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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Random bullets of life on LJ and otherwise

1. Did a little cleanup of my flist - basically de-friended people who de-friended me way back when, or didn't friend at all... apparently I should have taken the hint long ago.

2. So why would you need a new spn fanfic community? Or even another spn community for that matter, don't we have enough? *shrugs* Think I should get rid of some of my comms as well. I never can keep up with them all.

3. Working from home again this week, at least this way I can access LJ. The network team at work recently blocked LJ out on the office proxy and it sucks *sniffs*. Last year when I was struggling to quit smoking I had replaced my cigarette breaks with LJ breaks, I swear, I kid you not :) That's how much I love being here *sighs*. And noooo am not smoking again, relax :p I'll just have to find a workaround to get onto LJ. Any ideas on how to bypass the office filter, do lemme know yeah?  :)

4. Watching Hairspray as I write this, it's so adorable :) I know a lot of people prefer the Broadway version, but I love the movie more. For John Travolta in drag *squees* and Zac Efron who's kind of grown on me and for Jimmy Marsden who is absolutely the cutest, hottest, sexiest Corny Collins ever!!! :) Which reminds me - Liz!!!! (sg_fic)... Still waiting desperately for the next chapter in your Deception/Hairspray crossover verse hon. Come on I'm beggin ya sweetie, pleeeeeze? :D

Indeed, there are many 'clone' comms out there and i ned to clean up some as well since i never go there except a couple of two or three.
I think 'Hairspray' was the best musical i saw the last decade maybe along with "mamma mia'

I know right? And it's not like they offer anything new or different *shrugs*

OMG I love Mamma Mia too!! :) IT's absolutely my favorite show on Broadway!! :D I don't know if you've seen Phantom of the Opera and Stomp on theater but they're pretty awesome too :)

I've defriended about a dozen or more SPN comms & I *still* see the same fics over and over, because there's SO MANY comms out there. I think I'm going to do another round. Very exasperating-we need to use the ones we *have*, with proper tags, instead of starting new comms at the drop of a hat.

Lots of fandoms have duplicate comms, like HP, but they're not as overwhelmingly prolific. I think have my daily flist is repeats. :(

Lots of fandoms have duplicate comms, like HP, but they're not as overwhelmingly prolific

Heh that's right! :) And maybe also because they're not as active as SPN anymore. This fandom is definitely more happening (both in good and bad ways) than any I've ever seen. If you remember, Buffy used to be the biggest one at one point but even at its very peak it was nowhere close to what SPN is.

(Deleted comment)
Aww you're just a softie who doesn't like to be rude innit? ;) *hugs*
I didn't have any grudges against them, just.. *shrugs*... nothin in common really.

You should totally watch Hairspray for Jimmy sweetheart :) He's so cute!!

And I know you've taken a liking to that boy Chace! Any new threesome fics in the works, hmm? ;P

(Deleted comment)
2. So why would you need a new spn fanfic community? Or even another spn community for that matter, don't we have enough?

This is something that comes to my mind every time someone announces a comm same as one or two that already exist. Why is that? Is it just so they can have their own comm and maybe their own followers? I don't get it. I've created comms in the past, but only when there wasn't a community like that out there yet.

You know whatever their reasons.. they really should first stop and think if there really is a need for a new comm at all - like its got to have a USP (unique selling proposition) which I don't think these recently made new comms have. *shrugs*

3. Something I learned while in China during their LJ-blocking period: there are several proxies available, and its hit or miss which will work properly with LJ. One that immediately comes to mind is anonymouse.org, another is s-hhhh.com. I'm not sure which allows you to have the logged in cookies, though... Good luck!

Thank you so much sweetie! I'm gonna try these links now :)

Last year when I was struggling to quit smoking I had replaced my cigarette breaks with LJ breaks
Wow, that's an idea! Maybe I should advertise it to all smokers and see if it works? 'cause honestly, smoking is awful. Keeping in touch with your online friends so much healthier, right? Congratulations, I'm really happy for you :)

have to find a workaround to get onto LJ. Any ideas on how to bypass the office filter?

Yeah, that would be nice :) I don't have a filter at my workplace but the IT specialists in my company (or IT specialists in general to be honest) are VERY specific people and you can never know if they are not peeping at your computer screen right at the moment...Me personally it makes feel a little uncomfortable...

:D That's an idea that only people in fandom would appreciate I guess. I love to take a break during work and just drop in to check out the latest post at dean_sam or the latest fic posted :) And now I can't do it *sighs*

Me personally it makes feel a little uncomfortable...

Oh hon I know exactly what you mean. I used to be very discreet about it myself. But anyway.. now that LJ is blocked.. no need to sneak around I guess. Plus its motivation to not stay late at work and get back home as soon as we can right ;)

See, I'm still new enough to SPN that IT'S ALL NEW OMG & A NEW COMMUNITY?OKAY THEN!((CLICK!))((CLICK!))((DOUBLE-CLICK!)) But it's getting effing *exhausting*. I can't keep up with nuthin' now & it's harshing on my LJ Mellow, y'know? *pulls hair* Erm, right. *dials back the crazy a few notches* ;)

Bugger, I dun know of a way to sneak around the filters. I'm sure I'd be too worried about IT snoops peeking in at my stuff, anyway. But I'm a paranoid beastie so.

Hairspray, huh? *eyes Netflix queue & starts shuffling movies*

(You hit some high points--I'm usually not so...erm, energetic?) *laughing*

:D Oh the enthusiasm of a new fan *sighs* ;P

But now you know hon, there are way wayyyy too many comms to keep track of and I'm not even gonna try! :)

I do wanna try getting around the damn filter.. what are they gonna do? Fire me?!? *bites nails* Well they probably can, I do read a lot of porn on LJ after all heh ;P

You hit some high points--I'm usually not so...erm, energetic?

LOL!!! Someone's in a cheery mood and well I hope you keep it! ;-D *hugs*

Hey, LJ is as addictive if not more so than cigs, I say! LJ breaks are totally understandable ;) And ooh, Hairspray...I need to buy that one so I can watch it again...Zac + James = yum, plus the lead girl (I forget her name) is so made of adorable...

I'm still a little uneasy with Travolta in drag, though ;) It's slightly unnerving!

Also, glad I'm still on your flist, even if I don't get about much!

Lead girl Tracy? Yeah she's adorable :)

I'm still a little uneasy with Travolta in drag, though ;) It's slightly unnerving!
LOL! :) Oh cmon sweetheart.. don't be afraid! :) It's just Johnny in there haha and he's so cute!!

Baby you know I adore you, and even if we don't talk for years I'd still adore you! *hugs* :)

You are right. sg_fic needs to update her Hairspray/Deception ongoing fanfic. I hope she's listening. ;-) And you, my dear, need to update "In the Beginning" or "Obey" or one of those lovely X-Men fanfics of yours that are starved for attention. :-P I know, I know, I need to come up with a new fic as well. I have so many flitting around in my mind, I just haven't had the time to type them out. Scott and Logan are getting kinda cranky with me...and you...and sg_fic, lol. ;-)

Haha she replied below.. but I think you've seen it before I did :)

Umm *sheepish* yeah I really should be writing myself I know I know!!! :) My muse is such a fickle one *sighs*

I have so many flitting around in my mind, I just haven't had the time to type them out.

Tell me what can we do to help you write it out hon!! Pls don't say write myself haha.. that's kind of tough and it's like catch 22 ain't it? :) But if there is anything else like a plot you might wanna discuss etc.. I'm happy to help!! *hugs* :)

The comms thing is confusing to me too. When I write something I have to figure out which comms to post them at not knowing if people are on all the comms, or if I skip one, those people don't see my fic/chapter. I've been posting to my journal and a couple of comms and then waiting till the next day to post to any other comms that fit my fic/chapter because I don't want to be spamming, but it is hard to know what to do and where to post because there are so many.

It is hard, because sometimes in the same multi-chap fic you are posting to totally different comms. One of the things that I am working on now has been in the cunnilingus comm, the het comm, the 3some comm, the wincest comm, the bottom_sammy comm, along with just the regular fic comms depending on what is going on in each chapter. It is all very confusing, I agree.

On Hairspray, it came on one night last week on satellite. My husband started watching it. About half way through he said, "Hey, do you think that I'm gay because I really like musicals?" He is such a dork. He liked Hairspray and Dreamgirls to name two. I told him that I had Moulin Rouge and Swing Kids if he really wanted to check it out. LOL

Haha.. just choose the 3 or 4 biggest ones and stick to them sweetie :) I didn't even know there were comms specifically for 3somes! LOL.

Awww your husband is so sweet!! :D And you know i've a feeling a lot of men like musicals, they just don't admit to it because of the whole macho tough act they've got going *shakes head* :)

Ooh Swing Kids! It's not a musical per se is it? But I love it so much!! Think I'll watch that today. cheers hon *hugs* :)

Jimmy is the only reason I would ever watch a musical *nods*

LOL! Well I do like musicals, but Jimmy is just the perfect icing on top :)

*hides in shame* I know! D: I'm just so caught up in my Australia/Notebook fic! *palms face* It's 50 pages and counting - I need to get it out of my system before I can write anything else, you know? I promise to update the Deception/Hairspray verse asap :) And you sound much much much better, so yay! :D Take care hon! ♥

OMG! A 50+ page Australia/Notebook fic?!?! Where is this said fic and why have you not posted a teaser for us deprived Jimmy/Hugh-starved slaves to your fiction??? Jeez, I just got giddy hearing that you wrote another fic, lol. I'm easy to please....mostly. ;-)

Why in the world would I even want to de-friend someone that I'm still trying to get to know. Alas, I'm not in the SPN fandom, but we still have X-Men! Hell, I've been sucked into the Iron Man fandom and I'm trying like hell not to hook him up with Cyclops. *bites lip* It's an illness, I know, but wouldn't Scott Summers and Tony Stark just be delicious together? *grin*

Hey we'll always have Xmen :) And never enough going on on the communities sadly *sniffs*

Scott and Tony Stark? Oooh that one has possibilities. I like it! :)

2. I get rid of comms that I never really read every once in a while. It's a good thing.

I think so too. Catching up with your f-list should be fun, it shouldn't turn into work you know? :)

I did something similar a while back because things just weren't fun anymore. Catching up with flists and comms should be relaxing, not a chore. So I simplified and kept the best. Cathartic almost.
You do sound more cheerful - more like you're usual self. Glad about that.

Thanks hon. Fandom helps me forget about RL stuff heh, it's almost hallucinogenic heh ;)