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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Two-dimensional illusions, maybe..

So let me get an RL update out of the way first.. To friends who've been messaging me - I'm so touched that you guys care, really I have no words! Thank you so much sweethearts :) Everything's fine, well not fine fine but it's alright, it's getting better. Wanna know the biggest lesson that I learned in the past few days? - When you're in trouble or going through tough times, avoiding your friends and not talking to them is the worst thing you can possibly do to yourself.

Alright, change of subject. Guess everyone in SPN fandom has seen this picture by now...

I don't know if it's a photographic illusion or something but God look how freakin' little his waist is! And his legs look so skinny and from this angle it looks like he's got no butt at all! :) Don't get me wrong.. I think the boy's absolutely gorgeous. Fact I love this picture a LOT :) Then I caught myself thinking maybe Jared is now losing weight instead of trying to get bigger.
EDIT: Yeah.. we all now know how wrong I was about this!! *rolls eyes*

Of course I then reminded myself that two-dimensional images can only tell you so much and are often quite misleading. But for a second there I even started to wonder if he could be losing weight because of his, uh.. personal situation with Sandy? Three things wrong with that line of thinking -

1. It's none of my business *shrugs* but it's just a thought, not a judgment on him or Sandy.
2. Well, he's a guy. Guys don't usually react to relationship woes like women do, right.
3. So maybe once upon a time people would lose sleep and weight because of stress. But I get the feeling that these days, people tend to put weight ON instead of lose any if they're depressed or worried. The stress throws our carefully planned routines out of whack. And we stop eating right and start drinking more, and slacking off work and skipping the gym and by God if stress ever had one saving grace it used to be this - helping you shed the flab. Heh, apparently *sighs*, not anymore.
EDIT: wrong! wrong!! wrong!!! *facepalm*

I don't know who I'm talking about anymore. Aw hell. Jared's a happy fella. He's probably over it by now and if not, I hope that he does, and I hope he stays as happy and cheerful as always. Me... I should get my butt out of bed and hit the treadmill. Have missed five days in a row, not good. Not. Good.

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When you're in trouble or going through tough times, avoiding your friends and not talking to them is the worst thing you can possibly do to yourself.
What happened, hun? (hugs you)

According to my source, Jared had broke up long before we know. I think he wanted it and that's why he doesn't look so sad

*hugs back* Ah just silly relationship stuff hon. Don't worry about it. I'm glad Jared is okay then hehe. He looks really hot when he smiles :)

That guy is SMOKIN' HOT!!!!

Oh God he SO is!! *drools*

I love your icon :)

(Deleted comment)
*hugs you tight and never lets go* You must have been the love of my life in all my past lives!!! :) I love you so much sweetheart *squishes*

In fact i loose weight when i'm stress!!!
Wow I wanna say you're lucky dude hehe... me I start putting on weight. Sadness! ;P

(((Massive hugs))) I hope RL gets better for you soon.

Gorgeous picture, although he looks tired.

I think his hips have always been tiny, (but oh so gorgeous!) but he does look like he's lost some weight...I actually prefer him less 'bulked up'...but that's understandable after past few months he's had.

I personally eat for Britain if I'm feeling sorry for myself, but if I'm stressed about something I'll go for days and not touch anything. Everybody's different I suppose.

Thank you sweetheart *hugs back*

Yeah you're right.. he's always had these enviably narrow hips hehe, but he does look like he's lost weight. Either because he's tired or overworked or whatever.

I personally eat for Britain if I'm feeling sorry for myself, but if I'm stressed about something I'll go for days and not touch anything. Everybody's different I suppose.

Haha.. I gorge on chocolate and coffee (and cigarettes) when I'm stressed *winces*. But mostly I just sleep, i can't be arsed to get out of bed all day and all night if I'm that troubled heh.

How're you doing sweetheart? Hope there's some relief from the arthritis?

He was that skinny when they released the TV Guide him in a tank top, sexiest man, pictures. I actually talked about it in my journal, how tiny his waist is.

I went back and checked out your post. Yep.. he's always had really narrow hips I guess. But doesn't he look particularly skinny in this pic? Maybe because he's tired or something.

(Deleted comment)
Oh wow.. sweetheart you've given this a lot of thought :) And I don't blame ya.. I can't take my eyes off this picture myself!! :) For whatever reasons, Jared doesn't look as bulky as he'd started to look in the last few months and I think its adorable :) It's making me wanna cuddle him to death really haha :P

If anything, I think Jared should slim down for Sam in S4. I'd be really bummed if they didn't show some him suffering from sort of physical or mental stress of having lost his brother (to hell, no less) when they return. *sighs*

Are you not well sweetie? Aww.. hope you get better soon. And you should call someone to be with you if you're not well.

OMG, his shoulder width looks double from his hips!

Maybe he's one of those people that just loose weight during the summertime. Can't picturing him not eating candy and stuff even if he's sad...

Maybe he's one of those people that just loose weight during the summertime.

Heh. Lucky him!

Okay, NO! I haven't seen the picture! Where have I been all day?!

Thanks for posting this :)

He does look like he has a tiny waist, lucky him...

You're welcome hon :D

Lucky him is right! Darn those beautiful male dolls and their freakishly high metabolisms *grumbles*


he does have a tinny waist, and i kinda hate him for that *envy is more correct if you ask*
hope his legs kinda matches the rest of hs body.. it would be odd if he has yu know Big Bird legs... *skinny legs, big body*

I love Jared, I do I swear I do but feel like he's overshadowing Jensen and I love Jensen just a little bit more (does that makes sense at all?)

Haha yeah.. enviable alright.

I'm personally okay if he's a little imperfect. In fact I kinda get turned off by perfection. *shrugs* And I don't think he overshadows Jensen at all hon.. Jensen is absolutely perfect plus he's got a bigger fan following. You have nothing to worry on that front. Me, I'm a Jared girl all the way. And I'm completely okay with him coming in second after Jensen :)

*hugs* I hope things get better for you.

*hugs* Thanks sweetie. You're awesome :)

Jared makes me hot when he's a man beast, but come on! He's FUCKING beautiful when he's smaller.

I hadn't seen that pic before. Thanks for sharing! (glad you're okay and all that.)

He's FUCKING beautiful when he's smaller.

Oh God he SO is!! :) I prefer him smaller ;) And like I was saying to someone else before.. I love him with all his imperfections included.

I'm okay hon, thanks for commenting :)

It's a frontal picture-how are you seeing his butt?

I doubt he's pining away. They had an amicable split and he's got a great support network. Personally, I always thought they'd be breaking up after a few years, anyway, & once they got engaged, I thought "any time now". So it wasn't a surprise. To me, that is, as opposed to fandom in general.

It's a frontal picture-how are you seeing his butt?

Hence the disclaimers about the 2D image. I just meant from this angle it looks like he has no hips to speak of at all.

Yeah I don't think he's pining away either. I was just voicing some random thoughts.

hey you. ::hugs::

I'm around if you need me. Just send an email.

Oh thank you so much Sarah! *hugs back* With this comment already you've made my day so much better :)

wait....they broke up?

*out of loop girl is really out of loop*

Oh wow.. you really didn't know??

Yeah they did hon. And Jared himself confirmed it at the convention in..uh, Texas I think, a month ago. He seemed okay with it. There are videos on youtube.

Fandom exploded, as you can imagine. There was a whole bunch of self-righteous women who started the Jared-hate wank right off the bat based on rumors that he cheated on Sandy. And then there were other fangirls delirious that Jared wasn't getting married anymore. But a majority were like us, shaking our heads tiredly, watching these people making a fool out of themselves over something that didn't even concern them at all.

*sighs* I'm thinkin you're lucky you missed all the ugliness really :)

I have a tendency to cut off people too when I'm down. I've learnt also that's not the best thing to do either. And it can also drive your friends away. I'm hoping that you're better than you were when you posted this because it was awhile back.

Lots of hugs and kisses :)

P.S. Jared does look like he's lost weight and his waist is so narrow!! I'm ashamed that I find fragile, slim Jared attractive *smacks forehead*

I am doing it again, I can't seem to help it *sighs* Thank you for checking up on me hon.

And like some others on this page have commented, its probably just wishful thinking on my, or maybe our part. You know I love fragile and slim Jared/Sam myself :)


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