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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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SPN: Sam's eyelashes

J2 RPS fic: Fairytale gone bad

Title: Fairytale Gone Bad (Jared/Jensen)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: m/m slash, angst, language
Summary: Once upon a time, they had the perfect relationship. Until one day, they didn’t.
Author Notes: Set during filming of S4, no spoilers. Written for my dear friend matty_parkman who asked for something inspired by a Sunrise Avenue number. I chose ‘Fairytale Gone Bad’, rather it chose me heh. It's probably not what you had in mind hon, still hope you like it. Thanks shalooney for the beta. Song can be downloaded here.
Disclaimer: This is fanfiction. Which means it is not real, never happened, entirely make-believe. Not for profit. No slander or defamation intended to any real people mentioned, only borrowing their fantastic hot personas for creative exercise and fun.
Word Count: 4700

I like this- if they can't be lovers, it's nice if they move to friends. And then eventually, who knows what might happen?

Thank you so much for reading hon. And you're right.. being able to be friends and hang around together is a huge step in the right direction.
cheers :)

This was so sad and beautifully written. Made me cry. I wanted to just shake the both of them for being so stubborn! Very nice job, but please...don't leave them like this...they need to get back together for their sanity (and mine), heh. :)

You brought out the emotions so well and had me totally caught up in the moment with Jen and Jared - great job!

Awww *huggles* Thank you sooooo much for reading and reviewing hon. I left them at a place where hopefully they can work their way back to each other. I don't know if I should write a sequel yet :)
cheers again for your kind and wonderful words :)

One word:


That hurt. But in a good way. It was believable. And in life it's not always happy endings...

I loved this actually. It didn't make me cry, but it affected me in other ways. It was realistic.

Also the first "scene" with the packing.... That worked on so many levels.!!!

I love your writing talents honey! :D


Also...HEEE! A Finnish band (Sunrise Avenue) xD So funny to see Finnish songs in some fan mixes and as a inspiration for fics or requests...(or in vids) Usually Finnish music isn't that popular outside our borders so it always surprises me ;D

Edited at 2008-06-28 03:43 pm (UTC)

Sunrive Avenue rocks! The person who gave me this prompt introduced me to their music and i love it :)

And thank you so very much for reading and for your amazing feedback sweetie. You're always so very kind to me :) I did want to keep it as realistic as possible. And I haven't seen many couples survive infidelity. Fact I know of none *shrugs* It sucks but hey, it's life.

cheers again hon *hugs* :)

idiot jared
was good
but are they just going to be friends---more needed--please :)

Thank you so much for reading hon :) At this point I think if they can just manage to be friends.. it'll be miraculous enough. But maybe in future..? you never know right.

cheers again!

Such a sad story. :( I feel bad for the both of them - bad situation to be in all the way around. Well done story - very believable. Thanks for sharing. :)

Jen! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetheart :) It just kept sadder and sadder as I wrote it, sorry.
Hope you're doing well hon *hugs*

That was very well written. The words made me melt into a pile of sad goo. Definately got your point across and kept me interested through out. A sequel would be promising but I think leaving it alone would keep the frame of mind intact and keep readers wondering. Some stories just deserve the wondering mind of the readers rather than be carried on into something else. Just my thoughts.

Thank you! I'm very glad you liked it hon and thank you for your encouraging feedback! :)

I agree with you 100%! I did intend to leave it at this point - it's about as hopeful as it can get realistically. I'm still trying to think of a sequel that wouldn't take away from this one.. :) Let's see.

cheers hon.

I really liked it, the idea was original and the flow was good too!
Great job!

Thank you!!! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it hon. cheers.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks so much hon! I know its super angsty, but glad you like :) The boys do deserve a massive hug after this heh.

Well, because you wanted to hear it.

First thing – I absolutely love you for the ending, because damn, I don’t know, I somehow feared it would be such a fluffy awwwwe’retogetheragain one, and as much as I like them together and happy, I also believe in tragedy and I think you just built it so greatly here that it would simply have cut down the high quality you offered here.
Second – thank you for posting this.
I mean, already the first sentence is just so hooking; I actually only wanted to read this later today (to say: now, around 9 pm) but I just looked at it and started way earlier then I wanted to, because well, you definitely created atmosphere one couldn’t do different but follow. Not naming what happened between those guys is just so amazing, I mean, we get to know it later, but that’s the way I like it, you worked with “Show, don’t tell” along the way, and that’s something not many writers can do these days. Jared without sweets – how much of a goddamn and GOOD symbol is that? I think the scene that got stuck into my head the most was the one of Jensen realising that Jared lost lots of weight.
Lots of.
The whole hotel scene at the ending was definitely great, too – not only filled with suspense, because I wasn’t sure how things would work out, and then the ring and Jensen and moving on and…you know, you made me continue reading without forcing the story or the characters on me; you just have a really good style, catchy in its own way, without an overuse of metaphors and whatnot but still creating so much FEELING and sympathy and interest.
The only thing that somehow made me go “naah, not like that” was Jared’s suffer. I mean, seeing them both, I think Jared’s the one being kinda unstable and still boyish, but how MUCH he suffered was just so gigantic and made me wonder IF men really suffer that way, on an emotional side ( I cannot tell for I’ve never seen one suffer before. Besides on TV, which doesn’t count) But STILL – this was definitely a great story. Jensen was absolutely admirable and seemed so IC for me, because whenever I hear him talking and ranting a little, he just seems to be the way you presented him, trying to deal with things and not exactly letting stuff work through his shell. But that’s just personal impression, sure.
All in all – very, very good. I think the ending makes a perfect solution; it’s so free and thrown into your imagination that you, you know, THINK about the story when you’ve finished it, and keeping a story in mind like that is always a good thing not many authors can make you feel alike these days, because too many offer solutions and just TELL too much.
…my gosh, I’m so repetitive. Sorry.
I really hope to read something this good from you anytime in future. I’ll definitely keep your name in mind. Keep up the great work!

(oh, and Sunrise Avenue sure is a great band and that sure is a great song. Nice choice!)

Re: Well, because you wanted to hear it.

WOW. You're so generous sweetheart, thank you so much for your wonderful feedback!

I'm glad you agree with the ending because I really do think that's about as realistic as it can get. If they manage to be friends again, that would be a miracle in itself, most exes can't even look at each other.

Jared without sweets – how much of a goddamn and GOOD symbol is that? I think the scene that got stuck into my head the most was the one of Jensen realising that Jared lost lots of weight.

I'm glad you got that!! Just wanted to portray how it's a huge deal for Jared. Because not only is he suffering the loss of his perfect relationship, he also has to deal with the GUILT, something Jensen doesn't. Jensen can find refuge in his anger but Jared doesn't have that luxury. And see in a way this answers your question about why Jared is suffering so much. Guilt is the worst weight to have on your conscience.

Thanks again hon. Your words mean a lot to me :)

OMG. Brilliant, as usual, but now I'm totally depressed! I'll have to google for a fic with warm puppies or something. :)

Awww I'm sorry sweetheart. Was just in a mood to vent heh. I read Man in the Yellow Hat again to cheer me up :D:D
cheers for reading hon *hugs*

Very nicely done, and that ending worked for me! Thanks :-)

THANK YOU!!! :) You've no idea how much that means! I did think I left them at a point that was as realistically hopeful as possible. cheers hon.

very well written...loved it!!! However..It needs a sequel..lol

Haha.. yeah most everyone wants one :) I'm still thinking about it tho. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) Glad you liked it.

Jared’s eyes really can water on cue, without the slightest hint of glycerin or anything. He’s just that good.

and because the story, was just "that good", i don't need glycerin either.

Awww.. really? Thank you so much sweetheart! That's such an awesome piece of feedback!! *gushes*I'm glad you.. well, um, I'm not glad you cried but.. gah.. you know what I mean right? :)
cheers hon *hugs* :)


A break-up!fic ...

I want them to get together again. Please?


Should have warned ya huh? *winces* Sorry hon.. I don't know how to realistically get them together again. Still working on it..
Thanks for reading sweetie!

Oh MAN, that was miserable. I scoured your A/N in case this ended really BADLY... Heh. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Yikes.. should've put a warning I guess.. but I didn't wanna give it away either *winces* Sorry hon! Thanks for reading tho :)