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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Birthday thanks :)

Thank you people for your lovely birthday wishes! :) I logged on this morning and spent hours grinning so hard and so wide my face hurts :D I'm not home yet, planned return date as it stands right now is 12th August. Sorry if I haven't made it to your LJ posts - I will soon, promise!

I have to pimp this stuff out.. 'cause it's gorgeous! ;P
These are from two of my Xmen friends..sg_fic made this awesome Cyclops art... so drop dead cute! Thank you so much sweetie *hugs* :)
And cricket52579 made this awesome Scott/Logan art and I'm absolutely breathless with the squeeing :D Thank you so much darling *hugs* :)
And this one's for SPN lovers.. sammynce made a mammoth Jared picspam and it's an absolute delight!! I don't have words to thank you enough darling.. love you so much! *hugs* :)
EDIT: roseganymede wrote me a hot little wincesty drabble! It's in the second comment on this page and it's so bloody awesome!!! Thanks again sweetie *clings tight* :)

And while I'm at it, I should thank from the bottom of my heart - chuzz, katikat, alleysweeper, zomzoms, roseganymede, sammynce, l_vera01 and suprnaturalfan for the fantastic v-gifts. cheers guys *dances around* :)
Thanks also to jillybean_6939, insaneboingo, roseganymede (who is writing me a Sammy drabble yayyy!!! :D), uraniachang, kiraynn, lostandalone22, andrea_deer, impala_chick, mayalaen, prophetofdoomy, ravanna, maeve6dance, kaewi, and c_ntbucket for remembering me. You guys are so sweet, I'm really touched.

And if I missed someone out, I'm sorry - will get to all posts soon I promise! *huggles*

Is the comic con this weekend? Everyone who's going - have fun! :) I hope there's lots and lots of videos next time I log on hehe.

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I guess you haven't seen my post in dean_sam

No I didn't! Rushing over now :)

Honey, how could we NOT care about you and your birthday? I first wanted to do something bigger, like actually writing or drawing you something, but I thought you might...you know, you might feel strange about it because we do not know each other very well yet and - well, not everybody is comfortable with my need to show love and affection that directly :/
♥ Just - enjoy your time, feel well, be well, okay?

:D Don't worry about it sweetie. And it doesn't matter that we haven't known each other too long. I still love you just as much as I love a lot of my older friends on LJ 'cause you're so awesome! *hugs* :) I'm fortunate to be surrounded by such kind and wonderfully talented friends :)

You just made me blush like crazy. Damn, girl, you're just - you're so amazing and so loveable, it's...such a pleasure to know you and be able to get to know you, slowly.

Oh my I knew I forgot something *hangs head in shame*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie, I hope you had a great day *hugs you tight*

:D No worries darling!! Thank you so much, it's not late 'cause I've only logged in today in about a week :) *hugs back* cheers hon!

*yay* You sound like you're having a good time?

You're welcome, hon, it's the least we can do for reading so many wonderful fics from you!

Glad to know that you're enjoying you vacation! *hugs*

You're very welcome, m'dear! I'm so glad you liked the fic <3

I hope your birthday was lovely. *hugs*

Please, pretty please, excuse me my late wish! *puppy eyes* RL is eating away my free time and I couldn't wish you a very happy birthday!


But here I am, desiring everything that is good and beautiful for you, because I know you deserve it! Happy birthday hon! ;D


Awww... thank you so much sweetheart!!! :) Late is just as great I don't mind at all :D (hugs)

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