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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Bigbang jitters and other stuff

1. SO I'm supposed to be posting a bigbang fic this summer. Unfortunately I'm like one of the last people to post - 28th July. Which is sad for 2 reasons - one, I have to wait that long to get it out of my system and move on to something new and two, I have to read all these other people posting such fantastic epics that are so bloody unbelievably good!! Every new fic posted is only making me more nervous and jealous and.. awww man. *facepalm* Now if I can just find a good excuse to withdraw. Nah I'm just kidding ;) Be sure I shall be posting with pride. *nods serenely*
Then go into hiding for ever hehe.

2. To my friends from raingazer... I'm not going to be posting on that journal anymore. Or at least, for now, depends on how certain things go in RL *shrugs*. I'm sorry for being so cryptic, please just give me some time to sort myself out. But don't you dare disappear on me you guys. *glares* Please? :)

cheers guys.

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:D I'm excited that You're excited!! *hugs* cheers hon :)

You're right.. I really shouldn't be comparing one against another, or even myself - but that's sort of easier said than done. I'm sort of insecure about my writing (and perhaps with good reason), and reading some of the other authors around doesn't help at all hehe ;)

Anyway, enough whining :D Chilling out starting right now! Umm.. okay maybe in a couple of minutes then *grins sheepishly and runs away*

Is this your first BigBang? Do you write for lots of challenges? Because I totally get that it could make you nervous. I had someone on my flist try to get me to sign up for some challenges or prompt fics, but I still feel too new to the writing game to entertain that idea.

I think it is really exciting that you are participating and maybe next year I'll have enough confidence to try something so bold.

It is gonna be great. First of all, if it features In!Charge!Dean, how can you go wrong? :)

This is my first bigbang yes and I have participated in a couple fic challenges before this but nothing of this size - both in terms of the fic length as well as the number of people participating heh. I figured it was the only way I would get this J2RPS AU written down that I had been toying in my head with for awhile but never really found the motivation to put down in words. So really, as far as what I personally wanted out of this challenge, I've already achieved. So yay me, I guess hehe :)

Aww it doesn't have in!charge!Dean. But it does have a bossy!Jensen if that works? ;P

Aww it doesn't have in!charge!Dean. But it does have a bossy!Jensen if that works? ;P

Well, let's see.......Hell, yes it works! HeeHee

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