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J2 RPS fic: Won't let Texas come in the way (2/2)

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PART – 2: Eight months later (Jensen)


“Babies! Mommy and Daddy are home!”

Jared singsongs and skips ahead to deftly evade the kick that he knows is coming from behind. Jensen closes the door as he follows in, muttering “punk” with a mock-scowl on his face.

Laughter echoes through the foyer followed by excited barks from Sadie and Harley as they run down to greet their masters home. It is eleven in the night and pretty early by Supernatural standards, but Jensen’s in full-on grump mode anyway and just for that Jared’s hell-bent on making his life even more miserable than it already is.

The bedroom upstairs is hardly ever used anymore. Jared’s already moved half his shit down to Jensen’s closet so most nights when they’re dead tired and just wanna crash, he doesn’t have to keep going there to get it. But tonight he’s not tired at all, fact he’s only getting warmed up.

“Hey, wanna play Guitar?”

Jensen groans, he’d really rather just go to bed. “Not tonight, baby. Let’s get ready for bed.”

“Oh c’mon it’s been so long.”


“But I wanna play!”

Jensen sighs, exasperated. “Fine, you go ahead. I’m hitting the shower.”

But even there, he finds no relief from the whirlwind that is Jared on a massive sugar overdose. He grimaces under the running water.

“Jared! Turn it down!”

Obviously Jared doesn’t listen, continues to play his game at maximum volume, that is the loudest possible without disturbing the neighbors. Bulls on Parade rally ‘round the family and the dogs start barking and wait it gets worse – Jared sings along. Jensen can only thump his head against the shower stall over and over again.

Jared is busy killing Knights of Cydonia when Jensen finally comes out wearing red boxers and yellow t-shirt looking totally ridiculous but still pretty darn photogenic. He puts his fists on his hips and, method actor that he is, tries to draw inspiration from Papa Ackles.

“Alright, Slash. Time for bed, come on.”

Of course, if only it were that easy. First he has to physically battle the damn dogs that literally stand guard and won’t let him get through to Jared. Then he chases Jared around the couch for a while which just makes the younger man happier for some insane reason he’ll never quite understand. Finally he just pulls the plug off the TV set which, as expected, is greeted with even louder bitching and whining from Jared.

“You’re getting old, Ackles. And so boring! Not like you were any fun ever.”

Jensen fixes him with his classic Dean-esque homicidal glare that only makes Jared laugh and skitter farther away from him. Shakes his head and huffs, then follows the kid as he finally decides to take pity on Jensen and goes into the bedroom. Their bedroom.

Jensen pulls him closer to peel the ten layers of clothes off of him. “Enough, dude. Settle down now, come on.”

It’s a futile struggle, trying not to smile amid Jared’s creative jibes and giggles, but hey, he lasts just a little bit longer every time.

“Why so serious, Jenny…” Jared drawls sexily, wrapping himself around Jensen and nuzzling into his stubbled jaw.

“Not tonight, baby. Your bulls on parade just gave me a fucking migraine.”

“Ah, insulting my guitar skills. That’s novel.”

Jared lets himself be pushed to sit on the bed as Jensen unbuckles his belt. At least he tugs his own undershirt off while Jensen tugs down his pants, and without warning he pulls Jensen up, falling backwards until he lands on his back with Jensen sprawled on top. Before he can help it, Jared’s Sasquatchian hands grab his face and pull him down into a ravenous kiss.

“God, Jen, you’re so hot when you play hard to get.”

Holy crap.

All the fight goes out of him then and Jensen surrenders to the heavenly taste of his partner’s mouth. There’s peppermint and chocolate and just a hint of nutmeg and it’s all so gloriously sweet and tangy and naughty, and something so uniquely Jared that jumps out at him from any number of candy cocktails his boyfriend might indulge in all day. Jensen gives his tongue free rein, licking the gums and the teeth and the silken walls of Jared’s mouth for what feels like an eternity. Until they’re both whimpering and breathless and Jared’s hands are clawing his sides, trying to tug the ugly t-shirt off of Jensen.

There’s simply no resisting Jared when he’s so naked and friggin’ needy. But tomorrow’s a big day – they’re shooting the finale and Jensen’s the one doing all the crying, again, and he really, really needs to sleep. So he tries.

“Mmph!! Jare’ come on baby. We’re both dead tired and it’s an early shift… and you need a shower, really.”

Okay so the last part was just plain desperate. Jared smirks, one hand sliding down to grope his boyfriend’s package. “You don’t like my manly musk anymore?”

Jensen smirks back. “I love your manly musk, but right now you smell like ash.”

And that, for some inexplicable reason, is the thing that puts Jared completely off. He frowns and pushes Jensen off of him immediately. “Nice. Thank you so much, Ackles!”

“What? Dude I said ash, not trash!”

Jared gets off the bed fuming and still naked, stomps his way into the bathroom. Slams the door shut behind him.

“’Cause you know,” Jensen calls out after him. “Trash would be so much worse?”

Sonofabitch. He really does need his beauty sleep or he’s going to be completely trashed for the five am shoot in the morning. No pun intended. So this is the escape he’d been hoping for, the plan worked. Right?

Jensen smacks himself in the forehead.


He steps into the shower stall for a second time that night and he knows Jared isn’t surprised. Still continues to sulk though, holding himself rigid under the water as Jensen brings his arms around the chiseled torso.

“I’m sorry, baby. It’s just… today was tough. You know how hard it is for me to watch you die, again.”

Jared melts into the body behind him at those words. The extra inches allow him to flop his head back so it rests comfortably in the crook of Jensen’s neck. Jensen kisses the upturned jaw lovingly and rocks them both from side to side.

“Dude, now’s the time to make amends or you’re sleeping with Harley all week.”

Jensen chuckles, running his hands up and down the smooth chest, igniting in himself and his partner a fire that needs to be appeased, and now.

Jared turns in his arms and they kiss again, deeper and slower this time, like they have all the time in the world. The deluge of water overhead makes breathing a lot more difficult a whole lot faster, and when they part next, Jared drops gracefully to his knees. He takes all of Jensen into his mouth at one go, and within minutes the older man is moaning and supporting himself with one hand gripping the showerhead. Jared’s gotten better and better with practice and Jensen still can’t believe how incredible this feels – fucking Jared’s delicious mouth.

Just when he thinks he can’t hold out any longer, he seizes Jared by the shoulders and pulls him back up on his feet. Jared licks his lips and turns around, leaning his entire front against the cold glass wall. Jensen reaches for the water-based slick they keep handy next to their shower gels and dips into the jar. He kisses the back of Jared’s neck just as he plunges two fingers into him, oiling and stretching him generously.

“Ah! Hurry Jen…”

“Almost there, Jare’.”

Jared hangs his head low and surrenders to the intimate preparation, squeaks when Jensen locates and strokes the little bundle of nerves inside repeatedly. Pushing three fingers in, he makes Jared whine and mewl to his heart’s content – this is the kid’s favorite part and Jensen just loves giving it to him over and over again.

“J-Jen, come on. Fuck me already!”

Okay so maybe there is something else Jared likes more than fingers. Jensen slicks himself well, reviving the hardness that had sagged just a bit and lines himself up against Jared. He first presses Jared’s chest into the wall, then grabs a hold of the slender hips, pulling them and the sexy little butt towards himself, making Jared’s back arch up into a smoking hot ‘come fuck me already’ position.

Amid Jared’s grunts and whimpers he thrusts in gradually, inch by inch, until his balls rest on the younger man’s ass. He gasps almost in relief, while Jared gasps from the utter fullness that he still isn’t quite used to. Soon they settle into a steady rhythm – Jensen thrusting in as Jared pushes back, and Jensen pulling out just as Jared humps forward. Hits the spot on the third try and keeps angling to hit it over and over until Jared’s knees turn to jelly and he would have fallen to the floor if it weren’t for Jensen’s hand fisted around his cock.

“Come for me,” Jensen commands and he doesn’t need to ask again.

Jared lets out a strangled cry as he comes, his insides clenching tightly around the cock his body is impaled on and that’s enough to topple Jensen over the edge right after. He climaxes so hard his vision darkens around the edges, leans forward and rests his exhausted body against Jared’s.

Jared groans, “Dude…”

Wriggles a bit to jostle Jensen’s shaft still lodged inside of him and reluctantly Jensen pulls out. Turns his lover around and they kiss again, breathing into each other’s mouths as if their very lives depended on it.

“Sleep now, please?”

Jared gets that twinkle in his eyes that Jensen is intimately familiar with by now, the one that means Jared is up to no good whatsoever.

“On one condition – one game.”

Jensen is the one groaning this time and Jared is batting his eyelids dramatically.

“Just one, pretty please?”

How the hell did he ever get here, Jensen wonders, not for the first time in the last eight months. Who would have thought Jensen – Jensen Ackles – would ever be living such a beautifully domestic life with a man, one he loved with all his heart?

Jensen shakes his head and reaches for the shampoo. Jared bounces and grins widely, he can easily read Jensen’s silences these days and knows when he’s won. After washing Jared’s hair thoroughly while the kid just leans back against him and loves it, Jensen starts him off with the shower gel, steps out and dries off.

“We’re gonna be so wrecked in the morning.”

“It’s called method acting, baby, look it up!” Then Jared pokes his head out from the stall and reminds him. “You promised, one game.”

Jensen glowers at him again, wraps the towel round his waist and goes to the bedroom.

Picks up the pieces of clothing strewn on the floor. Jensen always ends up doing all the cleaning but he doesn’t mind. He then goes to check whether Sadie’s and Harley’s water bowls need refilling, and does the usual security checks around the house. In the study, he stops to quickly check his mail and messages on Facebook. Season four is coming to an end and plans for the next hiatus are being made. Jensen swallows, hard, dreading the time he’s going to have to spend away from his boy.

Jared sure has come a long way since they started, but he’s still mortally terrified of how his family will react when they find out. Truth be told, Jensen’s not quite ready to step out of the closet himself.

He rubs his eyes and forehead, talks himself into taking it one day at a time and powers down the laptop. When he finally makes it back to the bedroom, he finds the most endearing sight waiting for him inside.

Jared is stretched out on the bed flat on his stomach, naked and still dripping ever so slightly, man the sheets are gonna be damp again. And he is fast asleep.

Jensen bites back a chuckle and ambles over to the bed. Guess the long day finally caught up with his hyperactive partner at last. Or maybe Jensen was the one who tired him out? Yeah, Jensen likes to think so.

Smiling, he sheds his own towel and slides into bed, snuggling up to the other man and pulling the covers over them both. He plants soft kisses on the nape of Jared’s neck, fingering the wet curls of hair draped over it.

“Sweet dreams, love.”

Single White Male – these were the words Jensen used to describe himself with back when he was with Danneel (that’s right – single). But that was a lifetime ago. He’s a committed man now and this relationship needs no parental, social or legal approval to sanctify it.

Hometown: Wherever Jared is. Religion: Catholic by birth, Atheist by choice. Political views: Never voting Republican again. Sexual orientation: Fuck if he cares.

It’s never about body parts anyway.

***** END *****

A/N: Bulls on Parade is a track by Rage Against the Machine, Knights of Cydonia is by Muse and they’re both in Guitar Hero III. Slash is one of the boss characters. Danneel was bad girl Rachel on One Tree Hill for awhile, that’s where the incident of “slapped and water thrown at her face” is from. The trick that Harley does opening a cooler and fetching a beer, my dog can do that :) Oh and a shout-out to 24th Day fans if you can recognize the reference ;) Also, I'm sure I didn't get their religion or political beliefs or favorites etc right and honestly I didn't even try - it's fiction, so I just went with what I *imagine* they might be, and what suited the prose best.

A/N: Please let me know what you think?
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