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Two-dimensional illusions, maybe..

So let me get an RL update out of the way first.. To friends who've been messaging me - I'm so touched that you guys care, really I have no words! Thank you so much sweethearts :) Everything's fine, well not fine fine but it's alright, it's getting better. Wanna know the biggest lesson that I learned in the past few days? - When you're in trouble or going through tough times, avoiding your friends and not talking to them is the worst thing you can possibly do to yourself.

Alright, change of subject. Guess everyone in SPN fandom has seen this picture by now...

I don't know if it's a photographic illusion or something but God look how freakin' little his waist is! And his legs look so skinny and from this angle it looks like he's got no butt at all! :) Don't get me wrong.. I think the boy's absolutely gorgeous. Fact I love this picture a LOT :) Then I caught myself thinking maybe Jared is now losing weight instead of trying to get bigger.
EDIT: Yeah.. we all now know how wrong I was about this!! *rolls eyes*

Of course I then reminded myself that two-dimensional images can only tell you so much and are often quite misleading. But for a second there I even started to wonder if he could be losing weight because of his, uh.. personal situation with Sandy? Three things wrong with that line of thinking -

1. It's none of my business *shrugs* but it's just a thought, not a judgment on him or Sandy.
2. Well, he's a guy. Guys don't usually react to relationship woes like women do, right.
3. So maybe once upon a time people would lose sleep and weight because of stress. But I get the feeling that these days, people tend to put weight ON instead of lose any if they're depressed or worried. The stress throws our carefully planned routines out of whack. And we stop eating right and start drinking more, and slacking off work and skipping the gym and by God if stress ever had one saving grace it used to be this - helping you shed the flab. Heh, apparently *sighs*, not anymore.
EDIT: wrong! wrong!! wrong!!! *facepalm*

I don't know who I'm talking about anymore. Aw hell. Jared's a happy fella. He's probably over it by now and if not, I hope that he does, and I hope he stays as happy and cheerful as always. Me... I should get my butt out of bed and hit the treadmill. Have missed five days in a row, not good. Not. Good.
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