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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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SPN: And so I was like OMG and Dean was

Poll for All - That rhymes in my head, yeah I'm not American :P

Random poll 'cause I'd rather be doing this during my break than smoke a cigarette heh, and 'cause.. well, I'm curious :D Indulge me pretty please? :)

Poll #1279775 Fandoms and things

I write in the following fandoms. Which ones do you read here on my LJ?

Mutant X
You write??

What makes you click on a story link and want to read it?

Rating (dirtier the better or PG-er the better!)
Summary and btw you suck at it!
Status - complete or WIP
The comments the story's got so far
Depends on whether I like you right now or not
I don't read anything you write
You write??

Who do you think is going to be the next most powerful man on earth?

Sam Winchester the AntiChrist
No man could be more powerful than Oprah :)
Get back to work Cyndra Rae!


Uh oh, looks like I was first to answer. (couldn't really answer the last one btw, I haven't seen the fourth season of SPN save the first episode)

Yayyy my first!!! *clings* :)
Ah you haven't missed much in the context of this question.. this is just me and you guys speculating ;p

I love all your stuff, you know that ;)

Sorry, didn't know if you've been reading lately but THANKS!!! :D *clings*

(Deleted comment)
I so suck at summaries and I don't know what to do?!?!?! *smacks forehead* :D Oh and I just realized once you've created a poll you can't edit it - dayum I wanted to include the Dean - Jesus option! :D


(Deleted comment)
I had to. :P Okay, real answers for you: I read your SPN and CWRPS religiously, and I definitely read your kinky Charmed stories, and would totally be up for more of those (but you knew that.)

Fandom is obviously my first reason for clicking something, but also considered are author (ie, I would read anything you wrote, but no matter how wonderful it sounded, I wouldn't click things by some people because I've experienced their writing before and I'm not a painslut) and summary totally plays into it as well (ie, I will not read deathfic, but I will strain my fingers clicking on stories with kink) as does WIP status--I fear them because I get sucked in and lose them/wait years for updates.

And I like you all the time, in case you wondered. <3

ETA: Okay, rating matters a lot of the time too. But not all the time, because I'm frustrating like that. In short, more kinky porn, please? :P

Edited at 2008-10-16 03:39 pm (UTC)

*narrows eyes at you* Whether you LIKE me or not?!?! OMG!!!!
;) You know I had a feeling you would do that hehe :D

And I totally agree with you on the um.. "Experiencing some authors' writings before".. having said that I have a total of 2 names on that list and that's it! :)

And baby I like you all the time too!!!! :D *smishes, runs off to write kinky bunny plot down before it hops away* :D

LOL!! take my answers with a grain of salt :-)

:D I love your answers!!! :D The only thing that made me laugh harder was Cam choosing "depends on whether I like you right now or not" :D:D cheers sweetie!! *hugs*

Yay for your clicky post... I'm so behind catching up with reading LJ posts that coming here to click the poll meant I also spotted your latest J2 RPS fic...does a happy dance (well more a step from side to side than a dance cos that would hurt my stupid joints!!).

I'm off to bed (lots of pain killers & anti-biotics have left me drowsy) so going to print out 'Won't let Texas come in the way' and hopefully it'll help induce some VERY happy dreams!!! :) x

Hey you!! :) You know I was wondering why Debz hasn't commented on Texas yet.. I even worried you probably didn't like it or something *hides* :D Well I sure hope you do now! And hey there are 2 parts to it, just to keep that in mind when you take prints.. see how helpful I am :D:D

How're you doing sweetie? How come on so many antibiotics these days? Take care hon and I wish you hot and sweet dreams in any case! *hugs you gently* :)

The last question! *giggles* I chose -- who else? -- Sam Winchester of course!

Of course it has to be Sammy, DUH!!! :D:D That was a trick question really *giggles* ;P cheers sweetie!! :)

Oh God how I love polls xD Can't stop myself from answering :P

Which is the point of polls so it works out well yeah!?! :D:D cheers sweetie :)

(Deleted comment)
Everyone's telling me to get back to work! No fair!!! *sulks* ;-D

And dude I knew you'd be the only one to select all my fandoms!!! I freaking love ya baby boy!!! *smishes* :)

LMAO! I love your icon, sweetie! It pretty much describes the boys and their personalities throughout 3.25 seasons of the show in one little icon, hahaha! :D

That is true!! :) And its so interesting you say that 'cause like I just told you in our discussion over at raingazer.. I really really miss that Sam you know :) *sighs*

Wow, I read everything you write except Mutant X!!

Ahhh kid, you're probably too young to remember that one.. *is jealous* ;P

I never, ever, read summaries. I fear I'll be spoiled, and I always want to go to any story with my mind open. I like to be surprised.
And, as I only have one 'nono', which is not a very recurrent occurrence, I take my risks =D
But I don't read WIPs. I had been burned once time too many =D
Yes, I know. I'm weird :p

Okay first of all massive LOL for your icon! :D
And hey I agree with you on the WIP thing - I don't think its weird at all. I typically bookmark a series and then wait for it to be complete before I start reading it :)

Yeah, making this poll was definitely a better idea than smoking, thumbs up for you! :)

I know right?!? cheers for playing hon :)

X-men(depend on the piring) , fandom , Summary and obama
and by the way maybe i didnt comment
befor(because i am a lazy lazy person)
i love all your x-men stories ^_^
Scott is my favorit x-men ever and i love when
he is piried with logan and
i love logan\remy 2 :)

Thank you!! :) I'm really glad you like them hon. And Scott is totally my favorite XMan too :)

dammit,. i missed the poll. put me down for x-men.

You can still vote hon - its open :)