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Bigbang (J2 AU): Shipwrecked.. Notes & References


  1. Title is from a quote by Albert Einstein: "Whoever undertakes to set himself as the judge of all truth and knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of gods" – Which basically implies that you can’t claim with 100% certainty to know what’s true/right and what’s not. And you can’t take anything for granted.
  2. Huntsville is a minimum-security prison in Texas, as per Google. The assumption is that Justin was over 18 when the accident happened and he was charged with underage DUI and manslaughter. The sentence would be (minimum) ten years with possibility of parole, which he keeps refusing.
  3. Corporate Citizenship is the term used to describe the efforts of a corporate organization to be responsibly involved with the wider community, conduct philanthropic acts and give back to society etc. You can read more about it here:
  4. Information on runaways in the United States, and also about what Family and Youth Services Bureaus do here:
  5. “It’s like paper clips”. The reference is from the movie Maid in Manhattan. Ralph Fiennes is a political candidate running for senate or something. He twists and straightens paper clips in his fist to get rid of his nerves about public speaking.
  6. Just in case people don’t recognize Sebastian Spence, he was Cade Foster in First Wave, and also the unnamed demon who was Yellow-eyes’ son. Dean shot him when he went after Sam in Devil’s Trap.
  7. "Everybody goes home in October" - is a famous quote from Jack Kerouac's book - On the Road. Jared quotes this along with many other phrases from the book when Jeff tries to convince him to return home during chapter 3's flashback scene. As is mentioned, Jared reads a lot.
  8. The song Jared and the boys are singing just before the accident is “You’re so vain” by Carly Simon.
  9. Youngest CEO – Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at the age of 22 Pls refer:
  10. National Geographic is not fictional, obviously. Achilles News Corp and Morgan Media are, obviously.
  11. Microsoft Yahoo takeover bid – Not sure if by the time this fic is published, whether this story will remain relevant or not. But it doesn’t matter ‘cause this is fanfiction! By definition, completely fictional. No slander or copyright infringement intended. Many news articles exist online such as this:
  12. The Renaissance Mayflower is a beautiful historic hotel in DC. But the description has been slightly altered to suit the needs of the story. For one, I’m not sure if they call their top floor suites the penthouse suites but what the hell, creative license yeah? :D
  13. So Jared's injury - can I please claim creative license again? :) This is what I think happened - Justin's truck rammed into Jared's side of the car while running a light at 80 miles an hour. The impact crushes the Pontiac's metal against Jared's left leg and the car overturns thrice as well before crashing into a tree and coming to a full stop against it. Alan Cohen broke his neck in the collision and died instantly. Jared got severe head injuries and a broken leg with a torn ligament (ACL) which requires expensive graft replacement to correct. Over time due to neglect and his knee being constantly abused, he fractures the kneecap as well. That last blow with a baseball bat by Rocco renders it completely useless putting him in a wheelchair and surgery then becomes absolutely essential for him to walk at all.
  14. I wasn’t sure if it was possible to change your stream drastically from something like physical therapy to journalism, but my betas assured me that it is. For this story, I figured since Jensen really wanted it, he must have re-applied next year and started school all over again. He went to USC for Physical Therapy first which he abandoned, then to UCLA for Bachelors in Journalism followed by an MBA from Wharton. Wharton is where he met his friend Tom Welling and together they started Achilles.
  15. So I don’t know if you caught this… the Nepal monarchy fell recently, like in June I think, months after I wrote in the King of Nepal into my story heh. Anyway, I haven’t taken the insignificant little reference out but just in case someone catches it - yeah. I know ;)
  16. No slander or defamation intended to any of the real people mentioned in this story. All of this is fictional of course. It has nothing to do with the real people or their real natures/personas or lives – they’re just names that us silly smitten fans mutually recognize and hence use to tell a story. I DO NOT wish any of this to ever happen to anyone either. It’s all just fiction. The list of people mentioned is below:
            Jensen Ackles                                   Jared Padalecki
            Tom Welling                                       Allison Mack
            Sterling Brown                                   Danneel Harris
            Jeffrey Dean Morgan                        James Marsters
            Danny Glover                                     Samantha Ferris
            Jeff Padalecki                                    Megan Padalecki
            Josh Ackles                                       Mackenzie Ackles
            Steve Carlson                                   Sera Gamble
            Chad Michael Murray                       Sophia Bush
            Justin Hartley                                    Kim Manners
            All other names are OCs.
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