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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

J2 RPS fic: Won't let Texas come in the way (2/2)

<< Previous part (1/2)

PART – 2: Eight months later (Jensen)

The bedroom upstairs is hardly ever used anymoreCollapse )

I do so love reading your fics. You know I'm totally in love with all of your Scott/Logan X-Men fics and now I think you've caught me hook, line and sinker with these wonderful SPN Jared/Jensen fics. GAH! *hugz you tight* I think I could truly give away my television if I could read new fics by you every day. XD Awesome job, hon!

Thank you so much sweetheart :) I'm really happy and relieved you liked it! *hugs back*

I think I could truly give away my television if I could read new fics by you every day.

*gushes* That is so sweet of you hon!! *smishes* You're way too kind to me you know that? :)

Jared is the one who is Catholic and Jensen is Baptist I believe. Just thought you might want to know.

Thanks. But honestly hon, I really couldn't care less. As far as I know they're not gay either.

My RPS fiction is meant only to be "inspired" by the real guys, not emulate their lives word for word. If this were Sam and Dean I might. But I don't even try to be true to character in RPF genre.

damn girl! you write Jensen in a way I hardly ever see, many fics potray him as weak/spineless/insecure putty for Jared to shape whichever way he pleases grrr I love this dominant self contained/assured deliberatedeep thinker who knows himself ( and Jared) -thats HOT... and I totally love your Jared, he's sooo adorable and loveable, thanx 4 the emotionally rollercoaster :)

Thank you so much!! :) I don't much like that version of Jensen others write either. Why do you think I started writing J2 fic in the first place? ;)

I love this dominant self contained/assured deliberatedeep thinker who knows himself ( and Jared) -thats HOT..

God I couldn't agree with you more!! :) And btw this is the ONLY Jensen I write heh ;)

i found it...and i loved it...jared's angsting was just awesome...i have to say i loved that the most...jensen was great too but give me angsting jared...hm...hot and just all kinds of awesome...Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you for coming over sweetheart :) I'm really glad you enjoyed reading it. Of course you would like angsty!Jared, I know what buttons to push for you lol ;p cheers again hon *hugs* :)

I really enjoyed this, beautifully written!! :D

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon! Glad you liked it :)

That was quite simply wonderful! I loved getting the story from both POVs, the sex was hot, and the self exploration was really good too. What was best was the slow-burning build-up, the miscommunications, and just the plain comfort they had with each other.

Wonderful stuff!

Aww thank you very much! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed this story hon. cheers!! :)

this is awesome great job ;D

Thank you!!! :) I'm really glad you like :)

I really liked this - Spanks!

Thank you so much for reading hon!! Glad you liked :)

Absolutely adored this. It's refreshing to read a story that actually deals with realistic angst and imaging. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the awesome feedback hon. I really did try to keep it as real as possible so your words mean a lot :) cheers!

This was SO good!!! I'm adding it to my MEMs right now. :)

Ohhh Thank you so much!!! *clings* :)

What a lovely schmoopy story.

I loved how you developed it and brought them together slowly and the things they had to overcome to get where they were at the end. It was very realistic and you did a great job of describing the emotions that they'd each go through getting to that where they end up.

I especially like the political touch of Democrat and never voting Republican again. Whether that has any basis in truth for either of the J's, I appreciate that it must be your position or you wouldn't have included it. Go you!!!

Nice job. Very enjoyable. ♥

Hi!! Thank you so so much for reading and reviewing sweetie :) I'm glad you found it believable. And yeah I don't know what their true political views are and so I just made it up for this story :)

cheers darling! *hugs*

I loved every minute of it honey :D This second part had me all giggly and a fantastic matrimonial bliss (well, not exactly matrimonial but really, they might as well be married here!) I loved Jared the hyperactive tease and giving Jensen a chase :D! The part where he wrapped himself around jensen and said "why so serious?" was soooooo sexy!! And I love how Jensen takes care of Jared. His actions speak just how much he loves Jared :D

I totally agree with Jensen's final sentiment!
Sexual orientation: Fuck if he cares.

It’s never about body parts anyway.

Thank you soo sooooooooo much for sharing this honey!! I totally adored this and I totally adore you :D *puts it to my mems*

P.S. shower smexing with jared's come fuck me position was just....*drools* XD

Awww thank you so very much for reading and reviewing sweetie!!! :) I'm really happy that you enjoyed this. You're right.. they might as well be married haha. Jensen always takes care of Jared in all my stories doesn't he? I like him that way :)

Thank you so so much hon!! *hugs you tight* :)

Really nice ending. BTW--I don't think Jensen was born a catholic. I could be wrong, but I think he's some form of Protestant....

Hey you, thanks again! :) Umm yeah I added a disclaimer about this later - I don't really intend to be dead on about the boys - its fiction after all. I'm pretty sure I didn't get their political views or favorites right either but that wasn't the point. I just went with what I *imagine* they might be, and what suited the prose best. Like.. "Protestant by birth atheist by choice" simply doesn't strike me as bluntly as the Catholic one you know? :D

This was definitely a different J2 - and lemme tell ya - I FREAKING ADORED IT!!! MY GOD THE LOVE>>>



*Clings to you*



Thank you so very much sweetie!! :) I'm so happy to see this wonderful review, you've so made my day, cheers!! :D *cuddles you tight*