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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

J2 RPS fic: Won't let Texas come in the way (2/2)

<< Previous part (1/2)

PART – 2: Eight months later (Jensen)

The bedroom upstairs is hardly ever used anymoreCollapse )

I'm soooo happy our boys worked it all out! I loved this story and I want more!! *Grins* and this...

"Harley watches him for a while, then turns and goes to the corner where Jensen keeps his little cooler stocked with beer. Yeah, he’s a typical lazy-ass Texan bum like that. Jared watches as the dog actually lifts the lid open, grabs the fat end of a Heineken within his jaw and trots back over to the bed."

Was just too cute for words!! It was a great comic relief and I love when Jared's pups are added into the story. Again, awesome story and hope to read more from you soon:D

Thanks so much for reading and for your kind words hon :) And you have to see my dog Ansel do that trick - its absolutely adorable! :D
Doesn't it sometimes feel like the pups are an extension of Jared's own personality? Its just wrong to write a J2 story without them hehe.

And I do have a few other stories written - you can find the list here - http://cyndrarae.livejournal.com/48821.html

I hope you find something to read and like :) cheers hon.

Aw, that was so lovely hon! I really liked this!

*draws little hearts*

Thanks sweetie :) I'm so glad you liked it! *huggles*

this was just totally awesome!!!!!

Thank you so much!! :) Glad you liked it.

OH.. awesome.

It's beautiful and I really loved how things developed and the little bit of heartbreak in between.
Happy sigh.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm really glad you liked it hon, heartbreak and all :)

I'm too emotional again 01/02

When you first said you’re writing a story for me, for ME, for my birthday, I felt special;: I felt important, because I knew who you were, what kind of author you are in my heart, and in my trying to be objective eyes. I knew your style. Your elegance. Damn, I still can quote paragraphs of “Shipwrecked by the laughter of gods”, simply because that story blew me away.
And now – now, today, I take a look here and find this.
This piece for me.
You know, I kinda fell in love with you first sight, when I read Fairytale gone bad and realised how much of a grip you have for their way of being, for their way of talking, and that’s exactly what created such a HUGE atmosphere during Shipwrecked, and what is so omnipresent in this beauty as well. I told you before how much your STYLE means to me, how much your style IS, but I simply can say again that you’re setting words with such a smoothness, such a gallant way of letting jigsaw falling into place that one gets absolutely hooked right after a few sentences – and here, we just have this pattern again; we get the situation, and we really stumble into the atmosphere because you make things seem to be so clear and like we, as readers, are not more than walking with the characters, listening to their way of talking and the dogs. I think the DOGS somehow are not only such a great used symbolism (accident or placed with care?) but also what adds a LOT to the lively way this story is told and how real and realistic everything seems to be.
But maybe I should put a start somewhere. Like – plot.
I think what makes you such a gorgeous writer is the ability to turn normality into something more. The situation of Jared and Jensen living together in a house has been mass-used during the last couple of weeks, but still, your atmosphere is catchy; one just reads with you about how they spend their time, how Jared’s feelings kinda hang in the room, waiting for something to happen and a hand to lead them somewhere, and I think even HOW Jensen gets it on with him for the first time is described with such a natural flow and way of talking, credit goes to your soft style, that how things develop is SO interesting one just – stays. I LOVED Jared’s moment of utter jealousy; but what kind of broke my heart was Jensen saying that Jared would kinda bugging THEM, and how his tone is something that bites. It absolutely did bit me and made me feel heart-sick and deeply touched. You know, your words are always so real, so blank-earnest, straight shots to the heart. So much atmosphere just in the way Jared sleeps in Jensen’s bed, and I think Jensen saying that he was there all day…my gosh, that really made me spill tears I didn’t want to spill because maybe beauty makes is shiver and makes us feel worthless, but I tried not to do it again, not blurring my own vision and try to be objective. My try. Well.
So – as simple as the plot was; your style absolutely made it shine and special. Jealousy, mixed feelings about the own sexuality, these are things I see as hard to write in a good, new way these days, for they’ve kind of become cliché, but you managed again, as you always do.
Just as you’ve blown me away with your style once more, too.

Re: I'm too emotional again 01/02

Sweetie you have nooo idea how relieved I am that you liked it!! :) And c'mon why would I NOT write something for you and put all heart and soul into it? :) You're an amazing friend and you're so freaking kind to me! :) *huggles*

I don't even know how to thank you enough for your lovely feedback! I could tell you that yes the dogs were deliberate :) Because to me they are part of Jared's character himself.. he defines life and sees life through their eyes IMHO and so they're a crucial element of any J2 story.

I'm so so glad it came out alright! *sighs heavily* and more importantly that you liked it :) *kisses* Okay off to read the next one!! *jumps excitedly*

...like, way too emotional 02/02

Did you know how amazing you described a kiss without really describing it? It’s so INTERESTING, I mean, on the one hand, your descriptions are wide, they’re like a painting, so colourful, so DEEP, but yet so good to be seen from different points of view, and then again, you take away every sort of description; you leave out HOW the characters speak (which is an amazing way of showing, not telling, which you’re handling always great) and such elementical things such as a kiss – and still make it goddamn beautiful. Short sentences such as the ones describing their silence for two minutes (great use of precise time in this story again, but well, would have been a miracle if you’d have lacked some sort of intensity), but others combined with these, longer, like the ones about Jared’s easily-hurt feelings – my gosh. You so ARE playing with language here.
What hit me the most, well – that was the whole ending, beginning with Single White male, ending with the fact that it’s never about body parts anyway. Well-brought to the point in few words, lovely written, SO much Jensen that my whole heart skipped a beat.
Talking about Jensen…
You always wrote Jared in an amazing way; I think you just got a great sense for writing his emotions, his points of view, how he feels and sees the world surrounding him, and so, we have a very in character Jared here as well. Just how he struggles with his feelings and the picture people have of him; I think that pretty much FITS, you know; I don’t think any J² should be seen as too realistic; but here, we just have Jared as Jared IS, how he thinks, how he spends his time, how he deals with trouble, even how he sulks. I think I first was kinda confused about his direction concerning Jensen’s direct way of speaking – but then again, that is Jared, his way of dealing with that level of honesty that can be seen as cruelty, dealing with a truth he did not exactly face yet. Great mindfloating concerning Jensen, and that he has made him feel home, giving him a place in life.
Jensen. Oh my, Jensen.
I love your Jensen. I love his way of not talking much but kind of just being with Jared, I loved how direct you portrayed his affection – because I can see him as a bomb that goes of with a click if one looks at him the wrong way – and just how HE deals with his emotions, how he says sorry for his outburst – man. Beautifully written, beautifully characterized; great job here, especially since we get so many information indirect, which is the way true authors (should) work. (Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE your use of braces? I think they’re so fitting into your slender style). I think your Jensen just is portrayed with such a HUGE, REAL matureness, something I find so lacking in many other fanfictions I’ve read in my time as a fandom-reader.
From both these characters, I could not tell who was more realistic and lively; they both had their heads, minds, hearts and flaws, just as we all do and should have.

Man. What a rant again, without the objectivity I so want to use at least when giving feedback, when I cannot keep it as soon as I start reading. I still search my document for any mistakes, something lacking, not fitting, but I think you did an amazing job here. All in all, I THINK the intensity would have been ever more gigantic when you’d have stopped after part I, but part II just settles a lot of the realism and the life they’re dealing with. IF there will something come to my mind, I will come right back at you anyway; you know that drill.

Excellent, warm, gallant style. Realistic character work; storyline simple, but yet so touching in its simpleness.
You should never do something else, hon, never, never stop writing, never stop taking my heart, breaking it, and then put it together, please. I love you for this story; you know, it’s somehow so small yet gigantic; it just creeps into ones heart, settles down and hits one with it’s ordinary way of showing how emotions and love can start walking their own paths.
Thank you. Just – thank you so goddamn much for this piece of love. This was – stunning, as everything your write is for me.

Thank you.

Re: ...like, way too emotional 02/02

:) I am a Cancer hon, and I know myself and all the traits one associates with the zodiac. And I know Jared's one too, so I just project my understanding of a Cancer man onto him and write him that way :D I hope it works!!

And a big YES and a bigger WOOHOO! to everything you said about Jensen! :) So relieved to hear it came out the way I see him and that you liked him! :)

Thank you thank you SOOO much for being... just being YOU sweetie :) You have no idea how much you've come to mean to me in the past few months and not just because of how generous and giving you are! That's just one of the many things I love about you :) And I don't care if the world hates me and my writing, just so long as you enjoy it.. I'd be happy :)

*hugs you tight*

Aw, I really loved this story! I got the One Tree Hill reference ^^ I <3 One Tree Hill, hahaha.

Anyway, this was extremely well written. Loved the bit of angst. And the cuteness was great ^^

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. And I love OTH too!! :) And I sorta loved Rachel, is a twisted roundabout way hehe.
cheers hon. I'm glad you enjoyed this :)

Oh my goodness. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I loved this so much!! You described the slow build of their feelings for each other perfectly! I really enjoyed this! Thank you!!

Thank you so much!!! *gushes* :) I'm so glad that you enjoyed this story hon. cheers :)

Loved it. Even the part where Jared gets yelled at. (At least it was honest, you know?) Great job!

Thank you!! :) So glad you enjoyed reading this. And yeah.. Jensen blowing up like that was crucial because he was honest for the first time. cheers hon :)

Brilliant. Just so perfect in every way. You always make me BELIEVE it, and that's a pretty amazing thing. *hugs you* I loved it. I knew I would before I read the very first word, and wow, nothing's better than being right. :) Thanks for the totally awesome, escapist read. Please come to CA and be my personal fic-writer? :)

Thank you so so much sweetheart!! :) *smishes* I'm so glad and relieved that you liked this.

Hey it's the age of the internet hon.. I can be your personal fic-writer from right here - just name it, your wish is my command *grins* ;)

But that doesn't make me a Uke tho.. uh-uh no it doesn't!! *narrows eyes at you* ;-DD

*flail* girl you totally own me, you know that? ;) I loved this! Jared was so sweet with his feelings of uncertainty and yet his desire to be with Jensen. I love that Jensen took it slow between them, simply giving Jared pleasure at the beginning even though he himself wanted so very much for his own. I love that Jensen finally lost control and told Jared his feelings because it was definitely an important step. I love that Danneel wasn't in it much because I don't like her xD I love the image of Jared waking up snuggled next to Jensen even though that wasn't how he went to sleep, and I love that the J boys are so very happy in the end ;D and shower!sex! omg ten kinds of HOT!! *drool* all that wet skin.. sinfully delicious ;D loved it, loved it, loved it!! you rock, sweetie! *cling*

Sweetheart!!! You've no idea how happy it makes me to see a comment from you!! *clings* :) Thanks so much hon, i'm really glad you enjoyed this.

What makes me laugh out loud is this: I love that Danneel wasn't in it much because I don't like her xD :))

The shower!sex was a struggle to write! :) So glad it came out okay hehe.

Thank you SO much!!! You've made my day hon *hug* :)

I loved this fic so very much!
Jared,trying to figure out whats going on with himself and Jensen being there,and all the hotness...so very good!:)

*saves in memories*

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. I'm glad you enjoyed it! *hugs you for memming* :D

Aww so sweet! I loved it!

Thank you sweetheart :) I'm glad you like!

It's a very powerful "realization" story, cyn...and the last line ROCKS. :)

Thank you!! :) I'm always so deliriously happy when I get you to comment :D:D cheers hon.

Eeee, this is fantastic! Confused Jared figuring it out, boys living together, and a smoking hot ending! Mmmm. A most delightful fic!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon :) I'm really glad you enjoyed it! And hope you're doing well? *hugs*