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Misc: Therapist

User Rep election turned into Anti-fandom war :(

Hey guys,

Have you voted for the User Representative on the LJ Advisory board? It's just been turned into an ugly anti-fandom drive by one of the candidates (jameth ) and his supporters. Just take a look at the later comments the Election thread itself is getting *shakes head*. You can also read more about their mass bigotry at the following links:


(thanksminniemax , jasmasson , catdancerz for these)

Urge you to please PLEASE go here and Cast your Vote if you haven't done it already. Do read the profiles of all candidates running before you do. I personally voted for the 3 candidates who are also active members of fandom - legomymalfoy , rm and vichan in that order.

legomymalfoy has experience working with the LJ support and abuse groups, has an established rapport with the LJ staff, as well as the respect of everyone in fandom. Her LJ is locked right now because of the massive attacks jameth and his gang are attempting to launch at her.

Whoever your candidate of choice may be, please don't let it be that anti-fandom asshole. Go on people - VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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I know, how crazy is that? Attack people, to the point of actually putting them in danger, because you don’t like what they’ve said about you? Yeah, clearly that’s the way to go. Maybe I should go change my vote, because I know that’s the kind of person I want defending my freedom of speech. Not. *rolls eyes*

Beh, I’m just ranting. It’s nice to read from you, in any case :D

Look at the anonymous comment left at the bottom of this post.. *shakes head and sighs*

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