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Xmen: Rogue (pre-white strand)

X-men fic: In the Beginning (AU): Chapter 15

Previous chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen

A/N: Again this part derives itself heavily from the movie. Still an AU to the first movie, 3rd person POV. Thanks to everyone still reading this:)

Sabretooth had started to lose patience, not that he had much of it to begin with, or even knew what the word meant. Collapse )

I really hope that Logan and Jean are going to be jealous of each other, their flirting in the movie grossed me out.

Also can't wait for the Prof's reaction to Logan with regards for his feelings for Scott.

Well.. of course there will be jealousy! :D But not very pronounced I guess, 'cause I can't make Jean be the bad person in any of my stories. Trust me I've tried *rolls eyes*

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :)

You did it! AGAIN! *happy flail* Sorry, I should try to be less incoherent =_= There was so much about this that I loved I can't possibly hope to quote it all, but I absolutely adored "badass Blackbird"! I love what you do with all of them - and I still love how it's kind of the film, but not. Thank you for being so frequent with your updates!

Thanks for reading hon!! I'm so glad you are enjoying this series :) The X-Jet is totally badass isn't it? I love that plane more than Cyclops loves it I bet heh *thud* :D
RL's gotten very busy suddenly so the next update might be awhile, but I'll try to get it done as fast as possible I promise :) cheers hon.

The excitement builds! A nice alternate version of the scene from the movie and just like in the movie - I don't like Rogue. So, compliments for writing well realised characters.

nice alternate version of the scene from the movie and just like in the movie - I don't like Rogue.

Haha! Well.. so long as you enjoyed the chapter, I suppose that's a good thing? :D

Thank you so much hon :)

I just found the story and read through all 15 parts. Please update soon!!!

Thank you for reading and reviewing! :) Will try to update this weekend, cheers hon.

AWESOME!!! Just awesome hon!! :D I love how clever and in control your Scott is, until for obvious reasons he loses control and Logan takes over! Perfect action sequence and perfect interaction between all of your characters - reading your fic is like watching a million times better version of the first movie and I love you so much for it!! :D *hugs*

Yayy!! :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie. I'm glad you liked the action sequence - whatever little there was hehe.. See the way this turned out - Scott did save the day after all. He's never completely the damsel in distress :D:D Even though sometimes that's all I fantasize him to be hehe ;p

cheers sweetie! :) You still have two more chapters to go until I run out of chapters and I am working on the 18th one as we speak. It's just really slow going *sighs*. Wish me luck!! :) *hugs*

I'm very greedy with these chapters, mon ami. They are all too short, I say. :))

You're rocking this story like a wild rocking thing! Bravo!

Mon ami? You're a Gambit fan too!?! :) Wow.. looks like I'm really late to the Remy love party here hehe ;) Thanks for reading again hon..

Wonderful chapter. I liked the way Rogue got Scott's powers, even though Scott doesn't have his powers right now. It was especially good since it got rid of Sabertooth for the moment. It was sweet the way Logan, Scott, and Rogue were all protective of each other, and put themselves on the line to try and save each other through the attack and the truck blowing up. I loved the way Rogue was unsure about going with the team until Logan coaxed her into going with them with just a nod and a come on kid. (I'd follow Logan with just that) LOL.

I liked the way Rogue got Scott's powers, even though Scott doesn't have his powers right now

Yeah this will also come up soon in future chapters, the whole question of Scott's powers needs to be resolved before they go to face Magneto.

'd follow Logan with just that) LOL.
:D:D Who wouldn't? ;)

cheers hon!!

Thankfully there's a reason the fire started, as opposed to the movie when the truck just decided to burst into flames in the back. I've watched too many episodes of Mythbusters to know that doesn't just happen.

Even in a dangerous situation, drained and injured, Scott still manages to think fast and come up with the best strategy to fight back.

I'm excited to see Rogue brought in and her interaction with Scott. Scott is really one of the only people that can understand how her mutation handicaps her and how she needs to deal with it, which I've always seen as a bond between them.

The brief negotiation to get Logan and Rogue to join them going back to the school is very well-written, allowing the characters to act out the scene with passion, resignation and hesitation, avoiding complete, unbelievable agreement between all parties. The disjointed inclinations of each individual character really build the story between them.

Sorry Haven't commented yet but i can't wait to read the next chapter. this is an awesome story. Is it like canon now that Cyclops use to be a whore for a while. Cause every past story i come across it is the same old song. Really enjoying this.

Haha, yep I sing the same old song alright. It's not canon but definitely fanon now. Thanks for reading!