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Shipwrecked - Jensen - 2

Bigbang (J2 AU): Shipwrecked.. Epilogue

I wish I wasn't running late for work so I could have enough time to quote each and every line of this story that has left a mark on me. There are so many. I just wish I had bookmarked them because I really don't want to leave out any. Sadly, I'll have to.
I also need more time to ponder exactly what was it that made me tear up so badly when Jeff was tending to Jared's wounds right after Jared had been beaten up by Spence and his gang, or why I enjoyed so much the moment Tom finally gave in a little and offered Jared his shoulder for support. The list is endless. I need time!
I also wanted to point out that the beauty of this story not only lies on the plot itself, but also in the way you chose to tell it as well as your fantastic style and pace. I loved everything about it.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so so much darling :) Your words are so immensely kind as it is without the quotes and I'm really grateful you took the time to let me know what you thought! And I absolutely love the icon you used here.. it's just perfect for the tone and mood of Shipwrecked isn't it? :)
cheers again hon, so happy you enjoyed this! *hugs*

I've had the comment box open for almost a day now because I simply can not put into words how much this touched me. It took hooker!fic and made it into something special. Your style is unique, the characters real, it just spoke to me. I really loved this, you had me crying more than once. Fabulous job!

Thank you so very much for reading and for your generous feedback! Really really glad you enjoyed it hon, cheers :)

Wow, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this. I really loved it.
The emotions were so real, I could see everything happening in front of my eyes, your words transforming it into a film just for me.
And such a perfect ending, just left me smiling so much.
A really wonderful story and so well written, thank you. :)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I'm happy to return the favor since I enjoyed your bigbang fic very much too :D cheers hon. *hugs back*

OMG! I have had this in my memories waiting to read! And OMG! This story made me SO happy. I needed this mood lifter! So, first, thanks for that.
I am sure I am not the only one, this made feel awesome.

I am so in awe of this, the emotion. Wow.
I am not sure I have cried this much in a while over a story. LOL!
But I am glad I did, cause I needed to bawl! Teh.

But more smiles than tears, this is always going to be a favorite of mine, I just adored every part of it, even when of course during the down time of our beloved boys, I was of course hopeful!
Totally did let us down, how could you? LOL!

This was just perfect!

Thank you so much for reading!! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it hon and it made your day a little bit better. And I know EXACTLY what you mean.. sometimes a good cry really helps doesn't it? :) cheers again for the hugely kind words hon.. you've made my whole darn week!!! *hugs* :)

Damn, that story is so great and I'm really f+++ing angry that I just now came around to read it.

Your discription of Jared's doubts on the beginning and how he couldn't help than to be at least partly honest, his inability to shot his feeelings of; it was heartbreakung. And then Jensen was so mean when he finally broke down and told the truth.

And Jared is so proud and stubborn and totally adorable. There was nothing betten the Jeff showing up. Luckily Achilles Corp has its ways ;-)

And luckily Jensen is man enough to admitt to his mistakes. I love the scene, when he comes for Jared o the basketball court.

“You see, Jare’… I’m gonna be needing a lot of forgiveness, if this has to work. I can’t carry the weight of guilt around like you do, especially guilt that’s not even mine.” This man goes like a bulle for a red cloth, does he? But it seems this is waht Jared needs to move on.

Gahhh...that's stubborn bordering on stupid ( guess you realise by now I iz doing a live comment ^^°) Doesn't Jared have realised by now, what he means to Jensen, why Jensen has come for him. The oor guy is so gone and Jared still ries to reject his help with his knee.

Okay, that starts to hurt me. Sure, Jared has his reasons to be careful with his trust for Jensen, but it seems it has way more to do with his intimidation with his wealth, And that's something Jensen can't change anymore. I know I would have been way more stubborn here and let Jensen retreat a lot more. Jared has been hurt by Jensen, no doubts about this, but I get the feeling now he is the one doing the hurting, even unintentional.

*needs to read more*

Looks like Tommy fell flat on his face...cute ;-)

...extraordinary ability to love without judging... I love this one. To be exact; it says all that's needed ans olves everything I wrote above. Well done solution.

I was a little surprised about the tim gap between part 6 and epiloque, but ut it finsishs everything clean and impressive.

This was a really great read. And I'm happy you found a real good place for Jared in Jensen's live. This foundatio idea is just wonderful. They ooth are wonderful and they found their way together.

Really, really awsome. Thanks for sharing.

*hugs and kisses* ray

Wow.. thank you so so much for such an amazing review darling!! I'm so very glad you finally got around to reading my bigbang submission :) Thanks also for pointing out all the places that you liked and wanted me to know about. And you're so right.. Jared is proud and stubborn and yet broken and self-destructive.. all at the same time somehow. He was really complex and tough to write in this one heh. Jensen on the other hand was easier because he is a very black is black and white is white kind of guy in this story. Of course that belief of his is hugely shaken thanks to his meeting with Jared :) And Tommy is a sweetheart don't you think? ;) I really love the big guy a LOT :D

I'm so happy you liked the concept of the foundation too - I wish I could earn enough money one day to do this in my own country. Thank you THANK you so so much!! Your kind words have totally made my day :) *hugs*

This is a ridiculously wonderful piece of writing. I haven't had time to read many of the bigbang fics this time around, but the premise of this one intrigued me, so I made the time. My work will suffer (!) but I can't find it in my heart to regret my decision! Really gorgeous. I'm adding this to my favorites. Thank you.

Thank YOU so very much for reading and reviewing!! :) Glad you enjoyed it so much hon and I hope your work does not suffer too much ;)

A wonderful master piece that has made me an emotional mess!

I did start reading here and there recently but I was still not over my funky J2/wincest withdraw. But tonight, I had a yearning to read a really really good bottomJared with a plot and all the emotional angsting that I so crave! so I came over here immediately and started reading your big bang :). Sweetie, I could not stop! I even went without bathroom breaks because I just could not tear myself away from the screen. I kind of wished you had comments allowed throughout the whole story because there were so many moments in each parts that I wanted to comment on before another wonderful moment in the story overlapped it! So I'm sorry if my feedback is not very comprehensive but please know that you have made me laugh, cry a little, awww and just pulled me through a rollercoaster of emotions :D. Right now, I'm tingling all over and have goosebumps all over XD

From the get go, you had me! I didn't know why Jared was so intent on getting Jensen and who were behind it all! The tempo was fast and swallowed you right in. I loved how everything began to spiral out of control for Jared the minute he spoke to Jensen and how he couldn't lie from the onset :). I was amazed at how you made it so believable that they could fall for each other in that one night. Jensen may have been lying and Jared may have tried to lie but you managed to pull though the genuine attraction they had for one another. It just seemed to deepen with each passing moment and that's why I was completely heartbroken when it all went down horribly with Jensen throwing Jared a blank cheque.

I loved the sky and earth reference Jared made. There are probably many other stories like it but I heard a one about a dwarf prince and a fairy queen who were in love but could only see a glimpse of each other because the fairy queen turns into a sheep during the day (why I can't remember!) and the dwarf prince could only rise to earth during the day. Like sun and the moon, they never meet :). As you can tell, I really loved that analogy :D

I was also very taken by how you brought Jared's character into full force and made him real. I felt the pain and the guilt he felt for the death of Alan. I saw how broken and fragile he was from the years of being alone and surviving, the insecurities and hate he had with himself (thinking he wasn't intelligent enough). I also loved some of his humor and sarcasm that seemed to come out more when he was with Jensen :). The more he opened himself to Jensen, the more he blossomed! I fell in love with him and I am so glad that he finally was able to let Alan and his guilt go :).

because I needed to rant forever! Part 2 of rant *hides*

I also loved how you used just straight dialogue to tell some parts of the story (unspoken parts in the brunt of the text). I especially loved the dialogue between Jensen and Danneel as well as Jensen and Tom :). It was such clever way to fill us up on the gap and giving us a more insight to Jensen and his interaction with his friends :)

Obviously, this was mostly Jared-centric but I did love Jensen equally as Jared :). He was smart, arrogant, funny, loving, aggressive (when he needed to be), cunning, sometimes clumsy (especially when it came down to Jared) and nothing like a stereotypical CEO XD! He just threw himself out there for Jared, not wanting anything return. And the little gestures he did, like holding Jared's hands in his or kissing the knuckles, just small things that said so much melted me XD

Oh! and I'm guessing you were able to incorporate your IT knowledge into this? like the yahoo and the microsoft and the takeover? (I'm clueless with those kind of things...more like ignorant *smacks forehead*). I can't forget the whole Alan Cohen Foundation and the youth outreach programme you introduced! Did you research a whole lot on street children in US and the short comings of the gov. initiatives? because it was quite convincing :).

Oh gosh, I just ranted and ranted! Really, all I want to say is that I loved it to bits and I am so grateful that you wrote this! Oh oh! and I love all the details that you included about both the boys reactions, their emotions. It was all so detailed and precise :)

I wish I could leave a more succinct and better comment but this is all I could manage after reading this :P Thank you over and over again honey!!! *kisses and hugs*

Wow, I could have sworn I left a comment, but skimming through, I don't see it. Maybe I just commented in my head. *sheepish*

Anyway, I really really liked this-- Jared is such a great mixture of self-confidence and insecurity, I think we all go through that at times. And the story-- I was rooting for the boys through the whole thing (though I did want to beat Tom's head a time or two) and I loved Jeff's character being so protective of Jared.

Thanks for sharing the story.

Thank you so much for your lovely review hon :) You're right.. we're all a weird mix of conflicting emotions pretty much all the time. And yeah, Tom could be an ass but he was just looking out for his best friend ;-p I'm really glad that you enjoyed reading this. cheers! :)

I'm not sure how I missed this first time around, but thank heavens for fic recs! This really made my heart ache, and yet I loved the plot too, and the research and care that was so evident throughout.

I particularly enjoyed how you made both the main characters smart.

Will definitely be bookmarking this to savor again when I need a treat!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. Your awesome words have totally made my so-far bleak day so much better! :)
Yep.. the guys in my story aren't just a couple of pretty faces, they're more heh. Thanks again!! Would you mind if I asked where did you see a rec for this story? :) cheers hon.

That was wonderful. I loved everything Jensen did for Jared especially telling his family where to find him and sorting out putting Spense in jail. Jared was adorable, it was sad he was always feeling guilty for his friend's death. A great story

Thank you so much for reading sweetie. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Jensen's an understated non-violent knight in shining armor in this one isn't he, heh ;) cheers again hon.

I can't think of a better way to spend a day off work; this was an amazing fic and I was completely sold. It was really strange to think of Jeff Morgan as the "bad" guy just because most of the fics I've read have him as a supporter of the boys, if he's even in it, but it worked well in this story. I don't know that I could pinpoint one moment of this story that was my absolute favorite because it was just so amazing over all. Great work. :)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing :) JDM is IMO just one of those brilliant versatile guys who can be cast as both the good guy and the bad guy you know? I love him but he's also kinda intimidating hehe ;)
Really glad that you enjoyed this story hon. Thanks again!! :)

This was such a great story. I'm glad that Jensen & Jared found each other. ALso glad to see them starting an organization to help other kids like Jared so the same thing doesn't happen to them. Sadly they don't already exist in RL

Was good to see how you included people from Smallville & Supernatural with the family members.

I hope that you will consider writing a sequel to this because I want to see Jared at his new job & how their "family" life goes.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie :) I'm really happy that you enjoyed the story!

I believe such organizations exists but they are very small in scale and reach unlike Jared's idea which would eventually have coverage throughout the United States. And which is why it would work 'cause they could locate and rehabilitate runaways from all parts of the country, you know? It's just an idea I've been thinking of for awhile and was glad to be able to incorporate it in a J2 story.

Sequel? Wow.. I don't know yet hon.. trust me this wasn't easy to write heh, still suffering from withdrawal at the moment :D:D But its a great idea and.. I'll give it a thought :) Thanks again hon, you've totally made my day!! :)

Ok, first off let me explain that I love well written Pretty Woman-esque fics. Mainly because the first fic that really got me into slash fandom was the Lance/JC one by Erin (i think it was her name) Stay the Night.

And since then I have judged everything by it's standards.

And this is one of the few that has reached that level of brilliance.

I just love the attention to detail. Plus I love both Jared and Jensen's strong characterisation in it.

I love it.

Oh wow! *blushes* Thank you so much for the kind review. It's really flattering and I'm very glad you enjoyed this! cheers hon :)

I really, really enjoyed this. You had my emotions all over the place with this one lol. First, I felt bad for Jensen, being set up the way he was. Then, I felt bad for Jared, trying to come clean (albeit after the fact) and finding out Jensen knew all along. Then I felt bad for both of them when they were separated, then when they tentatively got together but couldn't really trust each other yet.

Then, of course, you wrapped it all up with a perfect ending, for me, anyway. Sounds like Jared is still a little uncertain that it will last, but that's perfectly normal under the circumstances, I'd think. Even reading his somewhat insecure thoughts at the end: A part of Jared doesn’t want to get used to this. Doesn’t want to get complacent because damn it he doesn’t know if he could ever survive, being shipwrecked again. didn't mean that I, as the reader, had any doubts that it was forever. A truly beautiful love story. Thanks so much for sharing :)

Whew! Thanks so much AGAIN! *clings tight* :)

Sounds like Jared is still a little uncertain that it will last, but that's perfectly normal under the circumstances, I'd think.
I think so too. No matter how much money Jensen spends on Jared's therapy, when you've had your life thrown apart a couple times you don't trust happiness to last.

didn't mean that I, as the reader, had any doubts that it was forever.
:D:D Sweetheart as the writer, I can assure you that it absolutely will!! :)

I'm so glad you're reading my stuff hon. cheers!! :)

I've finally got around to reading some of this year's Big Bang entries, and I've got to say this is lovely. Just wow. You totally had me from the start. And I can usually see straight thru a plot, but I never expected Jensen to know exactly what was going all from the 1st time he saw Jared. Great plot, great characterisations, lovely story. Thank you.

I'm off to see what else you've written!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your feedback has made my day so much sweeter! And I hope you find something else you might like too! ;) cheers hon.