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SPN: Young Winchesters-2 (bedtime story)

SPN fic: Webster (Gen)

Title: Webster
I own nothing and no one. Not for profit.
Rating: PG
Summary: GEN. Weechesters (Sam is 10, Dean nearly 15) and a cat. Sometimes, tough decisions have to be made. Enter Dad - the designated punching bag.
Author's Notes: For Vincent (sammynce). Hope you like this, I love you sweetie *hugs*
Word Count: 2135


You clever thing, you. That was great and had my emotions working overtime. When you start out disliking a character at the beginning of a fic, then end up loving him... You must be doing something right.

*blushes* :D Thank you so much sweetie :) I'm glad you liked it!

Awww, so sad and sweet and just lovely. Poor Sammy. Poor Dean. Poor John... Poor me, I'm gonna cry :(

Thanks for sharing ♥

Awww *hands you tissues* :) Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing hon. Am so glad you enjoyed it.

Poor Webster, poor Sam, poor Dean.

I like that Dad's job is punching bag. Sometimes that is what parents are.

You're so right.. parents sometimes bear the brunt even when they don't deserve it. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. And I love you icon so much!! *cuddles* :)

Ok, first of all I read the summary as Sam is 10, Dean nearly 15 and a cat and I was all, "Wati, what, Dean is a cat?"

*dies laughing*

But mew! *hugs the boys* that was so sweet (and sad....)

And it must be Writing Wee!chesters in Winter day today *lol*)


Haha.. no, not one of those fics ;) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. The boys really need several hugs in this one yeah..

Oh.. Is there another fic posted? Should go check it out. cheers hon :)

Aw, I love how John related to both of the boys here.

John's a flawed father but God my heart goes out to him. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :)

aawwwwww..... This was too amazing!!! oh poor Dean :(

I'm totally a cat person so this kinda..... "touched" me xD

(and I know why you wrote it for sammynce.... :(

*big hugs to both of you*

And another aawwwwww because I love wee!chesters

You liked it really? Thank you so much hon :)

I thought Vincent might like it.. the poor boy's had a tough few days. But looks like he's coming back to himself.. he's asking me to write dom!Jensen to cheer him up instead *shakes head* :D:D

cheers again hon *hugs you back*, you're so awesome!! :)

ok you're the proud responsible of yet another crying Kali.
This story broke my heart, and I meant it.
so sweet,


Awww, don't cry sweetie. I'm sure the boys will get over it. (And considering what else happens in their future, this really is nothing *cringes*)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing :) *hugs*

I read sammynce's post about webster and then I read this :). It's such a lovely lovely fic that you've written and I thick you've captured sammynce's disappointment and frustration perfectly in both the boys :D. I totally love John for taking the fall, he was wonderful in this :D. Thank you so much for writing this sweetie and thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing sweetheart! Yeah I did write it for Vincent to maybe give him something to relate to and feel better you know? I'm so happy that you enjoyed this, your opinion means the world to me! :) *hugs*

what a terrific little story. I loved how you portrayed poor, heartbroken Sammy and your Dean seemed just perfect for that time period. Feeling guilty, of course, but always with the quick wit. Adored his "maybe we could get a dog" *g*

Your John was superb. So often parents have to play the bad guy, even when their intentions are the best and this was a classic example of that. I loved that he protected Dean from any potential Sammy disappointment or wrath (though I'm sure Sammy would've been forgiving soon enough) and bore the brunt of it himself. The man definitely has broad shoulders, even when he's his most weary.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Yeah, Dean always has to be the smartass hehe, and John.. well I think he was a flawed father but he did his best given their circumstances. Sam would have forgiven Dean for his allergies but this is mostly a teenaged Dean's need to not have to admit a weakness.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this hon, cheers :)

Aww. I really love the twist to this. You're so sure it's just John doing this hunter we-can't-keep-a-pet thing and then you find out that's totally not. Excellent job. :D

:D Glad you enjoyed it! I just wanted to write something nice for John for a change... most people blame him for the boys' dysfunctional lives and that's true of course. But he did love his boys a lot and we tend to forget that. Right and that's the end of the rant :D:D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing :) cheers hon.

Oh, you! That was like a dozen arrows shot straight through my heart! Poor boys, and poor John. I love that you wrote him as willing to be the bad guy for his sons' benefits, because I feel that's pretty canon. Thanks for the treat, sweetie! :)

I love that you wrote him as willing to be the bad guy for his sons' benefits, because I feel that's pretty canon

Hah exactly! They blame the poor guy for everything that's gone wrong in the boys' lives don't they *sighs*

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing darling. I'm so kicked that you're taking the time to catch up *hugs* :)

Oh wow. Beautiful and very believable story, heartbreakingly so. I love it! :)

:D Thank you Shal!! Your feedback means so much to me *hugs*

Oooh. Why do you make me like John, huh? I really started in this fandom as John-hater. Eh. :D

Okay, I don't really have anything constructive to say. It was sweet, it was greatly written and it was heartbreaking.

And you know what my favorite line is? I can share that xD

"But now the kitten had to go, there was simply no way around it. It couldn’t possibly live in the Impala every time they hit the road. The argument was met with a steely glance from both his boys. And then Sammy had said something that ripped his heart out.

“We live in the Impala.”"

Absolutely heartbraking.

PS. I love those icons of yours with young Sammy and Deano.

Hehe.. I started out hating John too hon. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized he was a tragic and unsung hero that even his own sons never completely understood. SO yeah, my heart goes out to him now *sniffs*

Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing hon :) I'm so very glad you liked it. And the icons are by komadreja! Aren't they cute? :)

And how're you doing sweetie? *hugs*

Great story! I read liked this.

Thanks sweetie :) Glad you liked.