Cyndra Rae (cyndrarae) wrote,
Cyndra Rae

MutantX: Senseless (Brennan/Jesse) (5/11)

Jesse’s heartbeat soared anew.
“Hmm.. lets see.. now where’s the damn letter S…”
Jesse’s curiosity was definitely piqued as he watched Brennan switch on the lamp beside his bed, sit on top of him oh-so-leisurely and read a.. a dictionary? What was he up to now?
// Oh now I get it. //

“You’re pissed at me because of a stupid crossword? That’s what this is?”
Brennan laughed, without once looking away from the book in his hands. Jesse waited patiently for an answer but obviously none was forthcoming. He fidgeted with the rings on his wrists but it wasn’t much use.
No reply. Some more fidgeting.
No reply.
Okay now Jesse was losing it. He was sore from being crushed under a 200 pound man and he was frustrated at his helplessness and he was angry at being at someone else’s mercy.
“Damn you Brennan LET ME GO!!!"
And he pulled at the bonds with all the strength he could muster.

Brennan sprang into action then. He dropped the book on the bed and gripped Jesse’s hands with his own, preventing him from pulling at the cuffs.
“Hey hey stop it will ya? You’re bruising yourself.”
“Fine, undo the damn handcuffs then.”
“Not handcuffs.. shackles”
Jesse was getting agitated. “What’s the difference just take them off!”
Brennan smiled that coy smile of his. Experience told Jesse that smile was always bad news. Brennan strained forward to kiss Jesse’s bound wrists, but really to check he hadn’t hurt himself already.
“I have been following your advice..” he whispered, and he started undressing Jesse.
“wh-what advice?”
He undid the shirt’s buttons and Jesse started breathing real hard. Brennan placed a hand on his heart.. he could feel it beating away fast.. real fast.
“Well.. while you were out dating your Shakespearean geek from college, I was mugging the dictionary.. “
He ran his hands all over the smooth rich skin.. gently flicked the pointed nipples, tickled the belly button, making the boy flinch.. not a trace of hair on the perfect sculpted torso.. oh yeah..
// That’s 'cos I shaved them off him myself remember? //

Jesse panted as Brennan traced his ribs leaving a searing heat everywhere he touched. When he felt his nipples rubbed and tugged, he started moaning softly.
“So how was your date?”
Jesse couldn’t believe he was being asked about his date at this point! Brennan was always big on ..Talking. He just Loved to Talk while fucking him. Crazy bastard. But this was unbelievable. He looked into Brennan’s dark eyes and couldn’t make out if he was serious or not.
“Tell me”
And Brennan dipped his head to lick his belly button. Jesse gasped.
“Uhhh s-splendid”
Brennan’s head jerked up. “Another good word! Splendid!”

He straightened up. And then pulled out a nine inch blade from his left boot and flicked it open right in Jesse’s face, scaring him.
“I have been working on my vocabulary as you suggested. And you know.. I realized S is a really interesting alphabet after all!”
He sliced through the sleeves of Jesse’s shirt…
“No No No this is my favorite shirt!”
“And for good reason too..”
And he sliced through the sleeves of Jesse’s shirt… slowly.. from the wrist to the armpit.. Jesse felt the tip of the blade caressing and yet not breaking his skin once. Brennan sure knew what he was doing. He trembled, and felt another erection coming on. Soon the shirt was gone, shreds of black silk strewn across the floor. Brennan shifted to reach Jesse’s feet behind him and took off his shoes and socks.
“For instance, do you know what a sexagenarian is?”

Jesse squinted at him. The older man was obviously patronising him. It occurred to him Brennan might have been more hurt than he expected by his dating Danielle. He wondered if the fact that Brennan couldn't finish his education although he'd wanted to, was part of this surprisingly angry reaction. But he knew Brennan was very well-read and knowledgeable. Then why was he playing this dumb game with him?
Jesse kept all these random thoughts to himself and tried twisting out of the cuffs again.

“I suppose you wanna tell me.”
Brennan turned back to face him once he’d thrown the apparel at the door, and flashed a winning smile.
“Well.. I always thought it meant an expert at sex .. you know some kind of erotica specialist.” and he guffawed, his eyes twinkling with glee. Jesse rolled his eyes. Brennan resumed massaging his chest.
“But now I know what it means.. old man in his sixties.. that’s what!“ and he winked at Jesse, genuinely enjoying his joke. He tickled his sides which only caused Jesse to flinch and gawk at him confusedly. Jesse realized he wasn’t being sarcastic and that he actually meant it. How do you resist a Brennan being cute? And he smiled too.

But it didn’t last too long. As Brennan started pulling off Jesse’s jeans and whatever was left of his boxers, Jesse started yelling.
“Hey hey wait!”
“Brennan… I.. whatever you have in mind.. I’m not game for it. Please.. don’t do this.”
Jesse was in panic. Brennan didn’t stop what he was doing. He took off the last piece of clothing off Jesse’s magnificent body and only then did he look into the contorted face.
“This is going to happen Jesse. Unless you give me a damn good reason not to.”
“I don’t want this.”
“That’s Bullshit”,
“That’s even bigger bullshit Jesse. Look at yourself!”
He gripped Jesse's semi-erect penis to illustrate his point. He gave it a good squeeze making Jesse moan.
“Give me a reason I can believe Jesse. And I swear I’ll leave you alone.”
Jesse let his head fall back on the pillow in a huff, closed his eyes, and grew quiet. Brennan looked at his face, pangs of guilt returning to torment his conscience. But its easier to just give in to temptation than to resist it. Plus, he believed tonight could be a decisive night. Either Jesse would come back to him for good, or at least he’d know what the true reason for his sudden weariness was. He resumed his dominant stance and voice when he said,

And he moved back up, pressing his entire length to Jesse’s naked one. He let his hands and lips and tongue roam free on the beautiful body as Jesse lay there, stubbornly staring at the handcuffs.. sorry.. shackles above him. His breathing was gradually getting ragged again. He hated his body for responding to Brennan when his mind didn’t want to. He hated his heart for beating so hard every time Brennan kissed him and he hated his soul for wanting more and more. He hated himself for being so conflicted. But fact was that he was, and there was no way out. He hated Brennan for ever have come into his life at all.

“So here’s the deal..”
Brennan began, and Jesse looked at him. Ignoring the lost look in those sexy eyes encircled with long pretty eyelashes, Brennan continued.
“Starting a short while from now, I’ll use some of the words I read today starting with the letter S… “
Jesse’s expression translated to a “Huh?”. Brennan smiled at him and took his chin in one hand to gently stroke it. His lips were so close to Jesse’s they might as well be kissing.
“..and by the time I’m done with you.. if you can tell me exactly how many words I .. uttered… I’ll leave... “
Jesse was boggled.
// Is he serious? //
“What the hell is this? Another one of your stupid sex games?”
Brennan grinned but didn’t bother to reply to the queries.
“What.. what will you talk about?”
Brennan couldn’t help laughing at the innocent little pondering. So much like Jesse.
“Oh Jess.. I always speak to you.. you know that. I tell you how I feel when I touch you, when I kiss you.. when I enter you..”

Bad question. Jesse felt his entire being enflamed at the sound of those words.
“I’ll tell you what I want to do to you.. what I am going to do to you.. I’ll tell you how beautiful you are… how absolutely…”
Brennan was staring into Jesse’s eyes at that point. Jesse waited for him to complete.. but he didn’t. Brennan looked away for a second and then back.
The spell was broken.

“You do this kid.. and you’ll get what you want.. I’ll let you go.. and we’ll never speak of this time we spent together.. ever.”
Jesse frowned at him as Brennan bent his head to suck at his jugular vein trying to smooth away the prick point he’d stabbed him at. He spoke into his neck.
“We’ll go back to being friends .. and teammates.. mutant warriors.. anything but this. This is what you want.. isn’t it?”
Brennan’s voice was low.. so low. Jesse swallowed but said nothing. And Brennan returned to eye contact.
“But.. and that’s a BIG but” switch to mischief again. Brennan slid a hand under Jesse to fondle his cute butt. Jesse squirmed, only allowing the hand to move in further. Brennan chuckled lightly as he kissed a flushed cheekbone.
“IF… you fail to tell me the EXACT number.. “ Brennan was enjoying himself when he said this.
“I’ll come back tomorrow night again.. to give you another chance.. with another letter perhaps?“

Jesse wasn’t enjoying this so much. Of course he knew what was going on. Brennan knew the effect he had on Jesse. And he knew he was capable of much .. much more damage. There was no way he could keep his senses about him to be able to count words starting with the letter S.
Or any other letter damnit!
M-Maybe he stood a better chance with letter X.. considering how many words could you have with X anyway right? Brennan’s right hand was back to playing with his pubic hair and his cock was throbbing painfully. Jeez he didn’t wanna go through this mental torture another second.. and God alone knows how many nights it would be before Brennan chose the letter X?
// Wait a second… what the hell am I thinking!?!? //

“What makes you think you’ll get so lucky ever again Mulwray? You caught me by surprise today, not gonna happen again.”
Brennan chuckled.
“So you’re expecting to flunk already kid?”
“I didn’t say I was playing your stupid game.”
“Does it look like you have a choice?”
Jesse gritted his teeth. He was breaking sweat already.
“Hmm I have another idea..”

Brennan was circling his left nipple lightly with just one fingernail, driving him crazy.
// Oh yeah, LOT of damage. //
“I could ask you for the count anytime in between. So that way you’ll have lots of chances.. to get away.. if you don’t know the answer.. that’s okay.. you can start counting anew from that point on.. ”
“How would you know?”
Jesse was sneering but the look on Brennan’s face wiped it off.
“I am not the one who needs to prove my ‘disinterest’ here Jesse..”
Jesse swallowed again. In vain again.
“And anyway... I don’t lose control you know that.. “
“Too well”
Brennan ignored the deadpan and posed the big question,
“So.. you game? Not that it matters..” and smiled sinfully.

“Good then..”
“No wait wait! I have a question.”
“Shoot babe”
“What..what if you use the same word twice? Or thrice? Or..”
“Count them again. Smart kid huh? Any more questions?”

“You promise you’ll leave?”
This wasn’t what Brennan wanted to hear. Oh well..
“I promise.” he said softly.
Jesse closed his eyes and tried the bonds again. Tight as ever. He really didn’t have a choice.

“This.. or..” Brennan was saying something again.
“Or you tell me why it is you cant bear to be with me anymore.. and it’d better be the truth Jesse, 'cos I’m not taking any more bullshit.”
“So my reasons are bullshit to you.”
“Only when you’re lying.”
“How the hell do you know?”
“I always do Jess.”

Jesse switched to his silent sulking mode. And Brennan thought to himself..
// What happened to you kid? How can I make amends if I don’t know what's bothering you? //

Brennan raised himself and took off his biker jacket, revealing a short black tee and faded blue jeans beneath. He ran his talented fingers through his hair and licked his lips wet as he looked at Jesse looking back at him. He let his eyes trace his entire lithe length from head to last curling toe and back up. This was the body that called to him every night without fail, the piece of heaven he wanted to own and possess and ..
“Shall we begin?”
Brennan smiled.. he was truly going to enjoy this.


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