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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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HP: Draco (bad dark wizards)

Deep revelations. Not.

1. Question - can you be passive aggressive and a drama queen at the same time? A passive aggressive drama queen, really? See I think I'm neither, but I've been known to be wrong before.

2. Completed Pillars of the Earth at last. Was a good read, but heavy. Historical fiction generally always is. Because the author is trying so hard to cram in and show off ALL of the research they've done heh, least that's the impression I get. The book has strong (but not perfect, thank God) female characters and that might explain why it made it to Oprah's Book club. One of the younger characters, Jonathan, is supposed to be notable for his extraordinary height. No points for guessing who I visualized for that role heh.

3. I hate the news. 16-yr olds getting knifed, 17-yr olds tied to trees and burnt alive, eight month old babies getting shaken to their deaths, 84-yr old war veterans driven to attempting suicide. *winces* My life is a walk in the clouds in comparison so.. I've decided to stop whining and start living whatever years I've got left on this planet to the fullest, before someone takes my sorry arse out of this world as well.

4. Feel a bit like Cousin Kyle saying this (and tell me if you get this reference ;-P) - has anyone seen Tom Felton in the new Harry Potter movie preview yet? The bangs are gone, bugger, but he's still cute. And this is a big movie for Malfoy. Awesome. Looking forward to it.

5. To my dearest friend VP... you know I love you sweetheart. No matter what happens, I'm still going to be right here, continuing to represent our little no-wank no-hate clique on LJ. And you know I'll wait patiently for you to come back. So please hurry okay? *hugs*

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I hate the news.

Me, too. Therefore I'm not watching them.

*hugs* How're you doing sweetie?

The news does suck, doesn't it? I just wish that we could hear more of the good stories that are out there. Unfortunately, they aren't "newsworthy". *makes face*

There are no good stories :( The few snippets of good are so rare and because they're so rare they touch me so deeply that I start crying anyway so basically.. there is no bloody winning with the bloody newspaper is there? *sighs*

You said it hon. News suck

Well, can you? I don't know, I think you definitely can; people are not like figures on a chessboatd; humans sometimes work in ways that scare me - I think you can be aggressive and passive at the same time; I can be, too, always considered my mood, who I am with and who I want to be with.
And ooh, I never read that book before, but then again, I have to admit I am more a girl of pop literature than something classic or old anyway, sadly. I enjoy Stoker, I LOVE Dostoyevsky, but all in all, I am stupid enough to stick with King and Pratchett. Glas you enjoyed it, though <3

Can fully understand why you hate the news though, Sternchen. Please, do not let these things get too close to you, you inly start becoming depressive - and I do not want that to happen, anyway for how long I've "known" you.

Heh I guess you're right hon. But I always assumed someone who is passive aggressive would by definition not let it all out. While a drama queen would go to any lengths to attract attention and let it all out. *shrugs* Felt a little mutually exclusive to me but now I can understand how the two could overlap in some cases.

The book is by Ken Follett so it is a piece of contemporary writing for sure hon. I think it was written in the late 90s. I never read Dostoyevsky and you know I didn't start with the best book by King either hehe. Maybe I should catch up with some King now that I am done with Pillars :)

Please, do not let these things get too close to you, you inly start becoming depressive - and I do not want that to happen, anyway for how long I've "known" you.

You're such a sweet girl Rave.. I can't believe I've stumbled upon someone so adorable absolutely by chance! :) Thank you so so much! *huggles*

(Deleted comment)
I went to school with some nut jobs but I cnaq't imagine anyoen at my school kniving someone, killing them in cold blood.

Back when I was in high school the trend was mostly to hurt your own self heh. A bunch of self-destructive experimenting pill-popping types we were. I know we made a lot of mistakes but we weren't cruel or so completely immune to violence as kids are these days.

You got the reference! :) Well yeah they might be fair game now but hey, you've seen them when they were 11 :D That image is hard to shake off so soon I guess. Both Radcliffe and Felton are still kids to me :) I use Welling and Holbrook (my icon) as my Harry and Draco when I read the slash hehe ;)

You a drama queen? From what I've seen of you I doubt that very much sweetheart! :) So where's the rest of your lovely foursome fic at? *bats eyelids hopefully* :)

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I haven't watched news regularly since 2001. It's too depressing. Of course cnn.com is just as depressing, so I try to stay way from that site.

I know hon.. never been a regular news person myself. Reading about all this violence and wars just makes me sick to my stomach. Ignorance definitely is bliss heh.

1. Some folks can be (because I've totally seen it), but I don't think you are.

Heh. You're my friend you are supposed to say good things about me! :P Nah I'm totally kidding :) Thanks hon. You know how you have arguments with people and you say mean things to each other.. someone said I was this and I was just.. stunned. *sighs* Basically told them to make up their mind because it couldn't be both IMO.


Yep! :) Think he makes a gorgeous Draco to perv on, especially since I still think of Felton as just a kid haha

I read 'Pillars of the Earth' quite some time ago so I don't remember the details, but I do recall being totally engrossed and captivated with the story. One of my top ten!

Yeah i know! You recced it to me when I was thinking of starting to read it remember? :)

The news over here isn't any better either :/ I swear, it feels like it's got worse in the years since I came over, though I have no idea if there are any official stats that prove that.

Its got nothin to do with you obviously sweetheart :) But like I was sayin to Samantha before, the new generation of kids is more prone to violence and destructive behaviour than I think my generation was when we were teenagers. So there probably is a trend and the stats might prove it.

*slides in quick*

I'd like to be a member of the no-wank, no-hate brigade too, yes please? I dun like squabbling. ;)

Oh but you already are sweetie! :D I don't friend wankers.

*smishes* :)

1. Why yes I can. When I try REALLY hard. :D :D :D
3. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=37149621 Yes, the news does suck. Have some puppies!


OMG Puppies!!!! So many of them!! And so darn cute!!! :) Awwww... *replays* Thanks so much hon :)

*waves back*

My life is a walk in the clouds in comparison

You're absolutely right! Why is this lesson so easy to forget though? :/

so.. I've decided to stop whining and start living whatever years I've got left on this planet to the fullest, before someone takes my sorry arse out of this world as well.

That's the spirit! *hugs* And sure you can be a passive aggressive drama queen, I know just the guy! However, I seriously doubt you're one. Take care hon, and have a great weekend ♥

See I'm starting to learn my lesson and force myself out of the funk heh. But you know what would REALLY cheer me up? Your new crossover verse of course! ;) Hey no pressure hon, post whenever you're ready. I'm just gonna sit here and pray that you're ready soon! :D

I got your message abt school and the job.. hey you better NOT chicken out you hear me!?! :) This is a good opportunity ain't it? All the best with school and everything sweetie :)


I can ride a bike with no Handlebars.

I've never really understood the term 'passive-aggressive.' I only know that apparently, according to my sister, I never get along with them. And as for drama queen, pfft. Anyone can be a drama queen, you just need to be fabulous <3 :P

Ohh~ *marks book down* I need new reads, and speaking of heavy books have you ever read 'Lolita'?

After 9/11 I was forced to just accept that the world is a bad place to be, let alone live, and tried to move on. Humankind is born and bred for destruction, we make landmarks and great things and then invest in greater landmarks and greater things to destroy them. Christianity likes to reference our building 'great' things to emphasis that we are God's chosen species, however I'm just getting flashbacks to the Tower of babel.
You may not be video game heavy but if you ever get the chance, try to play Metal Gear Solid 3, it's set in the 1960's when the arms race for nuclear devices was at it's hight. I like how it uses history and real examples to drive a real point home about just what we create to try to feel 'better' about ourselves and our country and our species.

*looks up* Sorry about that... I guess the point I was trying to make was: indulge while you can. The words 'childish' and 'silly' may come to mind, but would you rather remember giggling over video games with your hubby, or tsking over the newspaper in the morning?

Re: I can ride a bike with no Handlebars.

LOL! My husband really is a big game freak. He's got a playstation and an xbox and he probably knows the game you talked about hehe ;)

Haven't read Lolita but the subject matter doesn't interest me anyway. Why, would you recommend it?

You sound so down in the dumps, sweetie, I'm sorry about that. I don't read or watch the news much but occasionally I cave and flick through a newspaper. Big mistake. The other day I came across a piece about a man who took an axe to his wife and two grandchildren... Why did I need to know that?! That's not news - that's sensationalism. People walking on the moon or a cure for disease, that would be worth reading. So, yeah, ignorance is bliss.

*sends warm fuzzies wending their way to you*

I'm so sorry for not responding sooner sweetie. Life's gotten kinda complicated of late. Still avoiding the bloody news channels and papers like a schizo :( You're right.. Ignorance really is bliss. So is alcoholic intoxication heh.

cheers hon. *hugs*

1. passive aggressive drama queen??? I guess we all have many faces and it's possible that a person can be all that. I know I'm usually passive but I can also be aggressive if I need to be.

2. I haven't read any good books these days ...would you suggest this to be a good book to read :)?

3. Every second of the day something terrible is happening in the world and it's really a miracle that some of us are leading a pretty stable lives with regular food in our stomachs and a safe place to sleep at night. I think you're right in that we should make the best of the time we have :) although I'm pretty definite that I'm not using my days to the fullest...

4. I haven't seen the preview for the new Harry Potter movie!! I must check it out!

2. Yes dear I would recommend it :) But only if you have the patience to last through an epic that lasts four generations. It is good tho.

4. Did you see? I adore Draco like I adore Sammy :) Am a huge Harry/Draco slasher, don't write any 'cause damn there are WAYYYY too many talented authors in that fandom and I never felt the need to write something that wasn't out there already hehe.

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