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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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SPN: Sam's eyelashes

J2 RPS fic: Fairytale gone bad

Title: Fairytale Gone Bad (Jared/Jensen)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: m/m slash, angst, language
Summary: Once upon a time, they had the perfect relationship. Until one day, they didn’t.
Author Notes: Set during filming of S4, no spoilers. Written for my dear friend matty_parkman who asked for something inspired by a Sunrise Avenue number. I chose ‘Fairytale Gone Bad’, rather it chose me heh. It's probably not what you had in mind hon, still hope you like it. Thanks shalooney for the beta. Song can be downloaded here.
Disclaimer: This is fanfiction. Which means it is not real, never happened, entirely make-believe. Not for profit. No slander or defamation intended to any real people mentioned, only borrowing their fantastic hot personas for creative exercise and fun.
Word Count: 4700

It was a bit dillematic.

I knew it's a story about breaking up. I don't like breaking up stories. Really, they are really, really sad stories, whether they are fanfics or happen in real life.
In the other hand, it's YOUR story! So, it would be fabulous. No doubt about it.

So, in the last few days I collected my guts to read it. And last night, I did it. I was right. It's devastating. I was so sad after reading it. *sniffs*

Oh my, Cyndra, could you make a sequel for it? The one where the boys back together? I couldn't stand to see them separated.

Hey sweetie! I'm sorry this is a sad one and a very hard story to read *pets* I applaud you for being brave enough tho :) Thank you so much hon. And I am planning a sequel.. I just can't seem to find my muses to cooperate right now, but be sure hon, I will set things right in this verse by end of this year :)

cheers again hon :) *hugs*

AH!! Broken!boys!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

I don't *like* broken boys!!! :(

Aww I'm sorry sweetie. This is a painful story, the worst I've ever written! Hope you read the rest of the stories tho.. everything else ends well :)

Gorgeous, honey...sad and gorgeous...


Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) Glad you enjoyed it even tho its kinda sad!


That was incredibly heartbreaking, but you wrote it sooo well!

Hey you.. guess you missed reading this back when I posted this? :) Yeah.. I was going through a dark mood back then when I wrote this haha :D Thank you so much for reading hon, I'm glad you liked!

im on the verge of tears right now. Get them back together fuckdamnit!!!

Haha.. sorry hon. This is the saddest angstiest thing I've ever written I know.. and nothing i try to come up with as a sequel works so.. *sighs* let's see. Thanks for reading!

Oh I do like betrayal fics, Don't know why, the angst and hurt boys maybe. Loved this one, loved the realism of no easy fixes. I do hope someday you manage a sequel, even if it isn't the ubiquitous happy ending! xx

Thank you so much! :) Yep I wanted to see if I could keep it as real as possible. I usually write happy endings but this was an experiment really ;) A sequel yeah, its been in the works for so long *sighs*.. let's see, no promises :)

Thanks again for reviewing!

I hate you. I hate you so, so much right now, because I'm sobbing and my heads are shaking and i don't even know if i'm spelling the words right, but I don't care.

Throughout the fic, my heart hurt. But it was okay because yeah, he screwed up, but maybe there was a chance at forgiveness. But the ending, the ending is what made me cry. Despite it being so open, there's a finality to it that just breaks my heart.

A time to move on, Jensen giving him hope that they can both move on just.

Excuse me, I went out of my room to get a tissue and immediately my cat starts meowing at me to see whats wrong and my sister starts laughing at me. Ow.

I love that you can make my heartbreak. But now you need to piece it back together. Maybe not here, not with a sequel, but somewhere else. Cause Damn. Ow. I mean, I would be Jensen if this were my life. I would react possibly the same way he did, but with more tears and less putting up with Jared's sadness. I would be a real bitch.

I love you.

I walked out of the room and seconds later you here a thump and my sister saying: The cat was craning his head to see your door so hard, he fell off the couch. *sniffles with amusement* Now I think I need to go review Inanimate Objects, which I just read and I love Kyra so much

OH! I found two songs that make me think of this fic:
Believe me Baby -Trisha Yearwood
Mine all Mine - SHeDAISY

(Deleted comment)
Sorry it made you cry hon *sheepish grin* It is the saddest thing I've written yes. Thanks for reading and reviewing, glad you liked!

I'm just amazed that you ended it there! I mean, honestly I'm glad you did, most stories end with them getting back together, and you left it open, Jensen wanting to watch the Spurs with him was a clue to that. And you sure have a way to make me feel sorry for JARED even though he's the one that cheated. ;D EXTREMELY lovely and heartwrenching.

Hey you! I see you've been reading all my stories and I'm so happy you're reviewing as well!! :) Thank you so much sweetie!!

For this story, yeah, I didn't want to be unrealistic - cause truth is, one never really recovers fully from a betrayal. Everyone's been asking me for a sequel to fix it tho.. and maybe someday I will. When I'm feeling optimistic in general hehe ;)

Thanks again!! And now I'll get to the rest of your comments :) *smishes*

WOW sorry but i really HATE this Jensen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not used to this kind of Jensen in your stories, he was really mean and violent :(

Yeah this story is.. well, I was in a bad phase/mood when I wrote it heh - sorry that's my only excuse. But to be fair, when your partner cheats on you it really does fuck you up big time. In a perfect world a perfect guy might handle it better, but yeah, the Jensen in my story isn't perfect, and he doesn't take it well.

Anyhoo, thanks for reading!

Eu já tinha lido essa fic incrível,mas não tinha deixado comentário!Reli e posso dizer que chorei.Principalmente por jensen!A traição leva as pessoas pra baixo.Quem é traído se sente um lixo!È ser esfaqueado pelas costas sem chance de defesa!Jared merecia sofrer muito mais!Entendo as fraquezas humanas,mas acredito na lei do retorno.Você colhe o que semeia!Não tenho pena de Jared!Acredito que até pode ser perdoado,mas esquecer nunca!!Confiança éum bem raro e quando se perde é difícil recuperar!Nesse caso Jensen tem todo meu apoio,ele não merecia!E sua ficé muito bem escrita,você ganhou uma fâ ardorosa em SP!!