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SPN: Sam Huh? (spoon in mouth)

J2 RPS fic: Game Set and Matching Skirt (NC-17)

Title: Game Set and Matching Skirt
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. This never happened, absolutely no harm or slander intended to the people named in here. Not for profit, just for fun.
Summary: The boys watch Cry Wolf together, and Jensen’s kink for school uniforms snowballs into something else altogether. Written for a prompt bymystik_ivanow– I know this is late and not exactly what you had in mind hon, but my muse simply wouldn’t cooperate otherwise. Hope you still give it a shot! Thanks to sammynce for his brilliantly cracky crack!fic that is the inspiration behind this ;)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Cross-dressing, spanking, rimming, m/m slash of course. And excessive use of “boy” as an extremely uncreative endearment.
Author’s Notes: Assumed established J2 relationship, set sometime during the filming of S1.

Read on ao3

Damn! That was so freaking hot! (fans self) Thanks hun!

:D Thanks!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it hon :)

(Deleted comment)
:D I'm sorry the dom!Jensen muse of mine is still not cooperating sweetie.. but I hope this one makes up for it for now *hugs*

Thank you so so much for you kind comments!! And I've bookmarked your fic and even tho work's just really bad right now I'll try to get to it really soon. cheers hon!! I LOVE YOU! :)

(Deleted comment)

Just the reaction I was looking for! cheers hon :)

(Deleted comment)
LOL! Thank you so much sweetheart :) I had a lot of 'fun' writing this so am glad you had the same kind 'fun' reading it too ;-D

Yes I beta! But unfortunately work's really bad right now hon.. do you mind if I take a couple of days to get back?

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(Deleted comment)
I was suppose to be getting painkillers but got sidetracked when I saw you'd posted!!!

I loved this so much! I have such a thing for men in skirts (especially if there are doc martens or biker boots involved!).

Plus words like 'his boy' and 'baby' and (*sighs*) 'baby boy' and lines like Sinking into Jared is like sinking into hot velvety depths of heavenly perfection. made this one of my favourite HOT fics in a long time!

Please say there will be a next time with silk panties, that are maybe a little too tight?!!?! :)

Right, definitely off to take painkillers (damn arthritis) now.

I can't believe I'm getting to respond to this now. *shakes head* Sorry sweetheart, and thank you so very much!! :) Men in skirts and especially men like Jared in skirts is an absolute fetish of mine too :D This one was a 'blast' to write if you know what I mean ;-D
The panties do deserve a story of their own .. hope I find time for it soon ;)

And how's the arthritis? Hope you're feeling better sweetie *hugs*

LOL! Awesome! "Knickers" & "Jaredina!" Hee-hee-hee-hee!

:D I can't help it.. It just had to be written! *giggles* Thank you so much for reading sweetie *hugs* :)

Goddamn, that was just spine-tingly delicious.

I will now go for a cold shower.


I will now go for a cold shower.

Awesome! JUST the reaction I was hoping for heh :) Thank you so much sweetheart!! :)

This was EPIC, darling. *dies*

Sweet and dom Jensen, adorable shy Jared, school uniforms, spanking, "baby boy/girl"....

So hot and cute and I just LOVED it. I really dug your characterization of the boys too - this made me swoon:

His boyfriend is wearing his favorite grey Axel Rose t-shirt that was probably extra-large when he bought it ten years ago, but now barely reaches his navel, along with black-and-white checkered boxers. The shaggy mop of chestnut hair covers half an eye and Jensen lightly brushes it back even though it doesn’t seem to bother Jared at all. His boy looks, for all intents and purposes, like an overgrown eight year old, delighted to be allowed to stay up past bedtime to watch his favorite cartoon movie ever.

Awww. Now you need to write a sequel where the boys watch Blondie...and Jared makes Jensen dance for him in a kimono? ;)


Rose!! :D

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetheart!! :) I knew I had this prompt to finish but couldn't find the right muse for it. Then your post about bottom!Sam versus bottom!Dean got me worked up and a night later this happens!! ;)

Sequel will have to get in line haha.. but yeah that's what i thought too - next time they had to be watching Blondie. HEE you said Blondie!! :D *smishes* :D

cheers hon :)

Hilarious and HOT! Perfect combination.

:D Thank you so much sweetheart. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

OMG, I almost fainted just at seeing you posted. I was so expecting this!! *glomps*

First of all, I loved how hopelessly in love Jensen is. And how adorkable Jared is because…ahn, my boys are so cute. :3 *pets them*
I knew you would make Jared crossdress and you shouldn’t worry hon, that was hot! Simply because of his attitude and the tie. I have a kink about ties in school uniforms, don’t ask me why. xD *facepalm* When Jensen started spanking him I started panting together with Jared just to laugh out loud next at the boys he mentioned as the ‘boys who messed with him’. *still laughing* I sure didn’t see that one coming. 8D And…can I rub Jared’s ass too? 8D *snorts*

“Let me show you how real men do it, baby girl.”

That sentence alone made my day. *bows at the feet of Jensen*
And well, the smexing. (if the story so far wasn’t smexing enough. *grins*) I have a thing for rimming (and writing your ficathon prompt wasn’t difficult at all xD) and you just killed me here. There wasn’t enough kinks? 8D And, Oh my freaking Lord, Jared corrects Jensen, making him call him ‘baby girl’. That was so cute and incredibly erotic at the same, in a fluffy sexy way. Am I making any sense? xD

“And where is this gentlemanly concern when you’re whaling away on my ass? Stop teasing and fucking move, you jerk!”
Jensen chuckles, “Patience, bitch.”

I was laughing at that part, controlling myself, because I’m not alone at home and my mom would think I went crazy. Now we know what can transform goofy Jared in bitchy Jared. xD *snorts*

“We’ll do it with panties next time,” he whispers softly. “Silk, with lace and stuff.”

And that was the perfect way to end it. xD And so teasing, you really should make a story with the panties now. *blinks innocently*

So, what more can I say? I really, really loved this story, with all my kinky, fluffy soul. *draws little hearts* funny smexing is always good, since the fandom is filled with too much angst lately. (I don’t blame them, since the season finale and stuff)
Thank you, THANK YOU so much for accepting my prompt and for making this wonderful story. *glomps*

Billion kisses girl!!

:D I didn't even have to read your whole comment. Just looking at the size of it made me relieved that you did like it!!! *smishes* ;)

Thank you so very much sweetheart!!! For reading and for all your kind words :) So glad you liked what I did with your prompt.. you knew I would write something about crossdressing?? :) Oh wow.. that's awesome then :D I was a little worried about that.

I don't usually manage to write good humor so am very happy people found this one funny for a change ;) And i KNEW I'd be asked to write a sequel the moment I penned down that last line haha ;P Well.. maybe soon, hopefully! :)

Once again.. thank YOU sweetheart!! For such a brilliant prompt because I had a lot of fun writing it as well :) cheers hon *hugs*


This has so many things I like: crossdressing in a tiny little skirt, roleplay, dirty talk, bottom!Jared....so hot.

:licks: nomnomnom. :mems:

The world needs a lot more bottom!Jared in a tiny skirt!! *giggles* Glad you liked sweetheart :) *hugs*

comment coming after I get out of the shower!! very long, very cold shower!!!!

LMAO!! Well... I hope you had a very very enjoyable shower ;) Thank you so much sweetheart :D

This was absolutely brilliant! If you don't want a career in porn writing, I think you could also have a very promising career in costume design. You really have a talent for the whole costume thing from the Axl tee to the mary janes...and the porn omg *begs you for sequel* Thank you sooo much for writing and posting this !

Thank you so very much!!! :) Costume design really? ;P Awww you're too sweet to me hon.. can just say I've really been thinking about Jared in a skirt a LOT hehe and hence all the details ;)
Glad you enjoyed this so much. And sequel yeah.. I have it on my todo list, maybe soon :) cheers hon!

Ohhh holy wonderful fic! So hot!

:D Thank you !!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it hon.