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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Are you squinting?

So how come nobody told me my font size was too small?? *pouts*

I used a colleague's desktop today at work just to take a quick look (see if anyone's reading my new story or not heh *grins sheepishly, facepalm*) and he's obviously got a different resolution setting or something but anyway, it gave me a brand new perspective of my own journal. Apparently a font size of 10px is too freakin' small. So I changed it :)

This should be less harmful for eyesights everywhere. I hope..

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Perhaps people just have it so that it's set to force their own style when they view their friends journals? i know i used to and i miss that function now that i'm not a paid member anymore. i find most people won't point out if they feel someone's page is difficult to read as they feel they'd more than likely be told 'tough it's my page' But yeah 10px is verging on too small for me but then it depends what font you're using too. i've seen some teeny tiny font probably 8px which was just silly!


You're right, it depends on the font face too and now I think 10px for Verdana is probably too small.

most people won't point out if they feel someone's page is difficult to read as they feel they'd more than likely be told 'tough it's my page'

I guess I was kidding about that.. I wouldn't go up to someone and say your layout sucks either ;)

To be sincere I didn't reallized. It looked fin eto mee ^^ maybe it's different from a desktop to another. All look smaller on the apple computers to me for example

^^ sorry my lame english dear


I guess it looks fine to people on MACs, but I changed it anyway heh.

Hope you're having a great day hon! *hugs*

(Deleted comment)
Haha.. thanks hon :) *hugs* But I do think I was maybe straining my own eyes with the tiny font hehe

I've never thought of yours as too small, there are some that I find hard to read but I just use 'Ctrl & +' til I've got the size I like.

I seem to remember someone saying that the pages look different on different browsers too, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Heh.. I guess I changed my font size for nothing then :D But it's okay .. I think I like this one better myself :)

Your font was fine to me. Besides, I enjoy reading your fic enough to not mind the squinting. : D

:D You're too sweet to me darling! *clings* But I guess I like this one better myself.

the problem is, you can't possibly make it good for everyone; it depends on too many things like res and browser etc
so really, ?style=mine is your friend… ;-)

?style=mine is your friend… ;-)

True! I don't use it most of the time tho, unless a journal's in that disjointed style layout.. Gawd that's ghastly!

But looking at my own LJ, I think I'm doing myself a favor as well.. the small font was making me squint too haha ;)

Hope you're doing well sweetheart *hugs*

thanks, sweetie

I'm just having the first break since today morning (7 pm here...) and will work a few hours yet
it's strange, going back to an empty home, you know? I'm still catching myself thinking I should go home and then, after a second, I realise I don't have to, because no one is waiting
so it's just fitting, that my boss is on vacation and I have even more to do than usual

It's 6.30pm here and I'm at work too.. sometimes you can have someone to go home to, and yet not. Someday I'll tell you all about it.

*hugs you tight* Don't overwork yourself sweetie.

(Deleted comment)
:D You're a sweetheart Sammy *huggles* I wasn't fishing for compliments here, I swear!! ;) But thank you :)


I found these by accident, so I thought it only fair to share :)

No one told you, because if like me, they have difficulty viewing small font. They use the Increase Text Size button, to make the font large enough to read easily.

Mozilla Firefox has this option, to access Text increase or decrease:

Goto your toolbar;

Click on View;

Click on Text Size;

then Click on Increase (Cntrl ++) or

Click on Decrease (Cntrl +-)

Until the font is the size that can be easily read. And when you've finished reading and want to return your view to normal size text.


Goto your toolbar;

Click on View;

Click on Text Size; and

Click on Normal (Cntrl 0)

And the text size returns to normal.

If you are using Internet Explorer, goto your toolbar

Click on the Icon called Page and you will have two options here, you can either Zoom In or Zoom Out or change the Text Size

I generally find that the "medium" size font available on internet explorer usually covers about 90% of what I want to read.

I hope that this helps, or at the very least, made some kind of sense.

from ye olde phart, sarahk_63

Oh wow, thanks for the tips hon. They do make a lot of sense :)

I can't say I noticed anything wrong with your text size, but then I read a lot of journals and I use two commands all the time. One is a utility called zap colors which turns any page into black type on a white background, The other is CTL+ which makes the text bigger. I must use one or the other at least 4 times a day. I never bother to tell anyone if I can't read their pages, because I figure that is how they want them to look, and since I know how to correct things so I can read them, I just don't bother.

You can zap colors really?? How do you do that?

Yeah, here is a lovely page that has all sorts of bookmarklets that let you get rid of the things web pages do that annoy you. Lilke I said, I use zap colors all the time.

Thanks hon! I totally did not know you could do that.. you know how some pages are so darn dark and bleak it's depressing? :) I'mma try zapping 'em to happiness next time hehe..

There's quite a number of lj-layouts that I've trouble reading/navigating but I've yet to dare mention it to the owner!

Yours is now great :))

Edited at 2008-06-11 05:21 am (UTC)

Aha! I knew it!! :D *clings* Thank you sweetie :)
I guess you're right.. I wouldn't tell anybody their layout sucked either heh :P But the font size really was too small.. it had to go.

I didn't think it was too small (and I've seen smaller).

Smaller? No way! :) Anyway.. I think I'm happier with this size now..

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