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JM: Manip by Liz (Hugh's finger in Jimmy

X-men fic: In the Beginning (AU): Chapter 13

Previous chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve
A/N: I know it's been a very very VERY long time since I updated this. If you're still reading this, well, thanks :) So the series is still an AU to the first X-Men movie - a fantasy that puts Scott and Logan together from the beginning. This chapter is Scott POV.

Athabasca Airstrip, Alberta

He didn’t know his name – Lord knows where he picked up ‘Logan’ from. For all he knew it could be neither his first, middle or last name after all. Collapse )

Thanks for update.

Good chapter, and I truly hope you will write next one little bit sooner. :)

Thank YOU hon for still reading! I'm trying my very best to update soon hon, I swear :)

You have no idea how happy you made my by continuing this series! I get home at 10 pm from university meetings, am dead tired from homework then I see this and I squealed so loudly I scared my cat.

Your writing is so amazing. I absolutely love the way you characterized Logan and Scott, they both seem so perfect. I especially like how in this chapter you really made Logan seem like he had a real depth to his emotions is isn't just a typical gruff wild man.

And as I feel like you may need a little more encouragement here you go: I grew up watching X-men and even though I've always been a slasher I never once considered Logan and Scott as a couple. With this story you have officially ass-raped my childhood and made me like it. <3. Thus, write more.

Cool! I'm so happily surprised that so many people haven't given up on this series yet. Thank you so much for still reading! :)

I'm glad you like the characterizations even tho they might seem slightly OOC to some. But I've always thought of Logan as a sensitive guy under his super tough exterior and Scott as an insecure kid trying so hard to prove himself a man.

With this story you have officially ass-raped my childhood and made me like it. <3. Thus, write more.

LOL! I'm writing I'm writing! ;) Once again thanks so much hon :)

Cyndra, meet my friend Jenna. <3 She wants your babies,

Just like me! :D *insert Joker reference here*


*snicker* Do I have to hunt down your phone number and start singing "You are my sunshine" to keep you writing? 'cause I will. *is not a stalker* <3 ^^;

oh my god....it was been too long!!!!! YAY!!!!!! I totally want to see more of this awesome fic :D

I know it's been way too long! Thank you for still reading tho :) Will try to update very soon! cheers hon :)

please keep writing this! i just found it yesterday and i love it so far! you are a very talented writer. i haven't read any scott/logan fics in such a long time. this story made me wonder why i stopped. so continue! pretty please?

Thanks for reading and reviewing! I'm really you enjoyed this and it brought you back to the fandom too, maybe? ;) Updating very soon. cheers hon :)

Consider yourself encouraged! I'm so glad you're continuing on with this series. It's going along wonderfully!

:D Thanks for still reading hon! I'll try to finish it this time for sure :)

The scene in the bathroom was *very* well done. I was so tense as Scott started to lose it. And even Logan's passion was palpable, even though the scene wasn't from his pov.


I didn't realize you'd already written so many more chapters. I'll have to catch up over the next few days. :) Loved the chapter. I felt so sorry for Scott. Going in and starting something with Logan and then having a complete panic attack about it. Beautiful job describing that first kiss. Very hot and romantic at the same time. Loved the way Scott is still trying his best to get Logan to agree and come back with him. And I also loved that Logan stopped the second he realized something was wrong. Thanks so much for the story. :)

Thanks again sweetie. One fine day I just decided to start finishing all my WIPs one by one and clear out this pesky little folder sitting on my hard drive. That's why you see me working on this series and also the Covenant story that I've been dilly dallying on for 2 years now! :)

I'm so glad you're still reading hon. And thank YOU for your kind comments, they keep me writing :) *hugs*

“I told you, Professor Xavier is a telepath right?”

Scott keeps pulling out all the angles to convince Logan. It's a great show going on between them, Logan continuing to refuse and Scott ruthlessly trying everything he can bring to mind.

As proven in the bathroom, Scott isn't afraid of sexuality, otherwise he wouldn't be able to kiss Logan and thoroughly enjoy it. It's how he sees it as actively victimizing himself that scares and worries him. The touch of Logan's hand to his ass isn't alone enough to bring him to his senses, but it may be a catalyst to realizing what he's doing: manipulating in the worst way by selling himself. Instead of "I couldn't", because he obviously could sell himself and has in the past, it would work better as "I shouldn't" for the circumstances.