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Shipwrecked - Jensen - 2

Bigbang (J2 AU): Shipwrecked.. Epilogue

Loved this!! I had to read it twice because I only had my lunch hour the first time so I had to skim parts. *g*

I love how you worked this. The back and forth was easy to follow and the twist with Jared and the accident was great.

Definately will be bookmarking to read again.

:) Thank you so so much for reading (twice!) and reviewing sweetie. I'm so glad you enjoyed this *hugs*

Wow, awesome story!!!

Love it way too much *snickers* Excellent job dude!

:D Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing hon. I'm so happy you enjoyed it :)

this is so utterly and completely amazing ;D I was totaly hooked from the first sentence. I laughed, and cried, and smiled, and gasped, and drooled. the characters emotions and lives were so involved and descriptive. I adore how they interacted with each other on every level. you're so wonderful, sweetie! I really loved this so very much, and I'm definitely adding it to my memories. ;D

Kiraynn!! You liked it really? :) That alone makes my day in the best way possible! :D Thank you so much for the kind words hon.. I'm very happy and relieved that you enjoyed it *clings* :)

this was so good. so................good. yeah, maybe i'll be a lil more coherent when the effect has sunk in. haha.

dude, awesome. (:

:D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. I'm really glad you enjoyed it!
ps: Ha ha for your icon *giggles*

Rachel you've outdone yourself dude!!! This is such a beautiful story.. absolutely awesome!! Loved the slow buildup from it being just a job to the love of Jared's life for which he is willing to sacrifice his only chance at a second life and go back to the hellhole in Jersey. And I especially loved how Jensen doesn't care what Jared does for a living. All he sees is a remarkable boy with a sad past and he is completely unprejudiced in his love for him. I loved Tom and Allison and Jared's brother and.. god I love everything about this!! Thank you so much for writing this and sharing this with us. You're an amazing writer and I LOVE YOU! *smishes*

:D Thank you so much for the lovely feedback Shal! I'm really really happy and relieved that you enjoyed this :)
*hugs you tight and never lets go*

What a great story. Ikeep finding myself saying that to all the big bang authors this year. All of you just blowing my mind with your amazing tales. I really have to tell you how much I liked your portrayal of Jensen in this. His character, actual personality character, was so classy without being pretentious. So understanding without being too sensitive and feeling forced. He felt so very genuine. The same stands with how you wrote Jared. Hooker fic is so big in this fandom and tends to run kind of predictable, but you took the whole way he ended up in that life and made it so much more refreshing and realistic. I like that his deep hurt wasn't stemming from abuse but a different kind of tradgedy. He reacted very believable and his insecurities and suspicions of Jensen weren't just tossed aside and I liked that you did that. After what he'd been through, he wouldn't be able to revert to trust, no matter how much he wanted to. I found myself very much enjoying the simple interaction of Jensen and Jared. I found myself not wanting this one to end. I wanted more simply because I liked them all so much. I wasn't ready to leave when it was over.

(as a side, I love the whole project you revealed inthe epilogue, I've had dreams of having personal backing to open up shelters for not just kids but homeless and full on families with rehab for jobs and so much else and it was really cool to see part of some of the stuff I've imagined in a story and to know others think about that too!)

Thank you for all the hard work. You did a great job. I'm so impressed with all the big bang writers for even trying to take on the challenge, I'm incredibly proud of all of you that I've yet to read one that failed to exceed my expectations. This, stories as beautiful as yours, is the reason for fic! (if you ever sequel, I hope I find out) Am saving this to mems!

Thank YOU darling for all the kind words. It is heartening when readers let me know exactly what it was that worked for them in the story, and God it's such a relief to know the characterization works *wipes sweat off brow* ;)

it was really cool to see part of some of the stuff I've imagined in a story and to know others think about that too!
Totally hon! I do think about being able to contribute more time and money to social causes and this project is basically my perfect fantasy hehe.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing. Don't know if I want to write more in this verse yet but if I do I'll psst you myself ;) cheers hon!

Awwww... What a sweet ending. I loved this story, I really did. I didn't expect the twist there in the hotel, that Jensen already knew what was going on. That was a different turn from where these types of betrayal!fics usually go. Great plot, great characterizations. I really love Jeff right now. This is probably the best I've seen him written. Jensen seems very far from his real self, but it is an AU, so I can deal. It's believable.

Good job. :)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetheart! Yeah Jensen isn't the quiet one in here, Jared is but that's just the circumstances I put them in for the AU. I'm glad you found it believable tho. It's always so great to hear from you hon. Your words usually make me think abt the story/chapter more intensely, and of course they also make me smile *hugs* :)

This was lovely and unexpected because it kept surprising me. I'd think I knew where the story was going but then it would turn around and be something else. I like a twisting tale - keeps me engaged.

Let's see... it had a good start with a nice flow. The characterisations rang true withing the context of the story and the flashbacks were well timed and not interruptive. I wasn't actually sure if I liked Jensen at first, he almost seemed to be too much in control and self-contained; if I had been in Jared's boots I'd probably have smacked him. But as I said, it worked for the story and as his heart of gold was revealed in later chappies, things fell into place nicely and I ended up just wanting to hug everyone. I especially liked your take on Jeff, Jared's big brother.

So... ten out of ten! *yippee!... dances around* What a nice way to spend my Friday night.

Hey sweetie, I'm back in London at last :) And its so good to be able to respond back to your lovely comments I read on the phone! Thank you so much for reading. I'm very glad to hear you say the characterization worked for you. Jeff was the easiest to write because he is like an Original character, you can shape him up to be anyway you want hehe.

So... ten out of ten!
Really?!? *dances around with you* Thank you so so much sweetie :) *hugs*

OMG I love this fic!!!! So much angst and hooker!jared and did i mention the angst?? Just beautifully wonderful and completely satisfying!!

:) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. Sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier.. been traveling all last month. Yep.. I'm an angst!whore alright hehe, glad you enjoyed this story hon. cheers! :)

This was amazing, I absolutely love what you did with the characters, the situation, and the AU. You didn't make it complete RomCom movie-esque and instead let the situation and the characters play it out, it wasn't overdramatic and it really lent to believability (is that even a word?). This was one of the stories I was looking forward to since bigbang was announced and I was very much not disappointed. Congratulations on finishing and thank you for sharing. :-)

"Believability" is the one word i really really needed to hear darling even if it wasn't a word!! :D:D Thank you so very much for reading and for your awesome feedback. I'm so glad you enjoyed this! :)

Woah, loved it :D Oh, and I liked 'Redster' ^^

*giggles* Redster is kinda cute innit? ;P Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie :)

You posted and all is right with the world *whee* It's a lovely read, Cyn. I'm sorry I was such a boob and didn't make that clear.

Thank you darling. You know I couldn't have done it without you *hugs* :)

ps: Hey I'm back home now so do send me the chapters to be beta'd if you still need me to that is?

i loved this
i hated that it had to end

:) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. I'm kinda sad to let this verse go myself heh.

Fantastic story!! I couldn't stop reading, it's 3:30 am!! I just had to finish it. That's how good it was. You brought such life to the characters, it made me worry, it made me sad, it made me smile, some times it made me laugh and it even made me cry. Just the kind of story telling I love, the kind that makes me want to read to the end of it even if my eyes start to burn and that make me go through a wide range of emotions. Just wonderful writing, loved it!! :D

Thank you so much for reading and for your lovely review hon :) So heartening (and such a relief!) to know you could relate to the story and the characters. I'm glad you enjoyed it. cheers hon!

Thank you SO much hon :) Glad you enjoyed it.