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Xmen: Rogue (pre-white strand)

X-men fic: In the Beginning (AU): Chapter 16

Previous chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen |

A/N: This is from Rogue's POV. Since she absorbed some of Scott's memories, it's almost like she already knows the school before even getting there. She also has some of Scott's personality and that colors her narrative here.
And I thought *I* was the phenomenal freak.Collapse )


Lovelovelove. I even could bear to read it with Marie, who I really, really don't like. I just totally love everything, and to quote it would be pointless and time-consuming.

PS - loving confused!Sammy too :)

Thank you! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it hon, even if it does have Marie hehe. Yeah, not a big fan myself but when I started writing her in this chapter, she kinda grew on me, you know?

confused!Sammy?? Oh are you reading the new J2 fic I posted? Yayyy if you are! :) I'd love to know what you think about it!

cheers hon :)

Really excellent, a very simple twist but very effective. I especially like your portrayal of Scott's memories/conciousness in Rogues mind.

Thank you!! Actually was worried about whether the Scott-in-Rogue part would be clear to readers or not. I'm so glad you're enjoying this :)

This is great i have just finished all 16 chapters straight love this story as i am a devoted scott/logan girl they are so freakin hot together.PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE GOING TO BE UPDATING SOON.I NEED MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TOTALLY ADDICTIVE.

Re: in the beginning

I will absolutely be updating this as soon as I can hon :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Thank you for reading and reviewing! :)

I just *love* the worrying, protective, territorial Logan. LOL


Lovely chapter. I like Marie mixed with a little Scott point of view. :) It was very sweet the way everyone told Marie it wasn't her fault. And I loved the way Logan growled and held Scott closer when Jean first approached them. I felt sorry for Marie when she was feeling so alone and clinging to the hope that Logan could be part of a new family for her (even if those weren't her exact words). I loved the way Scott's words would come flashing into her head as she tried to figure out the new people around her. And I thought it was very good that she did have that connection with Scott, because it will help her to trust Charles. Maybe that in itself will help her feel less alone. :)

Okay I'm an idiot. You should kick me. So sorry I didn't see these lovely comments earlier hon!! :)

Yeah, even though this is a Scott/Logan love story, I didn't want it to be just about them, and clearly neither of them or any of the XMen would ever just leave Rogue alone to fend for herself. I'm glad you liked her story arc hon. Hopefully the next time she shows up, she's going to be more sorted :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! *smishes* :)

Great exploration of Rogue's motivation behind her trust of Logan, especially in how Scott's personality in her adds to that. Also the way Scott's personality affects her is well done.

Storm handling Rogue really brings out her maternal skills to shine. Not that Storm had much character depth in the movies, and it's great to see her able to act on deeper levels here.

It's also exciting that you've incorporated all the characters that we wanted to see in the first movie but were not in it. That was a big disappointment at the time.

Time and time again, I'm very impressed with how you write the character interactions, such as when Rogue talks to Logan. They don't follow the script from point a to b to c, ect, they will go from point a to poin c jump to e and back to b, and so on, making the interactions much more real and fluid.

You know, whenever I listen to Roxette's "Listen to your heart", this chapter keeps popping up in my head. Like Rogue is telling Logan to listen to his heart before he says goodbye to Scott. Somehow the lyrics seem a perfect fit to this situation.

Please tell us you haven't abandoned this fic. I keep checking everyday of course, but word from you would be great all the same! :)

Thank you so much for coming back to read this hon. I am sorry about the delay, I haven't abandoned it, no. But the muses for this one sure are taking a prolonged vacation heh. I'll go hunt them down soon as I can ;)
Roxette is one of my all time favorite bands!! :) And you're right, the lyrics fit perfectly. Maybe I should go listen to it for motivation hehe. cheers hon.

I just discovered your fic today and boy am I hooked. Great story!!