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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

A Very Bad Idea

For writers and artists of SPN fandom (in the slight chance that you missed this..)

Someone is trying to compile a book of fanfiction and fanart and send it to Kripke and the actors! Uhh... yeah. Don't you just hate them stupid light bulb moments? *shakes head*

Here is a post where you can comment and ask to not be included in this project. They are probably new to the whole fandom thing so might also be a good idea to advise them on how potentially dangerous this could be for all of us.

Update - she just changed her mind and dropped it. Yayy.

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You're kidding me? Are they insane?

Thanks for the heads up, babe.

*shakes head*

Completely nuts.

Exactly! I don't understand how someone can be so uninformed about the drastic consequences.

(Deleted comment)
LMAO!! You should send 'em both baby and all your HOT little drabbles too :P


(Deleted comment)
She's not doing it. Decided it was a bad idea. It's here, if you want to read it.

Cool! Thanks for the heads up.

Why? it was a great idea. She wouldn't take slash but ficgen and fanart

Sweetheart to the best of my knowledge, even gen fic and art is frowned upon because at the end of the day it is copyright infringement. *shrugs*

You know how fanvids are taken off youtube and cease and desist orders are issued to them regardless of whether they're slash or not? The networks and show producers worry that fanfic and fanart dilutes the brand and identity of the show itself, and it might even take business away from the show.

Good thing she dropped it. She probably got skinned alive by the fandom and the authors of those stories/pics. It's just one of those stupid moves that makes me shake my head. It's right up there with the ONTD crap.

Besides, despite the protests, you all know damn well Kripke and company knows about the fanfic. Didn't we read a while back that Kim practically force fed to the guys for a bit? LOL. I think Jared plays dumb to side step the 'random fanfic question asked by some fan who wants their moment in fame'. There is no fame to be found in asking that kind of question, as you only get weird looks and avoidance for the rest of the con. LOL.

Yeah I think the guys mentioned it in one of the interviews too that Kim Manners took printouts and gave them to Jared and Jensen. I'm sure if it was slash it must have made for some extremely awkward moments for the both of them hehe. I can't ever stop fanficcing, but God knows I do not want to talk to them about it. Like EVER!

There is no fame to be found in asking that kind of question, as you only get weird looks and avoidance for the rest of the con.

LOL! I can imagine! People should really THINK before they open their mouths, really *shakes head*

Well, to be fair, I really doubt this is something Jared can complain about. Some of the words that come out of his mouth have me thinking 'Jensen needs to put a muzzle on you'. LOL.

I'm sure Jared's having fun (he's a hard read), but still...

I told her "hell no" re: my parody carols (not because I thought she'd want them as much as just to be one more voice saying no, BAD IDEA) and she sent me a snippy message.

Haha really? Well there was a lot of snark in her posts as well so I'm not surprised. Just glad she came to her senses in time.

I love your icon! :)

thank god/giant panda for that!
My heart! attack.
Really. there are some limits. = LIMINAL. fandom is LIMINAL, in the BETWEEN> and 'outlet' and so where it should stay... for the most part. some slippage is understandable.
and the social kicks its heel in and we discover the fangirls/guys/assortedOther have moral levels too. and you thought you escaped that by joining networld.
Excuse my rant. I don't get out much.
Also, the 'you' i used, was entirely general. somewhat like 'we', but not 'us'. just to make sure y'all know i'm as biased etc. as the next person.

LOL yeah :D Rant or not sweetie.. Everything you said! ;) Of course I know what you mean.. end of the day not much difference between net world and the real one tho.

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