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MutantX: Senseless (Brennan/Jesse) (4/11)

The innoculator was missing. It wasn’t in its usual place in Adam’s laboratory. It was in Brennan’s pocket, as he walked towards the chamber of his greatest temptation. Jesse’s bedroom.

This was it. Brennan was possessed. By passion inflamed yet not requited. Jealousy he could not explain and yet he allowed it to fuel his anger and desire all at the same time. Like a mad man who’d been teased and tested and tried enough and couldn’t wait to be granted release. He was hell-bent on taking what he wanted.. snatching it by force if need be.. right now he wanted Jesse. And no one was gonna stop him this time.

Not even Jesse.

So what if Jesse locks his door at nights now? Its not like Brennan cant get in if he wants to. It was only a matter of a few electrical pulses at the right intervals zapped out of his able fingers and the lock came undone. Quietly he went in and locked it behind him again.

It was one-thirty in the night.. morning rather, and Jesse was fast asleep in his bed. He’d come back from his date an hour ago and had fallen into bed in the same black silk shirt and tight black jeans he’d been wearing that evening.

Brennan took a long moment just standing there.. staring at him.. admiring the subtle alluring beauty of the youngest member of MutantX.
//God help me! I’m insane with desire and I cant stop!//
He walked over to the bed where Jesse lay and drew out the innoculator. It was designed to only inject half an ml in one shot unless you reprogrammed it. He slightly placed it on Jesse’s exposed jugular and pulled the trigger. Jesse woke up with a start.
“Wha.. th…? Brennan?”
Brennan didn’t bother to reply to the incomplete question. Jesse tried to get up only to be pushed back down to supine position as Brennan coolly climbed over him, trapping Jesse between his long legs on the bed.
“Brennan … what are you doing?”
Jesse was totally flustered, not totally awake and confused as to whether he was dreaming or not. He struggled to get away but Brennan was too strong for him. And then he realized what the prick he’d felt two seconds ago was. It was the subjugator. Now he was wide awake. And mightily pissed.
“You bastard.”

Brennan smiled. Jesse tried to ghost anyways, knowing it wouldn’t work and it didn’t. He threw a punch at Brennan while trying to push him off him but Brennan blocked his blow and pressed his entire body weight onto him to keep him from straightening up.
“Shhhh.. I wont hurt you.. I promise…”
“You Are hurting me Brennan, get off me!”
Brennan grabbed his hands into his and pressed them by the side of Jesse’s head on the bed. He bent to press his face against his and breathe in his scent. The magical scent of raindrops.. on roses. Red roses. And he whispered..
“Don’t you get it Jess..? You’re not going anywhere…”

Jess could feel his entire length tingle and quiver mightily at the sound of those words and he felt his control slipping. His throat was dry and he swallowed in vain. Brennan was kissing his closed eyes, his neck, his hair.. nibbling at his earlobes… licking the contours of his face.
“Brennan .. please.. no..”
“Yes Jesse.. just like old times isn’t it? Tell me what you want.. and I’ll give it to you.. I’ll make you remember everything that you think you’ve forgotten…”
Brennan’s breath on his face was driving him crazy. He could feel the red heat rising on every inch of his skin and his cock getting harder as it rubbed against Brennan’s already stiff organ.
“I’ll make you see.. that you don’t need anybody else to make you happy.. I’m here for you.. let me in Jess… let me in..”
Jesse realized Brennan was asking for his permission.
//This is my chance! Is it?//
He could feel the tide rising.. rising beyond his constraints.. the passion for this beautiful man on top of him was too much to suppress and forget. But wait.. he could.. he should.. he had to.. before it was too late! This was no good.
// No good! No good! //

Jesse started to struggle again. This time earnestly. Brennan was surprised but not so surprised after all. Jesse was smaller and younger, but he sure was strong-willed and right now, quite desperate to break free. He almost pushed Brennan off when the electrical converted his index finger into a tazor and zapped him in his ribs. Jesse bucked under the totally unexpected attack and Brennan took the opportunity and grabbed his hands again. He was straddling Jesse and the boy’s legs pressed into the bed couldn’t reach an angle to cause him much damage. Jesse groaned more in shock than.. the actual.. electrical.. shock.

“Sorry about that Jess.”
Jesse tried to say something but a mouth covered his and swallowed all his sounds into the deepest kiss of his life. The kiss to seduce him into silence and it worked. Jesse was in a daze. Soon he felt something cold going around his wrists as they were raised above his head .. and to his horror realized Brennan had handcuffed him to the railing above him. Jesse panicked.
“Brennan no. Stop please. I told you we’re over.”
“Don’t lie to me Jess.. I can see it in your eyes that you still want me. What are you afraid of?”
“I am not afraid. I am not interested! And specially not in a guy who just tazored me! Let me go!”
Brennan looked like he would give in right then. But he tried once more.
“Stop fighting me Jess. This doesn’t have to be this way.. “
“Fuck off”
Bad choice of words. Brennan stilled.
// Oh-kay //

For the longest time, they stayed like that.. just staring into each other’s eyes. One pair dark with insurmountable lust, the other with.. fear and anxiety and .. pain..? Brennan couldn’t be sure. But he did see one thing he was surely sure of.. one thing he could never be mistaken about..
Oh yeah. Jesse was trembling with his own desire and he was fighting so hard against it. His insides were coiling up.. he was hot and sweating and bothered and restless and his cock was throbbing. The boy on top could feel the erection under his own. And Brennan smiled.
“Relax Jesse…”

Jesse didn’t like the tone of that voice. It told him his protests were in vain. That he was truly vulnerable to Brennan and couldn’t do a damn thing about it. It told him he was losing himself… again. He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment and when he opened them, Brennan wasn’t there.

He then felt the hot body sliding down his length .. long elegant fingers exploring his torso.. up and down.. until they reached his groin and Jesse gasped. A hand began to stroke his cock from over his jeans while another worked at undressing it. He felt the zipper pulled down gently and the underwear ripped away roughly, leaving him exposed to Brennan’s skillful hands.
“please.. please..”

Jesse was breathless, didn’t even know what he wanted anymore. Brennan took his time admiring the beautiful organ in the dim light as he caressed and tugged at the blond patch of hair just above. Jesse blushed a crimson red and tried to get away but it was hopeless. Brennan continued to stroke the shaft .. slow then fast.. up then down.. driving Jesse out of his mind. He struggled.. against the bonds on his wrists, against the moans threatening to rise through his dry throat, against the unbidden uninvited.. unholy stimulation on his private parts.. he struggled to keep control .. and failed. And when Brennan gripped his weeping organ and licked the head… he couldn’t suppress the scream any longer.

The above mentioned couldn’t have been happier.
“You know how much I’ve missed this Jess? You .. screaming my name …”
And he dove right in. Swallowing Jesse’s cock in one go.. only to slide back up and away until he was just licking again. Just as Jesse began to moan in agony at the loss, he found himself engulfed again. Into the warm wetness of Brennan’s mouth. Tongue doing an excellent job on his underside while one of the hands tickled and scratched the velvet balls.

Jesse was now begging and pleading but it was all gibberish. And when he started to part his legs and thrust his hips upwards, Brennan knew he’d won alright.
But he wasn’t going to let him off so easy. He gripped the base of the penis to keep him from ejaculating and began to suck with increasing pressure until Jesse went from writhing in pure pleasure to writhing in pure agony. Brennan wasn’t allowing him to come!
“Take it slow kid.. slow.. and easy..”
“No! Not slow! Not slow please!”
Brennan was a God at this. The pumping went on incessantly and stopped just as suddenly, only to have the same treatment meted out to the balls. But the fist gripping the base of his cock and blocking his much-needed release wouldn’t let go. Brennan sure was exacting revenge on him for the past two weeks. Jeez who’d have thought he’d be so merciless! Jesse was sobbing now.
“Brennan pl-please… please.. “

The tormentor raised his head to look at the bound figure above him. Jesse was a sight from heaven. His eyes were shut tight with tears squeezed out at the sides. Even in the dim night light, you could see tiny droplets of sweat shining on his forehead and cheekbones. His mouth was open and gasping soundlessly as he desperately tried to recall how to inhale. And his chest heaved up and down with the huge effort.. Brennan couldn’t torment himself any longer. He re-attached his mouth to the pained cock and let go of the base. A slight pressure was enough to coax out a furious orgasm accompanied by the loudest scream that night.

Good thing their chambers were soundproofed. Jesse let his upper torso arch up as far as he could go, his feet planted flat on the bed.. and he was spasming and cumming again and again.. and again. It seemed to last forever.
Brennan swallowed every drop.. the all too familiar, tang taste of Jesse he’d missed so much. He milked Jesse until it was finally over and Jesse fell back onto the bed, panting, boneless.. exhausted.
He even forgot all his previous protest and struggles as he let Brennan slide back up and kiss him, ever so gently on the mouth. He tasted himself on Brennan and … smiled.. his very first that night. The expression wasn’t lost on Brennan as he let the warmth of that beautiful smile wash away the pangs of guilt he’d felt earlier .. if at all. He licked away the drops of tears and sweat from Jesse’s flushed face, loving how warm and soft the boy felt to his lips. He pushed back strands of hair from his face and stroked the bridge of his nose lovingly.

“Look at you Jesse.. look at you..”
Brennan smiled at the boy beneath.. who was too tired to protest anymore.. he was so beautiful.. and he made him so happy.. how could he ever let him go? He wouldn’t let him go. No way.
// No damn way! //
Jesse was thinking pretty much the same thing.. except the last part..
// God he’s driving me crazy.. this guy is driving me crazy.. I gotta get out before.. before its too late! //
And Jesse’s smile vanished.

He knew it was hopeless, but he had to try it anyway.
“Please.. let me go now..”
His voice nothing more than a hoarse whisper. Brennan stared into his eyes for awhile, then heaved noisily and got up.. back into seated upright position while still straddling the bound young lad.
And he heaved another huge sigh. Jesse felt his breath on his face and shuddered.
“Not yet Jess.. as you must have guessed already… “
Brennan’s voice brimmed with erotic mischief, as he put a hand into his jacket to draw out a … a book.. and he flipped it open.
It was a dictionary.

“… I haven’t even started.”


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