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SPN: Sam's eyelashes

J2 RPS fic: Fairytale gone bad

Title: Fairytale Gone Bad (Jared/Jensen)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: m/m slash, angst, language
Summary: Once upon a time, they had the perfect relationship. Until one day, they didn’t.
Author Notes: Set during filming of S4, no spoilers. Written for my dear friend matty_parkman who asked for something inspired by a Sunrise Avenue number. I chose ‘Fairytale Gone Bad’, rather it chose me heh. It's probably not what you had in mind hon, still hope you like it. Thanks shalooney for the beta. Song can be downloaded here.
Disclaimer: This is fanfiction. Which means it is not real, never happened, entirely make-believe. Not for profit. No slander or defamation intended to any real people mentioned, only borrowing their fantastic hot personas for creative exercise and fun.
Word Count: 4700

Sweetheart, I love your stuff!! I always do BUT this, please, you have GOT to fix!!!
Fairy Tales are supposed to have happy endings!!!!

I'm sorry sweetheart. Just was in an angsty sucky mood and took it out on the poor boys heh. Real life isn't a fairy tale tho right? *sighs* Okay okay! :) I'm.. working on it.. promise :)

Ouch! This was beautifully written. The hopeful ending was perfect...not too much. I think it's tempting to go with everything works out perfectly but this was so much more moving. Tissue alert to be sure. Thanks for posting this lovely story!

Aww finally!! Thank you so much sweetheart!!! *clings* :) I'm so glad you liked the story hon. As much as we want life to be all lollipops and candy canes, its just NOT. I couldn't make it sound believable any other way. cheers again hon :)

In my heart, I know Jensen is already on his way to forgiving Jared. At least that's how I'm taking the ending of your heart-rending, well-written story. Love, Robin

Yes I think he's just about getting there or at least will, in time :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie. Glad you liked! :)

I finally got around reading this. GReat story, hurting just the right way. Any chance on a sequel fixing them?

Amazing writing, and I simply adore you for having Eliza Dushku in it!

This was a great story. It was so heartbreaking for both of them

I hope that there will be a sequel to this so that they can get past this & get back together

This was very angsty and why you should never date someone you work with. LOL

Seriously, it was very well done and you did an excellent job of describing all of the emotions that each of the guys was dealing with. ♥

Heh interesting.. I was just going for "never cheat on your partner" :D:D Kidding hon ;) Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing. I know its pretty angsty but am glad you liked :)


This was so incredibly heart breaking and had me glued to the screen right to the very end. It feels more real because it's after seeing Jared's thinning photo in you previous post and there was the talk about Jared losing weight. I did hope for them to get back together but I actually liked the way you ended it. It gave hope :). Thank you so much for this powerful story. I'm totally bowing at your feet for the awesomeness :D!! *hugs*

Thank you so much sweetie. I am very relieved you liked it. But hon honestly, you don't need to leave me feedback just because I just left some for you, really :) I'd love it if you liked something of mine and reviewed it yourself of course.. hell who wouldn't! :D But unlike a lot of ppl out there, that is not why I read your stuff and i hope you don't think of it as having to return a favor. *hugs* Take care sweetheart.

Oh wow...will there be a sequel sometimes soon?

Thanks! I am still in two minds about it heh. But I hope so :) cheers hon.

God, this was so beautiful, and so sad. I love the imagery you used, especially when it came to describing Jensen's anger -- spot on, great job!

And, obviously, I'd love to see a happy sequel. But the thing with forgiving is just how much dignity you're willing to sacrifice, and whether you love the other more than the need to shelter yourself. Sigh.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :) I'm really glad I could communicate the betrayal Jensen feels.

But the thing with forgiving is just how much dignity you're willing to sacrifice, and whether you love the other more than the need to shelter yourself. Sigh.

You're right abt that hon. But sometimes choosing love over self-preservation is a sign of an unhealthy dependence. Of course in this case, I'd say Jared regrets it more than he can ever convey and if he got a second chance he would never let Jensen down again. *shrugs* Yikes maybe I should write a happy sequel heh ;) cheers hon.

Someone on my flist said I should go and read this.

And, uh, you broke my heart. In a good way. It hurts, but still...

Thank you for reading and reviewing hon. It is the saddest thing I've ever written yeah. I'm glad it left an impression on you for awhile, cheers hon :)

oh wow, how sad...and awful...so much pain, poor guys but i think jensen was being an ass, taking it too far but then again, i am really pro jared in this...so who knows...?


Thank you sweetie :) *huggles* Good to see you here on my LJ! Yeah this one was angst-overload alright, and I can't be sure whose side I was on myself when I wrote this. Was going through some marital crap at the time *shakes head* :) cheers again hon!

So I read your new fic today 'Won't let Texas come in the way' and loved it so much, stuck it in memories and everything, that I came to check out any other J2 you've written.

I'm now an emotional wreck having read this amazing angstfest - my God girl, you reduced me to tears! and I am writing to make a special request. If you don't feel like doing a full on sequel, how about an alternative ending? Don't get me wrong, I do love the ending, but I badly need more *clings*.

What do you think? Any chance? Perlease?

Anyway, if you can't find it in your heart to fix them *glares*, I just wanted you to know that I'll be watching out for any further J2 writings by you, because you are clearly seriously good at this stuff.

Edited to add: Dude, you're in London! I live in Windsor.

Edited at 2008-10-10 04:42 pm (UTC)

Thank you for reading and for your lovely reviews! I'm so sorry this one is so emotionally wrecking. *winces* I get that a lot :p

Yeah I'm in London, HI neighbor!! :) So nice of you to drop by ;) Thanks again for the kind words hon. And.. um you know what, RL's kind of a bitch right now but I will DEFINITELY come up with something to fix this one. An alternate ending is a good idea.

cheers hon :)


I..I didn't really think it was gonna end that way. Ouch. That - that really hurts. It was beautiful, but lots of pain left. Dang.

Awww, I'm sorry hon :) This one's an angst!fest I know. But I'm really glad you read and liked it! I just might write a sequel later to fix them :D But the intensity of this piece would have been lost if I'd given it an unrealistic happy ending you know?

cheers hon :)

Me again. :) Can't say as I liked this one but felt I should take the good with the bad and comment anyway. In for a penny, in for a pound, ya know?

Yeah, it's realistic. Fairytales don't always come true. But I try to read only fanfic where they end up together. There's enough reality and depressing things in real life. I would never go looking for it in the place where I usually go for a lighter, happy-ever-after feeling. Nothing against the story, per se, and it was well written but I wish I hadn't read it. Had I known how it would end, I wouldn't have. I know you can't give away the ending in a warning, though, so it's no fault of yours.

I didn't find it open-ended at all. Jensen taking the ring back was a definitive moment, for me. It seemed clear that they were moving on from each other rather than toward getting back together. Maybe if Jared had a better reason? Something going on in his head? Maybe Jensen could have found a way to forgive him, then. But just a moment of weakness? I can't blame Jensen for not wanting to forgive that. Jensen's probably had moments of weakness, too. We all do. It's what you do in them that's telling and in this one, it told me that Jared wasn't as 'forever committed' as Jensen was. Probably best they find out now than further down the road, I suppose.

For the story you wanted to tell, though, you did a good job, as always. No criticism against your writing and if you ever did do a sequel, I'm sure I'd read it. Who am I kidding... I'd absolutely love for you to be able to prove me wrong on this. That it really did mean as much to Jared as it did to Jensen and that their love was strong enough to get past it. That's not how I feel at the end of this one, but that's not to say that it's not true.

Ok, enough out of me lol. I'm off to find something a little more satisfying. Can't leave my two free hours on a Saturday on that note. The horror! ;) I look forward to reading more of your work once I work this one out of my system lol. Thanks for sharing!

Hey you! :)

I'm so sorry hon.. maybe I should put bigger warnings because you're right - we all expect and hope for happy endings in fanfics since there are so few in real life. I tried, but I think because I was just going through a rough patch in my own marriage at the time, the happy ending where everyone forgives everyone and moves on just wasn't ringing so true for me. I guess you know this hon - writing is pure and free therapy really. Heh, even tragic writing like this one!

Thanks anyway for trudging all the way to the end and, I guess I should make it up to you (and everyone else who's read this heh) by writing a sequel and fix it. I suppose I have reason to believe now that happy endings can happen in real life too :)

Thank you so much for your very honest feedback :)

Ow. You broke my heart with this one darling. *pets Jared* It's a gorgeous read and I suppose if you want real and believable, then yeah this is the way to end it. But damn it I don't want real, I want happy smiling boys making up and making out like bunnies!!!! *g* Please pretty please hon? For me? *batting eyelids*

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie :) I'm sorry I know this is a hurty one. But hopefully I will find time to write a happy ending sequel for it eventually heh. Please just give me some time okay? :) cheers hon!! *hugs*

This one just breaks my heart a little...in the oh so good but still painful way that some of the best stories do. I really really like this story, it's not something often seen in J2 and the ending kinda took me by surprise, I guess I've gotten used to the happy endings:) But the ending just makes the impact of the story so much more powerful, even if it break me a little.
When Jensen takes back the ring, it all just come to a stop and I could almost hear Jared's last piece of hope crumble, man that hurt! There is not going back when trust if broken, or at least it will be a long hard road to regain it if ever:)

The story is perfect as it is now, but I would truly enjoy hearing some more about what could happen after this point:)

Anyway you're such a great writer, thank god for the SPN storyfinder community it never fails to lead me to great stories:P

Thanks again for reading! I know this one's a really hard one to read, and maybe I should put in really big warnings for angst heh.

But the ending just makes the impact of the story so much more powerful, even if it break me a little.

I'm glad you agree hon. I tried writing an alternate ending as well but it just didn't seem believable enough to me personally. Altho I have been seriously thinking about doing a sequel that takes place a few months later and setting things right :) The trust was broken alright, and it needs time to heal again.

Thank you so much for your lovely words hon :) I'm so glad you've enjoyed my writing! *clings*