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SPN drabble (from an incomplete fic): Stealing you (Dean/Sam, R)

Title: Stealing you / Sleep deprivation (couldn't decide)
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one.
Rating: R
Summary: Sam/Dean. Another 'Dean returns' post-S3 finale fic I started writing but got sidetracked by the “Darkness never dies” bunny, and now I’m all wrung out with the angst so no intentions of finishing this, like EVER. What you read here is intended to be an out-of-control sleep deprivation-induced rambling from Sam’s POV.
Author Notes: The bigger story was supposed to be about how Sam is paranoid and traumatized by the thought of losing Dean again but Dean is battling his own demons and doesn’t notice what his silence is doing to Sam until much later. I have no energy left to complete this but it’s also something I cannot possibly use or plug into any of my other ongoing projects so… guess I’m just gonna put this out here. Sorry if it’s patchy and not quite right,*shrugs* but that’s all she wrote, folks.
Word Count: 780


Tags: fandom: supernatural, fic: spn: stealing you
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