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X-men fic: In the Beginning (AU): Chapter 14

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A/N: So this part derives itself heavily from the movie, might even come off as a rewrite but there is a bigger picture I promise. Still an AU to the first movie, Logan's POV. Thanks to everyone who's still reading this! :)
Plamondon, Alberta

The kid couldn’t get away from me fast enough. Which was just as well. I turned back to the sink only to be greeted by a reflection in the mirror of someone I didn’t recognize anymore.

What the hell just happened?

I turned the faucet and threw handfuls of cold water on my face, anything to get rid of the strange whirring in my head, and the throbbing ache in my still hard dick.

What was wrong with me? When did Wolverine ever back off from taking what he wanted, especially after coming so fucking close to it? The boy seemed to evoke strange sensations I’d never felt before for anyone, least none that I could remember. Feelings of protectiveness, and caution, feelings of…

Oh *hell* no. I threw more water on my face and roughly scrubbed it down. Finger-combed my wet hair back and turned to step out of the dank little bathroom, hoping Summers had done as I said so I didn’t have to face him just yet. I changed my order so it was all to go and went back to our booth to wait, and pull myself together once more.

Thought back to how the scents in the room had shifted, from lust, mine *and* his, to just mine and then something I recognized and goddamn hated. Fear. His. And not your regular, garden variety haven’t-done-this-in-a-while pre-coital anxiety either. Nope. This was out and out panic. I remembered how his nails had dug in furiously into my arms as if trying to anchor himself to me despite himself. Mighty brave of him when clearly it was the last thing he wanted to do. But why?

Because he still wanted me in New York, that’s why.

The anger I felt was unexpected, least it helped shrivel the painful boner in my pants so I didn’t quite mind. Kid wanted me to go with him so bad that he was willing to bend over for me? The Wolverine I once was, wouldn’t have minded at all. Hell he’d have taken what was being offered and then thrown the kid out on his pretty little ass anyway. But the man that looked back at me from the mirror today couldn’t take advantage of the kid like that. Even more disturbing was the fact that this Logan was actually feeling put out for having been – rejected.

Summers never wanted me. And sure that sucked, but I also got the impression that the reasons he got spooked had nothing to do with me, at all.

I exhaled again in hopes of calming down but damn it I was haunted by the memory of how perfect the kid felt in my arms, all lanky bones and sharp angles, the lingering taste of his luscious (read: cocksucking) lips, the spearminty scent that clung to his soft, brown hair and at the corner of his neck – so clean and innocent and winter-fresh…

Sonofabitch. What the fuck was happening to me?

Earlier, before he followed me into the restroom, I had been seriously thinking of taking him up on his offer. I didn’t trust him still, not completely, but everything he’d said had started to make me wonder. Would it really be so bad to hang with other mutants like me for a while instead of roaming alone here like a wild animal on the run? Maybe this Professor X really could help with my past, hell he found me here in Alberta, didn’t he? And maybe… just maybe, once I had the kid in his own home, he won’t be such a tightass and let me take him to bed?

What? I have needs, you know.

Except, I wasn’t expecting to get this involved with him. No, this wasn’t good. I couldn’t afford to get attached and damn it the boy was getting to me, and fast. I had to get away from him as soon as possible. To hell with the telepath and to hell with my memories. I’ll search for them the old-fashioned way myself.

// The way I’d been doing for the past fifteen years? //

Yeah. That way.


So we hit the road again. But he wouldn’t talk to me. Hell he wouldn’t even look at me.

I lit the cigar I’d been holding between my lips for the past half hour, and pushed the bag of leftovers from my lunch toward him instead. If my voice came out kind of grumbly and muffled, it was because of all the, ahem, smoke.

“Do you want some pie?”

He just hugged himself tighter with his arms crossed against his chest and shook his head once jerkily. I cleared my throat and tried again. Riling the kid up, I noticed, was the sure shot way to make him talk.

“You allergic to food or something? Bulimic maybe?”

“None of your damn business.”

“Lemme guess. The Right attacked, you lost your mutation. And now you’re so freakin’ depressed you’re starving yourself to death. Slow suicide.”

He turned to me, practically shooting daggers out of his eyes. Behold my success.

“I’m not the type to kill myself.” His voice quivered, but the words did not lack conviction. Then he turned away again, and I was almost ready to give up.

“This is all part of the mutant-no-more gig,” he continued. “Apparently I was feeding off the optic blasts’ energy so much that my body is still suffering withdrawal symptoms because of it. Not processing food right.”

I watched his profile for a whole minute, as he picked up a bottle of water and slurped at it cautiously. I wondered what his face must have looked like minus the depressions in his cheeks, visualized his naked body in my arms and felt myself getting hard again, just thinking how beautiful he was despite his sickness.

And how much that knee in my balls had fucking hurt.

“You stood your ground longer than a lot of professional fighters I know.”

And that’s all he was getting out of me. He knew it too, but it was enough to make him turn towards me in shock, and seconds later a shy little smile curled up the corners of his gorgeous red (read: cocksucking) lips.

Damn. Damn. Damn! Okay, just so long as he didn’t start selling me his school for the fucking gifted again.

The air inside the truck’s cabin got lighter, don’t know about Summers but I sure could breathe a whole lot easier. So much easier that – I sniffed – something in the air… smelled different. My feral senses were picking up a stranger’s presence. I would later attribute it to having the kid by my side, but at that moment I couldn’t help but feel slightly… territorial.

I stopped the truck and got out.

“Logan? What’s wrong?”

Ignored Summers for the moment and headed back towards the tiny open carrier at the back (came with the truck when I bought it, never bothered to get rid of it). That was where I found her - the *other* kid from the bar back in Loughlin City.

The girl who’d screamed at me to ‘look out’.

Did I mention I hate freeloaders and hitchhikers? Well, I do. Of course the fact that the kid I’d been toting around since the night before from one town to another was *both*, didn’t occur to me until much, much later. And then it didn’t really matter, because by that time I’d figured myself out to be the guy who just couldn’t freakin’ resist helpless waifs and runaways.

Yep. That’s me. If I were Indian my name would be Mr. “Brings home strays”. Except, I got no home either.

She couldn’t have been more than sixteen, that much I noticed back in the bar. What she was doing all alone, so far deep into the Canadian wild, only she knew.

“What the hell are you doin’?”

She rubbed fresh sleep out of her eyes and climbed out of my carrier. “I’m sorry. I needed a ride. Thought you might help me.”

“Get out.”

I grabbed her rucksack and dumped it to the ground next to her, still too pissed at the time to notice the blue tinge on her lips.

“Where am I supposed to go?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know or you don’t care?”

Wiseass. “Pick one.”

I pulled open my door and started to climb in, only to be confronted by Summers’ unhappy glare on one side and the other one’s whining from the other.

“I saved your life!”

Yeah right. “No you didn’t.”

As for Summers, I chose to ignore his scowling as much as I could and started driving. But he didn’t quit glaring at me for a single moment.

Oh alright fine, he was right. I was wrong. I slammed the brakes a couple of yards ahead.

“You’re the one who’s gonna have to scoot over, you know.”

“I could get in the back…”

“No. Sit.”

So I wanted him close. End of discussion. Lucky for us, the truck model was at least twenty years old with plenty space in the front for three. The kid shrugged but smiled at me, like he was telling me how proud he was of me. Jesus Christ on a stick.

I opened my door and got out, waited for the girl to pick up her stuff and come running towards us. Nodded at her to get in from my side and she gave me the same quizzical look I’d seen on Summers’ face not too long ago. Damn, never picked up so many strays at one time in fifteen years of driving up and down the great white north.

“I’m sorry,” were the first words she said to Summers. “Can I get in the back?”

Summers smiled at her like he’d never smiled at me before. The warmth in that singular expression changed his whole face, like he was a different person altogether.

“Hey why don’t you hop in and see if you’re comfortable. Maybe none of us needs to go in the back. It’s a dump back there.”

Think I growled, but he quickly looked away from me, and I knew he’d said it on purpose, the little bastard.

The girl smiled tightly, in fact barely, and got in. The recklessness of youth never ceases to amaze me. Apparently, the girl saw no reason why she shouldn’t get in the middle of two strange men traveling down a strange road in a strange country where there was no one around for miles to respond if she screamed for help. I shook my head slightly and threw her carry-on in the back, got in myself and started driving.

I could feel a slight annoyance prickling at the base of my throat making me growl, but deep down I knew it was just the awkwardness I always feel when having to deal with… people.

“You don’t have anything to eat, do you?”

Awesome. Someone should be eating the leftover food after all. Summers fished out the doggie bag and handed it to her. The girl ignored the pie though and took out a pack of beef jerky, pulled off her gloves before placing them carefully on her lap, and dug in ferociously. Clearly she’d been on the run for a very long time. From the corner of an eye, I saw Summers paying great attention to the girl, supplying a bottle of water before she could verbally ask for one.

There was a disturbingly vacant look in her eyes. The first time I saw something in there was when they said ‘mutant phenomenon’ on the news. The second time was when she screamed at me to ‘look out’. I could never forget that moment. This girl I’d never seen before, was the first one ever to watch my back, first that I could remember.

“I saw you two at the bar in Loughlin City,” she said at last, not really looking at either of us.

“I saw you too,” Summers responded. “You’re American, right?”

She didn’t reply. I just shook my head. Guess Mr. Spanish Inquisitor didn’t learn anything from me at all. He looked up at me once in the silence that followed and tried small talk again, this time giving answers instead of asking questions.

“I’m Scott. Scott Summers.”

The girl pushed her hood back from her head at that. “I’m Rogue,” she said, looking at *me*.

There was something she was trying to tell me, something she didn’t think Summers would understand. And I had a pretty good idea what that was.

She craned her neck backwards to peek inside my trailer. “Wow.”


“Suddenly my life doesn’t look so bad.”

Here we go again. Summers bit his lip and waited for me to say something. Anything. Distracted by his half-hearted attempts to suppress his amusement, I said the first thing that jumped to my mind, which happened to be the same thing I’d said to Summers before.

“Hey, if you prefer the road…”

This time he *did* smirk. It worked up my hackles almost as much as it made me feel weirdly thrilled inside. The girl meanwhile was quick to apologize, going so far as to call it “cozy”, a girly adjective I highly resented, but kept it to myself. She was trying, I could see as much.

She was also still shivering. I turned up the heat, twisting the vents her way. “Put your hands on the heater.”

And I tried to pull her hands closer to it, but she flinched so hard it made both Summers and me nearly jump.

“I’m not gonna hurt you kid.”

“It’s nothing personal. It’s just that when people touch my skin something happens.”


“I don’t know. They just get hurt.”

She sounded dead serious, well as serious as a teenaged girl could get, when she said that. My biggest clue was the return of the vacant faraway look in her eyes and I retreated pretty quickly. The fact that it was another way of her telling me who (or rather what) she was, wasn’t lost on me either.

“Fair enough.”

She kept looking at my knuckles intently. “When they come out, does it hurt?”

No one had ever asked me that before. I did not turn to look at her, or the kid behind her listening intently but pretending not to.

“Every time.”

Fate sure has a cruel sense of irony, if you believe in shit like that. Here we were, three strangers in a truck driving to nowhere – an ex-mutant wanting to be mutant, a runaway mutant wanting to be normal, and a mutant who simply couldn’t care one way or another. Least I thought I didn’t.

The kid spoke to Rogue directly as she started to pull back one of her gloves. “We’re going to the Lac La Biche airstrip. Do you know where you’re going?”

I rolled my eyes, of course she didn’t. Rogue chose not to respond to that one either – clearly she didn’t much like Summers. Like at all.

“I only ask because, maybe if you need a place to stay, we could help you.”

Scott Summers, ladies and gentlemen. Ever the recruiting boy scout.

“I’m flying to New York and there are many schools there for young women who…”

She cut him off pretty abruptly at that. “I’m *not* going back there.”

Summers sighed. “Okay. Let me know if you change your mind.”

I felt a little sorry for Summers, especially since the little exchange gave me a perspective of how hard it must be for him to do his job, the job that must have been so simple back when he had his mutation. Now, he was trying so hard to be the man he once was, but couldn’t even get a lonely teenager to take him seriously just because she didn’t think he was a mutant. Because she probably resented him or even distrusted him for being the human that she thought he was.

I could see how hard I’d made it for him too, these past few days. I exhaled, tried to change the subject.

“So what kinda name is Rogue?”

She looked at me again. “I don’t know. What kinda name is Wolverine?”

Something about the girl, made me want to trust her. I wondered if I’d be capable of doing that if Summers hadn’t been wearing my walls down gradually for the last two days.

“I’m Logan.”

She smiled ever so lightly, one glove on, another forgotten in her lap. “Marie.”

I smiled at her, and quickly looked up at Summers who nodded softly at me before turning to look out his frosted window and take another gulp of his water.

“So are you guys, like, together?”

Summers coughed and sputtered and I almost veered into the sidewalk.

“What makes you say that?” was all I could manage. Summers could manage nothing but the furious blush rising up his neck and coloring his cheeks.

Marie shrugged, seemingly oblivious to the chaos she’d created. “Saw you two at the diner. Just thought maybe you were.”

She sure seemed to be giving it back to Summers good for the tough questions he’d asked her earlier. I just huffed, biting down harder on my cigar.

How I wish. But… “We’re not.”

“It’s okay if you are. I don’t care.”

Summers still refused to look my way, must have been reminded of the fiasco in the restroom and damn it now I was going to have to start all over again. Only then did it occur to me that I wouldn’t get a chance with him ever again. In two hours, we’d be at the airstrip and this time I would personally be putting the kid on a plane back to New York. I’d carry him in and strap him down if needed, but I was going to see to it that he made it home today, one way or another.

He’d turned my life upside down enough already. Kid needed to go.

“You know you really should wear your seatbelt.”

And now I really was pissed. Who did she think she was, the fucking DMV?

“Well, maybe I shouldn’t be letting the both of ya here sitting besi…”

I never got to finish.

Something massive crashed onto the hood of my pickup, literally tipping the whole truck with us in it forward into the ground. I swerved until we hit the snow-covered cliffside on one edge of the road and the impact sent me flying out through the windshield.

My last blurry thought was wondering if Scott and Marie were okay, and then the world faded into black and nothingness.


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A/N: Pls let me know what you think?
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