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SPN: Dean & Sam manip - misread(!)

SPN fic: Safe (Dean/Sam, NC-17, warnings)

Title: Safe
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sam and Dean in a quaint little house in suburbia, with a not-so-quaint playroom in the attic filled with tons of paraphernalia.
Warnings: BDSM, bondage, toys, m/m slash (duh)
Author Notes: Written for Vincent’s anonymous kink prompt: 'trying out dildos'. Not so anonymous any more I guess. So yeah I’m kinky and damn proud of it ;)
Word Count: 1635


Sam squirmed and bit down on the ball clenched between his lips. Collapse )

Oh, thanks for pointing me to this! :P I'm missing things. Yay for answering the meme! I was hoping people would, but it was a bunch of prompts and almost no answers. (So I skipped the one or two there were and thought I'd come back later to read, and, well, you know. If I'd known it was yours I would have read it.)

Anyway--I loved it, sweetheart. I mean, talk about yummiest fantasy ever! And Sam was so....wow. :D I loved how he was using training tactics to keep time and keep himself conscious and I loved it even more when he passed out. :D Serves Dean right! Adorable little fic!!

:D Thank you for comin over and reading sweetheart! I did remember you wanted us to point out stuff for you to read and you know I get no peace after posting a new fic until you've let me know what you think about it :)

LOL!! :) Does serve Dean right to have to wait until next morning haha but c'mon, he was only giving his little brother what his little brother needed! ;P

Thanks again sweetie!! :) *huggles*

You make me so hot! Make me wanna drop!


Oh. My. God.

I am in a classroom, as we speak or rather, I type, suppose to be doing work on the psychology of personality and I'm literally about to burn through my pants!

Now I'll need to get back to you again later when my brain is back in my head and the bell isn't about to ring so I can ramble and rant somemore but, GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY! <3

Also: Start kicking me! 'cause I have most of the bigbang done, but I got distracted by kingdom hearts fanfiction. D: *bad fangirl*

Re: You make me so hot! Make me wanna drop!

Hey you!! :) Thank you so much for reading and that too in a classroom!!! :D:D *giggles* I hope I didn't cause TOO much damage to your academic career? ;) Aww but I'm so glad you enjoyed it hon. Burning through pants is a damn good thing far as I'm concerned hehe ;)

And hey back up a bit.. am I getting this right? You started my bigbang but didn't complete it 'cause you got distracted??!?! *gasps* Unacceptable!!!! :D I'm kidding sweetie, no worries ;) I suppose there is a bit of feedback hidden in there as well and I probably could have done a better job with it, but oh well.. can't be rewriting that monster again. The one time was hard enough hehe *wipes sweat off brow* ;P

cheers hon!! :)

Oh god. From the very first line, you had me biting my lip and uh crossing my legs...


Yuo've hit so many kinks here. Dom!Dean, Dean calling Sam "baby," domestic boys with bonus crazy sex, and so much love through it all, in every touch, every word they share..

But that piece of leather binding him snugly was more than just a toy - it was a symbol of Dean’s dominance and absolute ownership of his little brother. So long as it was on, Sam was not to go against his big brother’s wishes

Dean taking care of his Sammy...so delicious and beautiful.

“I know, sweetheart,” Dean softly murmured. “You trust me, don’t you?”

*explodes* Oh gods, how can you cram so much hot and love all into so few words?

maybe Dean was whispering something hot and mushy again


Sam felt wrung-out and utterly undone.

Sam felt safe.

“You awake, baby?”

“Don’t baby me, you heartless control freak.”

I love how Dean can allow himself to be mushy, loving only when being in control of Sam, taking care of him in a very Dean-like way, and it makes Sam feel so loved and sake, and yet we still have the brotherly bickering ;)

This was amazing, hun! *hugs*

THAT was HOT as HELL! [drools and fans self] Okay, off to have a cold shower now. [smirks]

Fetish, Cheapen the Moment team.

**Bound and Gagged Sammy, that's MY Fetish!
**Silly Trix! Sammy's dick is for Dean!
~*~Cheapen the moment team~*~

Holy mother of fuck!!! This is absolutely fantastically HOT!!! I'm gonna be taking this one to bed with me tonight *g*

:D Thank you sweetheart!! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it ;) *hugs*

Thanks for reading sweetie :)

I ran out of completed J2 fics, so I switched to Wincest lol.

And, man, am I glad I started with this one. This was beyond hot. I, apparently, like a little bondage with my wincest... who knew? lol It's always important, and not always easy, to keep a note of caring in a D/s or bondage fic and I think you managed that expertly. The perfect blend of awesome hot and genuine care and concern. Bravo!

Bondage and spanking, mmm, two of my biggest kinks!! ;-D

he perfect blend of awesome hot and genuine care and concern.
Thanks sweetie! The care and concern sorts of writes itself out because its Dean you know? :) He never stops being a big brother, least not in my head heh.

cheers again!!! *hugs* I think I'm falling in love with ya!! :D

Oh yeah. That was insanely, insanely, hot. *mems!*

I'm glad you enjoyed reading this hon :D Thank you so much!!! :)

Heh.. thanks :) I know I'm really late on responding to your other comments too hon, but I'll get to them this weekend I promise!! Thanks for reading :)

AHH tha'ts AWESOME! Love the last sentence and the fact that he was falling asleep again while Dean fucked him. ;D

Haha, I guess you and I share that peculiar kink in our J2 fics don't we? ;) There is something so hot about Sam trusting Dean enough to give himself over completely I guess. Thanks again sweetie, I really can't thank you enough! And so yeah I am going to respond to as many comments of yours as I can :D *hugs*

OMG......WAYYYYYY too short!!!! All those other wonderful toys to play with....and you stoppped!!! More. Please......

I really should not have enjoyed that as much as I did. It had many of my guilty pleasures; Dom!Dean, Sub!Sam, the kinky stuff I enjoy reading, and after sex cuddling :) Seriously though, this is awesome

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