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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

J2 RPS fic: Won't let Texas come in the way (1/2)

Title: Won’t let Texas come in the way
Summary: After Jensen moves in, Jared who’s always thought of himself as the quintessential straight boy from Texas, struggles to understand (and resist) what’s happening to him.
Pairings: Jensen/Jared, Jensen/Danneel (implied)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and has absolutely no bearing on who these people are in reality. All events are completely fictional and no slander or defamation is intended. Not for profit.
Author Notes: Birthday fic for ravanna. Hope you like it hon :) Thanks astrangerfate for the quick beta.

Read on ao3

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*Runs, doesn't walk, to part two....*

I really enjoyed this. :) The buildup, with its tension, was very realistic with a thoroughly satisfying payoff. I could see things happening just this way. Thanks for sharing :)

Thank YOU so much for reading and reviewing! I'm very glad you enjoyed this hon :)

OMG! I love this. Perfect and tender and the turmoil in Jared is delicious and the WANT in Jensen is so fucking hot!

*hugs you*

Thank you so much hon! I'm really glad you enjoyed reading this story *hugs back* :)

OMG, your banner is made of awesome!!! Don't have time to read this now, and I don't wanna read it in parts, but it's already safely bookmarked ;)
Back later...

Oh. My. Word. O.O

*trots off to read the next bit*

..... and?? :) *crosses fingers*

Oh, this is a masterpiece! I LOVE the way you write these two guys. I think you have captured it perfectly! I can TOTALLY see them saying (and doing) all of this! can't wait to read the next part!!

:D Thanks hon. I get the feeling you liked this part more than the next one yeah? ;) That's okay this one's my favorite part too. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I´m so happy a friend recommended your story to me!
I love it!
Unfortunately I have to go to work now, but will save the second part for tonight.
Will be back in a few ;O)

Oh dear lord! you are a genius woman! and you always, always! without failure drag me in completely! I love how detailed the characterization of your boys are and how you show their growth and development! I can't make much coherent comment except that I believe you have the boys down pat (like how I see them when I see the boys but cannot express!) and it's amazing how much you make us feel their emotions! now I'm off to read the second part :D *huggles*

:D:D You're TOO kind to me darlin, too kind! *hugs you tight*

Wow. I really really loved this.
Nowadays while I read a fic I do other stuff too but this story had my full attention. It's truly awesome so far. Great job, hun!

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