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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Glad to see ya go! *claps*

Hiya lovely people! :) I just resurfaced to check up on fandom only to find it overrun with spoilers and wank. Again *shakes head*. No comment on the former since I'm still spoilerophobic. But about the PETJA wank here's my two cents..
This is extremely extremely unlikely of course, but hypothetically speaking if I ever got a cease and desist from a real person I wrote about - I will. Immediately. And I won't whine or bitch about it because, well, they have a legit right to protect themselves. Further, what I would ABSOLUTELY NEVER EVER do is try to deflect the spotlight off myself and onto the rest of fandom.

Sure I'm emotionally involved with all my writing (amateur and average as it may be). But my life will not end and my heart will not break just because I can't put something up in the public domain. And I sure as hell won't use it as an opportunity to be the newest wank!queen on the block.

And you know what's really rich? - Claiming that they're helping further a person's career. SERIOUSLY? How, pray tell, do you further anyone's career by insulting them and degrading their public image? The definition of "Humor" is a subjective one, different for different people. So if JA himself does not find their "humor" humorous, well that's reason enough for me. I'd advise these people to mind their own careers for a change, might even end up doing something productive.

*hugs you* You know...well, I don't know what to say. I just can roll my eyes and agree with you, that, if Jensen's humour does not involve this sort of stuff, it doesn't, so I see his steps as absolutely agreeable and not to be questioned. That's it. My two cents in absolutely sucking English.

*hugs you back* I just feel like we should respect his wishes you know? What sort of fans will we be if all we do is take and take from him but the moment he tries to hold a little bit back for himself, we start bitching and dragging him down? That's absolutely disgusting behavior and I will not subscribe to it :(

And no your English does NOT suck! How dare you utter such a travesty!?! :D *smishes*

On a brighter note, sweetie I'm still gushing over the comments you left me for Shipwrecked :) I don't even know where to begin thanking you!! :D

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Vincent!! :) I do remember that conversation sweetie and I absolutely agree with you 100%. I'm so happy to see that disgusting website shut down. Of course there will always be other people who will continue to be insensitive and inconsiderate but *sighs* you can't shut everyone down right? All we can do is learn to turn the other way and not give them the attention they're craving. I know it hurts you and I know this advice probably sucks out loud! But I see no other option to deal with ppl like this honey.

*huggles* I love you so much sweetheart. This here is one of the drama queens trying to get leverage out of this issue. Pls don't get in the middle of it, it's really not worth it.

Aaaand.. how are you doing sweetheart? :) Pls tell me you found a way to make you new boy interesting? ;)

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There's a wank going around? Really? Didn't notice anything. But then, I de-friended most people that I get to know through the SPN fandom and I now live in my little ignorant nook of world :)

:D I'd say that's clearly the best way to go! Me.. I'm just unlucky that way. Every post that caught my eye today was either a spoiler from comic con or this PETJA wank *rolls eyes* ;)

Ah don't worry about it. It's blown over by now anyway.

Okay I have no idea of what the hell is going on but did someone insult Jensen?

Ah you're cursing me for bringing the wank to you aren't ya? ;P Oh well, now I guess I should tell you heh.. the PETJA site was apparently served a cease and desist by Jensen's lawyers. Now the owners/supporters of the site are raising a stink and bitching about Jensen because of it. I personally hated the site as well, because it had a lot of degrading stuff about him under the guise of "humor". And now it's no longer there so I'm happy :D You can read some stuff about it here: http://estarmuerta.livejournal.com/62576.html

I COMPLETELY agree with you.

Hell, if I'm a actor and I see something online that I really don't like...I'd want it stopped.

And if I were the person who got the letter I'd just deal and move on. I mean seriously, you can't expect a person to agree with or like everything that fans put up about them.

So people need to just CHILL.

So people need to just CHILL.
Absolutely! And these people used words like heartbroken and shit, it just made me laugh :D

If they really love Jensen, they should respect his wishes, right? Why wank at all? *shakes head*

(Deleted comment)
Yep that's about it *waves if off* And you're so right about the guys being really laidback most of the time. They already take so much crap from us its unbelievable! :D:D

This holiday is absolutely the best decision of my life in 10 years! :D:D Okay I'm exaggerating :P But I really would recommend it, if you ever get the chance to visit South East Asia you absolutely should :)


All this was going on and I missed it? I'm so happy.

Haha :) Well considering I just brought you up to speed, you didn't miss it after all hehe ;P You're not cursing at me sweetie are ya? 'cause if you are I won't blame you LOL!! :D


Cynd, I don't mean to be a complete ijgit, but could you point me in the general direction of the post/page? interview/statement? that you were responding too, with your comments? *cause I am totally lost*

On the other hand, I loved reading Shipwrecked. The big bonus for me, was that you posted all the Chapters at once! I love nothing better than being able to read a fic from beginning to end in just the one sitting. And I'm glad it was all posted at once, because it was a real page turner.

Oh sure sweetie.. I basically first read jellicle's post and realized what was going on. These are the women who're crying their petty little hearts out 'cause Jensen didn't like their (very offending) website and asked them to shut it down..


Do read the comments.. its so weird that they still aren't getting it *rolls eyes*

Oh and thank you so much for reading Shipwrecked :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! *hugs* :)

I'd never heard of PETJA until I read your post, so totally missed out on the wank.

I don't get why they the nerve to complain though, how can they think making fun of someone will enhance their career?

I much would have preferred ranting about wank of the other kind :)

True. But I just noted that the comments to the wank are screened. It's too bad they didn't practice the censorship when it was most needed.

Anyway, cyndrarae, glad you see you posting! I downloaded your BB story to my palm pilot and it's next on my fic list to read. I'm looking forward to it, as your story description sounds really good.

Hi, I agree.

And I think if I said anything in my journal I would be gutted. I apparently have a HIGH number of people that were involved in petja on my flist. So.. yeah.

But I totally agree. I was the first to explain that this was a TERRIBLE idea and if it ever got back to him.. it wouldn't be pretty.

I can't feel bad.

Heh, me neither :) Not feeling bad at all, fact I'm really happy that awful website is gone! One of my closest friends in this fandom is gay and he's been so utterly offended in the past by shit like that. So yeah.. good riddance I say.

This kind of thing makes me glad I'm not in the SPN fandom anymore. I mean seriously the way people act bothers me

"Assalam Walekum" methinks that is hello in Arabic too right?

You're not in the fandom anymore? Why hon?

Yeah it is :) This language they speak is sort of a mix of a lot of other languages, its really cute :)

(Deleted comment)
*huggles* Hey I read your comments on the thread! You weren't bitchy at all hon, and yet made your point succinctly. Guess what, she just f-locked the post hehe. I'm really really glad and proud fandom is not falling for the wank-trap this time. And so deliriously happy to see that awful awful website go! *dances* :)

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I'm so lost. What's going on NOW? *shakes head*

Whatever it is, I hate wank, and I support the boys, because we wouldn't have any of this without them. I am kind of curious now, though...

Don't look. Just cover your eyes and dream of the boys. LOL.

*HUGS* You're awesome! That statement, right there, is awesome.

You're awesome for supporting and believing in it too sweetie!!! *huggles* :) I'm SO GLAD that awful website is gone!

Good riddence is right on. I wasn't the least bit surprised to see the people involved in this and the people now supporting them. I'll bet the drama is making them all feel very important, and they should be proud, they finally got Jensen's attention.

You know someone was whining about how they got served and that if Jensen just dropped them an email they would have stopped but how he had hurt them by getting lawyers involved. Oh PLEASE! They still don't get it how much they must have Hurt Jensen with the content of that website!! Those girls are so selfish, insensitive, moronic.... aaargh!!! I'm being really polite here, as you can see :D:D

Read your post about the name change. Hope you're doing okay sweetheart? *hugs*