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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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Shipwrecked - Jensen - 2

Bigbang (J2 AU): Shipwrecked.. Epilogue

i really liked reading it, i loved jared in it and rich jensen was totally awesome too...Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you so very much darling!! I'm really you enjoyed it :) And I know I still have to read your bigbang too... I have it on my list soon as I get back to London I promise! :) *hugs*

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Sam! :D Thank you so much sweetie..

JDM is a versatile sort of a personality isn't he? He could play God and Devil at the same time and still be utterly believable :) Writing him was so much fun.
And Rentboy!Jared absolutely needed to be written :D You know rentboy!fics are my biggest kink. It's why I am still a major XMen fandom player 'cause of Scott's alleged rentboy history before he became Cyclops hehe ;)

Thank you so much darling :) You're so unbelievably awesome to me, don't know what I did to deserve you but damn it I'm so glad to have your friendship *smishes* :)

great story!! enjoyed it a lot, and had tears in my eyes a lot of the time.

thanks a lot for writing and sharing!!!

Thank you!!! Awww I'm sorry it made you cry, actually.. no I'm not :D *smishes* Thank you so much hon :)

One word's more than enough :) Thank you so much hon!

(Deleted comment)
This story was wonderful in showing how strong forgiveness is and how difficult it can sometimes be to grasp.

OMG yes!! Everything else aside, this is probably the crux of this story and I'm so glad you caught it :) Guilt is probably the greatest motivator of all human emotions, if it wasn't, we'd stop being human I guess. And forgiveness is like the other side of the coin yeah... *sighs* Alright I'm rambling :D

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) Glad you enjoyed it!

bloody excellent hun!!!!!

Amazing stuff, tear jerking and a fairytale at the same time...

Thank you

*hugs* dix

Thank you so very much!! :) I'm so extremely glad and relieved you liked it. cheers hon *hugs back* :)

this part:
“But there’s a bigger part of me that wants to believe that nobody is above redemption. Because the fact is, a lot of these kids we want to help, Miss Gamble? They’re not going to be that innocent or untouched by the time this world is done with them, or by the time we get to them. A lot of these kids would have to learn to forgive themselves, before they can reclaim their lives. I’m sorry Spence did not get the chance to repent for his crimes, heinous as they were.”
made me sob so damned hard. i teach those very kids, and oh man. just like a punch to the gut in a really wonderful way.

this fic pushed a bunch of buttons for me, but i'm totally going to re-read it a million times. You have no idea, and i have no words, for how much i needed this. Thank you.

You teach these kids? OMG you're a real life hero darling. My heart goes out to such kids who're homeless or uncared for and left to fend for themselves. I help out financially but.. yeah, nothing beats actually giving them your time and effort. That's just awesome what you do!
And no thank YOU so much for reading this hon, I'm so SO glad you liked it! *hugs* :)

That's good enough for me I guess :D Thank you so much for reading sweetie *hugs*

(Deleted comment)
Awww.. thank you so very much for reading and for your beautiful words!! *blushes*I don't think you could give me a better review than this.. your words feel like redemption because damn it this one's been a bitch to write :D Really! Just.. wow... thank you so so much sweetheart! I think I'm in love with you!! *hugs tight* :)

Absolutely perfect! This was a really good story.

Thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it hon *hugs* :)

Wow! Wonderful story...I love the twists and turns. You developed the characters so well. I just got caught up in this story. Thanks!

Thank you sweetheart!! :) It's always such a pleasure to see familiar faces, okay icons ;P reading and reviewing. I'm really really glad and relieved you enjoyed this. cheers hon :)

OMG OMG! I just finished it bb!! It was soo sooo awesome!
Poor poor Jared! *wible* And Jensen was in a way, so innocent, besides his slight cockyness. Also, I loved the way you told this story, with the dialog only parts and through Jared's flashbacks and dreams.

Thank you for sharing this hon! It was a really good read :D

Jillybean!!! :D You make me smile brighter and wider than anyone else you know why? Because I know you prefer top!Jared and still you make an exception to read my stuff and GAWD I love you so much!! :) *squishes you tight* :)

Yeah Jensen is slightly cocky but that's just the way he comes across I think. Beneath all that he's got a heart of gold 'cause see not many people would knowingly fall in love with a hooker. And he'll take care of Jared forever so yeah.. he's awesome! :) Okay I'll stop rambling now hehe.

Thank you so much sweetie, your review has really made my day *hugs* :)

I wanted to let you a comment on each chapter, but I simply didn't have the heart of stopping my reading from a chapter to the other long enough to write a comment.
And so now I'n here, shaking with all the intensity and the emotions I'm carrying inside after reading this wonderful piece of art, and I'm probably not going to be able to leave a decent comment, because, hell, I'm so deeply moved that words won't come easy to me at this rate.
But I really wanted to know how much I loved and enjoyed this, because i promised you I would read it and I didn't have any doubt at all that I would love it because, come on, YOU wrote it.

Your amazing capacity of conveying emotions, as deep and intense as they can be, is improving day by day, and you don't need my broken English to tell you so, therefore I'll just leave quietly, wrapped in the warmth this story left all around and inside of me.

Thank you, baby, thank you once again. As soon as I recover, I'll go back to your bday fic.

Lots of love <3

Yayyy you read at last!!! *smishes* Thank you so much my darling :) You know it matters a lot to me whether you like this or not and Gawd I'm relieved! I'm so glad you felt the emotions, its been a bloody bitch writing this thing and then waiting 2 months before being able to post it haha. Your comment makes it all totally TOTALLY worth it!! :)

And hey your English is NOT broken! Whatever gives you that idea sweetie? *hugs* All of us need a beta at all stages of writing, trust me this would be a DISASTER if I didn't have 3 betas looking at it at the same time! :) And I don't know if I told you this before, but you have a semi-poetic style of writing and the flow of your stories is always tight and precise and I like that about your fics. Don't ever let me hear you say anything about your english okay missy? *narrows eyes at you* :D

So yeah, I'm waiting for my bday fic eagerly :D cheers sweetie, you're so awesome to me. I love you!! *hugs* :)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) Glad the Jensen reveal worked heh.. *wipes sweat off brow* If that had fallen flat, everything else would have sucked too hehe. I'm really glad you enjoyed this! cheers hon :)

Wow, wow, wow.
This was incredible stuff.
I was so worried when Jared was beaten up and left there but when his brother Jeff showed up well that made me feel ten times better.
I was so glad that Jensen came to see Jared and that they got together and stayed together.
In all, it was a terrific and interesting read.
Thanks so much for sharing it.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon! I'm so very happy and relieved you enjoyed it :) *hugs back*