm sorry you feel hurt, love. One thing to add to the discussion here: just because one person says something bitchy or takes their personal stuff out on you doesn't mean that we are all secretly thinking that or anything close. I know I have a tendency to feel a bit mistrustful of complements and start second guessing myself. Just wanted to say that you should believe the good stuff and take it to heart as much or more than you believe the bad.

*hugs back* Thank you so much sweetheart. You do realize you're absolutely bang on with this comment don't you? :) It's just been a tough week and yesterday was a bad day, so that one little criticism totally got to me and all my insecurities came out with it.

Just wanted to say that you should believe the good stuff and take it to heart as much or more than you believe the bad.

I will surely try hon, that's some very good advice. And by that I mean its something that we should ALL follow, right? :) *hugs* cheers sweetie, hope you're doing well!

*hugs* I've never thought your stories were "badfic." I really enjoy reading them.

Oh, thank you so much hon! I was afraid there might be stuff that people are too polite to point out to me... which is quite sweet actually heh. But I was just feeling very insecure yesterday about it all. Thanks for your kind words hon :) *hugs*

You seem upset...for reason I'm not exactly sure, but I'll cheer you up with my love and admiration, you are not just an average writer, you're a great one and one who's more than capable of writing excellent fanfics, you're caring and sweet as a person as well, so don't let whoever makes you feel down keeps you down for too long. *hugs and kisses*

Thank you so much sweetheart!! I was upset yesterday, because of a certain criticism I received but didn't agree with, and had a hard time dealing with as it came from a writer I personally admired. It was just ridiculously hard and today's a new day and I feel stupid for having exploded the way I did heh

But I'm so relieved and heartened to see all these reassurances from you guys and its totally made my day! :) Thank you so so much darling, I really needed this! *hugs and kisses*

Now, I know I shouldn't be reading, less alone writing after a few glasses of red, but here I am (after flicking from friends page to friends page).

Your subject title just flew out at me and I had to read this. I so know how you feel - sometimes insecurities just come out and bite us all. Keep strong. You're a fabulous writer, so please don't let the odd criticism get you down. There are many of us readers out there who lurk and maybe don't leave positive feedback when we should. BUT WE'RE THERE!!!

I just hope all the positive feedback here helps. Please, keep writing.

*friending you - hope you don't mind*

Aww thank you so much for your kind words!! I know, I maybe sorta overreacted - after all its just one criticism. I guess I was having a bad day and totally buckled under all my insecurities. But you're right - all these comments have helped so much you've no idea :) So, thanks again for being so totally generous and awesome!
And of course I'm friending you back, welcome hon :)