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Xmen: Rogue (pre-white strand)

X-men fic: In the Beginning (AU): Chapter 14

Previous chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen

A/N: So this part derives itself heavily from the movie, might even come off as a rewrite but there is a bigger picture I promise. Still an AU to the first movie, Logan's POV. Thanks to everyone who's still reading this! :)
He wouldn’t talk to me. Hell he wouldn’t even look at me...Collapse )

Catching up on all my reading since I've been on holiday. Just read these last two chappies and would very much like you to keep writing as the story is worth it and I'd like to see where you're going to take the characters. It has been a while since you updated and quite honestly the story has lost it's momentum but, having said that, I still want to read it. Ideally I'll go back to chapter 1 again to read through all the story in one go. I like your Wolvie particularly.

Hey.. welcome back hon! :) I hope you had a good vacation?
And thank you for still reading this. I know its been a while and you're right the story has lost momentum. But at the moment I'm mostly just writing this for myself. Challenging myself to finish abandoned stories and also getting back into X-Men since I'm feeling kind of disillusioned with the SPN fandom in general.
Thanks again hon :) I'll try to update faster this time.

Oh, hey - I think I'd rather quality over quantity, so write as you will (it will flow better anyway). Listen to me, how pompous I sound. Anywho - I enjoy your X-men fic as much as the SPN stuff either way. Speaking of - sorry you've been disillusioned with SPN fandom; I can relate except it was with Star Trek fandom. Prolly any fandom can get it's over-the-top,obsessed or bitchy element (no wonder they coined the term from the word 'fanatic'). I just like the show (spn) and the actors and the fanfic.
Yes, my holiday was great. Thanks for asking. I'll write up something in my blog in the next few days.

Another chapter so soon?? Keep up the pace 'cause I'm lovin' it.

Poor Scott, Marie was kinda a bitch to him, wasn't she?

Thanks for reading hon! I'm glad you're enjoying it :)
Marie's just being her usual broody teenager self :D And yeah she might be feeling tad jealous too but mostly she thinks he is human and not a big fan of those at the moment. She'll get better of course :)

oh wow. been such a long time for this one. It took me a moment to rember where we were. I very much would like a continuance if you are able. I liked it how you changed perspective and brought more elements of the movie into the story. Just little changes, but htey made it worth it.

Hey you! :) Thanks for still reading this. I know its been so long since i updated this. Just posted the next chapter to this.. hope you like! :) cheers hon.

Oh WOW!! Such a complicated scene and dynamics you choose to tackle and yet it feels 200% true to the movie-verse and the feel of the first movie!! Come to think of it - did Scott and Marie even speak to each other in the movie? Anyway - awesome hon!!! I enjoyed the "are you guys, like, together?" bit beyond words! :D :D I can read this verse forever!! <3

*reads on*

Hey you!! Where have you been? :) I'm glad you're finally finding some time to come online. And thank you for reading hon.. glad you find it believable!! :D And I hope you liked the rest of the posted chapters as well. cheers hon :) *hugs*

I can read this verse forever!! <3
LOL! Well I hope to finish it soon tho, 'cause I can't write any WIP series forever hehe ;-D

So are you writing something new? *bats eyelids* :)

Hey you!! Where have you been? :)

At work :/

So are you writing something new?

LOL, my 'writing' sums up to texts back home, to let them know I'm okay... I miss it so... and I have so many half finished fics going on, but I can't find the time... I got home from work 20 mins ago(!) and today was a 'short' day ><

Did you see my last post btw? If not - check out the boys attending a charity event two days ago.. Aren't they to die for?? :D :D

I should throw kisses your way, I love this story so much. :) Great use of the movie source material. And Logan's psychoanalysis of Scott was fantastic.


*grabs kisses and pockets them* Thanks hon :) There is so much to be desired that the movies do not offer us Scott fans, hence the writing of this AU series heh. I'm glad you like it so far!

Wonderful chapter. :) I loved that Logan realizes he's starting to have real feelings for Scott - and wants to get away fast. LOL. If Scott only knew that Logan was starting to think maybe he would go to the mansion before the bathroom incident. I liked the way Logan got Scott to tell him about not being able to eat by getting him 'riled up'.

I liked the dynamic Rogue is adding to the road trip. Her asking them if they were together and Scott's reaction had me laughing. Scott trying to sell her on the school, and Logan seeing Scott's position from a different perspective was nice.

Poor Scott, he's already hurt, and now the truck has been hit by that monster thing. Loved that Logan's last thought was wondering if his strays were okay. I'm off to read the next part!

Hey you!! :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. The men sure know how to get each other worked up and they kind of get off on it ;) Yep.. Logan's last thought about his strays is definitely something that tells us about his character more than he wants us to know hehe. cheers sweetie, so glad you're reading :)

If Scott has learned how to push at Logan in the time they've been together, Logan has in turn figured out how to push at Scott, first about his mutation, then about his appetite or lack of it.

Fantastic inclusion of Rogue as the hitchhiker after she was left towns away in Loughlin City. Rogue and Logan's dialogue from the movies works right in with the story you've built.

Having her there also works to bring Logan and Scott together in their observations of her.